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Jackie Tyler fumbled with her mobile in the cold Norwegian wind. Fifteen minutes she had been standing there, trying to reach Pete unsuccessfully, while giving her daughter and that daft alien (half alien?) some time to process what had just happened.

"Bloody Time Lord, stranding us on this blasted beach again! I should have known…"

As she waits for the call to connect for the umpteenth time, she looks over her shoulder at Rose and finds her much in the same position she was in ten minutes ago; sitting on a rock with her face in her hands. Although she cannot hear her daughter's cries over the howling wind, the sobs that rack Rose's shoulders paint a very clear picture. The Doctor has broken her little girl's heart… again.

Of course the first time Rose got dumped in this parallel universe was not his doing; heaven knows he would have come back for her if he could have. But this time was different. This time he chose to leave her behind, and while Jackie's heart hurt to see her daughter in so much pain, she couldn't help but send a silent thank you to the Time Lord for loving Rose enough to let her go. Stubborn as she was, Rose probably couldn't see past the hurt and betrayal to realize the immensity of what he had just done for her, but Jackie hoped that she would be able to… not just for her own sake but also for the equally lost and grief-stricken half Time Lord that sat beside her.

"Jacks! Jacks, is that you?" Finally, the call had gone through.

"Pete! Yes, it's me love. We're back! I need you to send a zeppelin for us; we're in bloody Norway! If I ever see that man again, I'm gonna kill him! Nine hundred years old and still can't drive properly. What's the point of that big blue box if it can't even leave us anywhere other than the back of beyond?"

"So you found him, then. I figured you must have when the stars started coming back, but Jacks, are you alright? What about Rose? Mickey? Wait… Norway! Don't tell me, that beach again?"

"Everyone is fine. Rose is here and so is the Doctor… well, sort of."

"They're with you? But I thought you said-"

Jackie sighed, this was going to take a while to explain but she was exhausted and cold, and by the looks of the two behind her, it was going to be a long night. "Oh love, it's complicated."

Pete Tyler chuckled at that, "Right, complicated. When are things not when they have to do with the Doctor?"

"Look, I promise to explain everything but not right now, yeah? Remember that little bed and breakfast we stayed at last time? We'll kip there and take a cab to Bergen in the morning. Can you have a zep waiting for us?"

"Yes, of course, dear. I'll have one waiting at noon."

"Thanks Pete. I can't wait to be home. Tony ok? You haven't been letting him into the sweets, have you? I know you Pete Tyler, he's got you wrapped around his little pinky!"

"He's fine Jacks, just misses his mum. Hurry home, love."

As she hung up, Jackie smiled. She counted herself lucky to have been given a second opportunity at life with the man she loved. At first it had been… difficult. Adjusting to life with someone who looked, talked, and acted like your dead husband was tricky at best. He was and he wasn't her Pete. She herself was and wasn't the Jackie he had lost as well. It had taken a few weeks of false starts and lots of arguments (well, that part was familiar, at least) but in the end they were able to get past it all, find comfort in each other, and start a new life together. It had turned out to be the kind of life they had both longed for but had been denied in their respective worlds. Jackie knew the pain and confusion her daughter was grappling with right now and she ached for her.

She walked over to where Rose and the new Doctor were sitting, one still crying, and the other still looking utterly lost. "Rose, love, we need to get going, yeah? Your father is sending us a zeppelin in the morning but we need to get some rest before the drive to Bergen. I bet that bed and breakfast is still around, let's head there."

Rose's only response was to stand and start walking towards the road. She didn't say a word, or even look back at her mother or the strange new man still sitting there. Arms folded around her middle, hair whipping across her tear streaked face, Rose Tyler walked away looking like an empty shell of her former self. Jackie had a feeling this would be a bit more complicated than her and Pete.

A sudden, loud sneeze drew her attention back to the man sitting on the rock, in that hideous blue suit. He looked up at Jackie, bewildered.

"Come on, love. You're gonna catch cold, you are, sitting there like a lump in this wind. Doctor said you was human now, yeah? I suppose you can get sick like the rest of us now… come on, up you get."

The new Doctor slowly got up and looked over at where Rose was stiffly climbing a bank of rocks up to the road. His forehead crinkled and he let out a low sigh. "She's never going to accept me as him, is she Jackie? And I thought…"

The look of absolute horror and resignation on his face broke Jackie Tyler's heart. She put an arm around the tall, skinny man and gently prodded him forward. "Don't worry, Doctor, she'll come around. It's been a hard day for us all, but things will look brighter in the morning, you'll see."

The Doctor looked down at Jackie and for a brief moment, his features softened and he almost seemed to relax. "So you believe me then… that I'm still him?"

"Well of course I do, you daft alien! How could you look at my Rose like that and not be?"

The Doctor never thought the day would come that he would be so relieved to be in Jackie Tyler's presence. After all the things he'd seen and done, the universe still found small ways to surprise him.