The Story of Us
by summer dragonfly

The New Boy

A/N: Wow, it sure is like me to yap a lot before starting a fic, isn't it? Well, sorry that I do,
but I've kinda got to explain the fic ;D. Anyway, this is a Ryuki, if you hadn't already
guessed ^^. This is the prolouge of many chapters to come. I know I still gotta finish my DBZ fic
first, but I had this great hit of inspiration and I don't wanna wait until it starts to
go away. But back to the point, this story explains the romance of Ryo and Ruki and the hardships
they had to go through. Some parts will be songfics, I'll let you know which later. And also,
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P.S. I've decided to use English dub names so that N/A readers can follow too. Therefore, Ruki
is now Rika.


* * Text in between stars shows what they're thinking.
:: :: This will be rarely used, but text in between double colons is their actions.
" " Quite obvious: text in between quotation marks means they're talking!


A year after the D-Reaper. All the tamers are 14, except Ryo Akiyama, who is 15. Rika Nonaka
was still going to her private school, apart from Takato, Henry, Jeri, Kazu and Kenta. They
still hung out together after school and on weekends.

Ryo, however, had gone to a faraway school in a different district. Since he lived about
two hours from the rest of the gang, it was difficult to see him. At first, they visited him
every month, then every other month, and now it was down to once a year.

It was a normal weekday. Rika had woken up that morning, dreading school as usual, dreading the
fact that she had to spend six hours in a boring classroom, listening to the teacher droning
on about stuff she didn't care about. Except math. She did like that.

It was third period. History. Rika started to draw on her notebook, making sketches and doodles
of her d-arc(Note to North America fans: this is her digivice). Of course, she didn't use it
anymore, for Renamon was in the digital world now. *I wonder what Renamon is doing right now.*
Rika looked out the window, her brain zoning out of the teacher's dull drone about dead guys
she'd rather not learn about.

She stared mindlessly out the window. A car pulled up and a boy of about 15 got out of it, with
a man who looked grumpy and mean. Something about that boy reminded Rika of...Ryo!
Rika dropped her pencil. ::gasp::

The teacher stopped talking abruptly. "Miss Nonaka, is something the matter?"

Rika snapped out of it. She fumbled to keep her desk neat. "Um, nothing. Nothing at all."

*What's Ryo doing here of all places?* she thought furiously. Had he come to visit her? No, he
would've waited until she came home, at least. *Oh, what a show-off. Making a dramatic attempt
to see me.* She smiled a little. *Wait, Rika, don't flatter yourself. He's probably here to..
uh...what could he be here for?!*

Just then there was a knock on the classroom door.

"Ah, yes, I've been expecting this." the teacher went to open the door. "Uh, read chapter 13 in
in your books quietly, class. I have something to attend to."

The class took out their books and started reading, but Rika was still pondering as she
turned to the correct page. *His clothes...* She looked around. *They looked like the boys'

"Is it couldn't be..."

The boy next to her shushed her. "Sorry," she still looked at the door, where it stood slightly
open, and the teacher was talking to the grumpy man. *That must be his dad.* She rethought it
over. *No, maybe that's not Ryo. I mean, there are a lot of 15-year-old boys with spiky brown hair
in West Shinjuku. Maybe it's just a look-a-like.* She turned her head so that her ear was closer
to the door. *Or maybe...* She was pretending to read when she caught onto the last words of
their conversation.

"..yes..I'll make sure he's fine here."

The teacher reached for the door knob and Rika's eyes snapped back to the book. The man had
left. The teacher showed the boy into the room as the class looked at him. Rika gasped again.
*It IS Ryo!*

...end of the prolouge!

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