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Chapter 19- The Finale

No matter what I do, the whole world seems to consist of Franklin. His laugh echos in my ears and deafens me, his eyes are full of a sick delight that blinds me. I realise that the Gamemakers have nothing to do with the fire, it was the Careers that started it in an attepmt to drive me and Coby out of the forest. There are two of us against two of them. I realise I have left my bow and arrows at the river.

Coby and I climb to our feet and look Franklin and Mist dead in the eyes as though we can will them dead. I don't want to die and I don't want Coby to die but I don't want it to come down to just me and him in the end. A small, cocky smile sits on Mist's face and she lunges on Coby. I leap onto her and knock her off Coby. I manage to pin her down but she punches me in the face and throws me off her. I can feel blood coming from my nose and I wipe it with the back of my hand before jumping towards Franklin who is locked in battle with Coby. Franklin swings his arm out and hits my stomach, knocking me onto my back, winded. I close my eyes and try to get my breathing back under control but a crushing weight envelopes me and I open my eyes to see Franklin pinning me to the ground.

"Give up, 8?" he smirks as I slowly draw my knife without him noticing. I stab out with my knife and burrow it deep into his arm, "Do you?"

Franklin screams and pulls the knife out, sending a stream of blood down his arm. He shakes his head and stabs the blood covered knife deep into my shoulder and the ground underneath. It's my turn to scream and no matter how hard I try not to show weakness to Franklin, I can't contain the scream.

"Hurts, huh?" He mocks as I fight back the tears. "Where's Coby?"

He stands up, knowing as well as I do that I'm not going anywhere and allows me to sit up- the few inches that the knife allows- to search the area. I see Mist running into the woods, a bleeding Coby persuing her.

Franklin walks back over and I kick out at him in a last- pathetic- attempt at hurting him. He grins at my attempt and brings his leg down upon mine so hard that I hear the bone break. I don't mind dying and I'm not really scared of it because what lies beyond can't be any worse than living in Panem. My mother said bad people go to Hell but I never believed her because Panem is Hell. However, I am scared of dying like this because all I can think of is Mum and Griff and Dean watching my sufferning and suffering because of it. Then I think of all the Capitol citizens cheering in amusment and joy because the boy they betted on is winning. Franklin pulls a knife from his own belt and raises it.

"Last words, 8?" He asks, leaning close to me.

I take all that I have and say "Go to Hell." Before spitting in his face.

He wipes my spit from his cheek, "Save a spot for me."

The first stab is the most painful. It doesn't hurt at first but when Franklin pulls the knife from the top of my chest, it starts to burn and throb unbearably. I manage to contain my scream. He then repeats the act over and over in various parts of my body and I do scream after a few stabs. He looks satisfied, blood on his face and hands. My blood. The last stab is just above my heart but by now, I'm past feeling anything.

Franklin is out of my vision, probably hunting Coby. The sky is the last thing I see, it's blue, the last blue sky I'll ever see is the exact same sky I ever saw. The sun is beating down over my cold face. I have lost all feeling in my body but I can feel the sunlight on my cheeks and the slight breeze in my hair. I continue to look at the sky and I think about everyone I will miss. Olive, Trake, Priscilla, Coby, Nadya, Mum, Griff, Dean. White patches start to fill my vision but I ignore them and carry on looking at the endless blue blanket of sky until everything goes white. In the end, everything goes black...

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