Pirates of the Caribbean: Redone

Through the grey impenetrable fog a massive ship emerges; H.M.S Dauntless. Pride of the British Royal Navy formidable and frightening armed to the boot with 25 guns on each side.

An incredibly adorable young girl could be seen standing at the bow rail singing softly. Her eyes glossed over the se in a childlike wonder with innocent eyes as her strawberry blonde hair glided around her heart shaped face. Elizabeth Swan being her name was not alone, a weathered young woman held a protectful gaze on her sister at all times. Dahlia Swan was old before her time acting as a mother for carefree Elizabeth and guardian. Always keeping her distance to ensure Elizabeth had freedom in a safe environment.

"…drink up me hearties, y oho…"

A strange but superstitious man Joshamee Gibbs was and believe all kinds of strange things. With a mad glint in his eye he grasped small Elizabeth's shoulder and hissed in her ear.

"Quiet, missy! Cursed pirates sail these waters. You want to call 'em down on us?"

Elizabeth could only gasp ad stare in shock at the dirty man in front of her until she felt the reassurance of Dahlia's cool hands pushing her safely away from said man. Dahlia felt Elizabeth wrap her petit arms around her torso but continued to glare like death itself at the obscene man who dared talk to Elizabeth in a threatening way. All Gibbs did was give her a look back.

"Mr Gibbs."

Dahlia expression faltered a little but remained on edge and in protective-mode. She risked a glance to the side of Gibbs to see James Norrington a dashing young man who obeyed his king and followed orders to the full stop. He was also glaring at Gibbs and to her relief rather sternly. Her gaze lingered on his emerald eyes for a bit longer before blinking and realising her father, Governor Weatherby Swan was next to Norrington. As always he held himself in a proper posture with brass buttons on his thick blue jacket.

"That will do" finished Norrington before turning to the Swan girls.

"She was singing about pirates. Bad luck to sing about pirates, with us mired in this unnatural fog- mark my words."

Dahlia's sharp green eyes snapped to Gibbs her frown increased.

"Consider them marked, on your way" Norrington simply said not even wasting his time looking at the man.

"Aye, Lieutenant. Bad luck to have women aboard even a min'ture one."

Dahlia let out a breath as he returned to his duties and moved away from Liz to lean her back against to railings.

"I think it would be rather exciting to meet a pirate." Exclaimed Elizabeth. Dahlia looked over at her fondly thinking of their mother. She glanced up to see her father's eyes on her accusingly and sighed.

"Think again, Miss Swan. Vile and dissolute creatures, the lot of them. I intend to see to it that any man who sails under a pirate flag, or wears a pirate brand, gets what he deserves; a short drop and a sudden stop."

Feeling a sharp pain on her wrist along with the tinge of betrayal in his words, Dahlia gasped. She moved her wrist behind her back and put a comforting arm round a confused Elizabeth's shoulders. However she clenched her fist when Gibbs mimed somebody hung the bloody scallywag.

Speaking for the first time Governor Swan looked quite out of place, "Lieutenant Norrington… I appreciate your fervour, but I am concerned about the effect this subject will have on my daughter."

Of course thought Dahlia bitterly it doesn't matter if ugly little me gets tarnished because there's no hope for me…

"My apologies, Governor." Said Norry not looking very sorry at all.

"Actually, I find it all rather fascinating." Elizabeth persisted.

The governor glared at his eldest daughter before looking at Elizabeth, "Yes, that's what concerns me."

No longer enjoying this company Dahlia moved to the starboard rail and climbing the rigging a little. She was glad she had managed to persuade father to let her wear trousers on the journey and could tell Elizabeth was jealous of her luxury. She pulled back the sleeve of her tight shirt and glanced down at her wrist and bit her lip.

"Look! A Boy! There's a boy in the water." Jumping at Elizabeth's distressed voice she leaned her weight over the side of the rigging and saw a small boy faced down on a bit of drift wood.

"Man overboard!"

"Boy overboard."

There was a flurry of movement on deck as sailors hurried to fetch the boy but Dahlia and Gibbs, who had moved next to her, were staring open mouthed at the sight before them. Gibbs was frightened out of his boots but Dahlia thought it looked strangely beautiful, like organised chaos.

"He's still breathing."

"Where did he come from?"

"Mary mother of god…"


All attention was turned to the enormous burning wreckage of the ship they were passing. A British flag hung limply from the stern on fire as they passed through.

"What happened here?" Swan exclaimed.

"An explosion in the powder magazine. Merchant vessels run heavily armed." Explained Norrington.

Still entranced by the wreckage, Dahlia shook her head, this was no accident. As if to confirm her suspicions Gibbs spoke up.

"Lot of good it did them… Everyone's thinking it! I'm just saying it! Pirates!"

"There is no proof of that. It could have been an accident. Lieutenant, if there is even the slightest chance one of those poor devils is still alive, we cannot abandon them!"

"Of course not. Rouse the Captain, immediately! Hope for the best…prepare for the worst!" Replied Norrington.

As the boy was moved onto the ship, Elizabeth's father pulled her aside, "Elizabeth, I want you to accompany the boy. He's in your charge now. You'll watch over him?"

Dahlia frowned at her father as Elizabeth nodded gravely and followed her too the boys side. I put a hand on her shoulder as she fondly moved his hair from his closed eyes. Suddenly he grabs her wrist looking terrified but Elizabeth just takes his hand and smiles.

"My name is Elizabeth Swan."

"Dahlia Swan" Will looked at the elder sister in shock having not seen her before turning back to Elizabeth.

"Will Turner" He choked out before closing his eyes.

"We're watching over you Will."

As Will's arms go limp it moves his shirt slightly open and Elizabeth frowns curiously and takes it in her hand revealing a gold medallion. One side is blank but Dahlia turns it over in her sister small palm and gasps. A grinning skull stared up at them.

Elizabeth whispers, "You're a pirate!"

"Has he said anything?"

Elizabeth gasped at Norrington's voice and turned around hiding the medallion behind her back. Calm and composed as always, Dahlia turned around slowly and put a hand behind Elizabeth's back and took the medallion from her willing to take the blame.

"His name is Will Turner…that's all I found out." Elizabeth said quickly and quietly.

As Norrington hurries off Dahlia leads her sister to the stern of the ship and holds up the medallion for both of them to see. As a gust of wind engulfs them they look out to sea and moving through the fog, silent as a ghost, is a large sailing ship, with black sails. They both stare one too frightened the other too entranced to cry out. The ship is obscured by the fog as it passes but the highest flag is still seen hanging at the top a frightening skull and crossbones of the Jolly Roger. Dahlia holds up the medallion even higher to compare the two, they are identical. The skull appears to turn and grin at the two and Elizabeth turns away in to sister's stomach and shuts her eyes tight. Dahlia stares open-mouthed at the dark shape before clutching the medallion tight in her hand hugging her sister fiercely, she bit her lip.

Thank you all reading.

Important-This is going to defiantly be a Barbossa/ oc but it might be a Jack/ oc as well I haven't decided yet.

To all of you out there, wherever you are.

Remember- the light at the end of the tunnel

May be you.