hiya! first story, so go easy on me, i'm not a perfect writer. Here's a stroy written from Beck's POV, coz i think it will be interesting to see how Mr Emotionless deals with this situation. the first chapter may seem not as good, but there are many exciting twists and stuff to come! Here we go!

Chapter 1

It's not my fault. I was just tired of fighting, completely exhausted of constant screaming matches. But I love her, I really do. It's too late now, because I've lost everything. All those moments of the past three years, and even before that, are worthless. My mind was blank for just ten seconds. However, ten seconds was all it took to lose her.

I only realised that when she had already walked away from the door, into the night. I managed to keep the poker face and not break down. I'm an actor, I live to do these kinds of things. But I never knew I would actually have to use my skill in a real life situation, especially not this situation.

I don't continue playing cards with the rest of the group for very long. I am about to break and I know it. No actor can hold up forever. I guess that's why Jade waited behind the door, so no one could see her break down. We are alike in that way: we don't like being seen as weak. That's why we fought. None of us wanted to lose.

As I reach the door and put my hand on the doorknob, I have an uneasy feeling, but I ignore it. It must just be my mind flashing back to a few minutes ago when I didn't open the door. I hesitate slightly to breathe, and then I open the door.

It was that easy. That's all I had to do: twist and pull. A simple action that I couldn't do.

As I walk out of the door, the uneasy feeling becomes more of a contained panic inside my head. Something isn't right. Jade's car is still parked in front of Tori's house, but Jade is nowhere to be seen.

"Jade!" I call out, hoping for a harsh reply from her. Anything? Nothing.

She isn't lurking in the shadows, she isn't sitting in her car and she isn't walking down the street. Somehow, I think this has something to do with the anxiety attack going on inside my head. I need to find her. I don't care if we broke up. I still love her and I have to know that she's safe and sound.

I do the first thing that comes into my panicking brain and I jump into my red truck. I put the keys in, twist and I'm off, speeding down the road to a house I know very well.

I park next to her dad's car and swing the door open. I run up to the dimly lit porch and knock three times. I wait a while, impatiently tapping my foot and finally, Jade's father comes to the door. He glares at me harshly.

"Jade's not here." He says with a monotone voice, and then slams the door in my face. After a moment of thinking about that encounter, I realise that Jade is not safe. She is gone. She has been taken.

I speed back to Tori's and conveniently, everyone was still there. Well, everyone except the person I wanted most.

Tori opens the door and smiles at me, confused as to why I am back and in such a panic. I must look like a complete wreck, as everyone turns to look at me, shocked. I can't explain everything, I don't know how.

"Jade's been taken," are the only words I can manage to utter. Everyone looks at me and freezes, now eyes even wider as they take in the news.

Cat is the first one to make any movement and she clutches Robbie's arm, trying to hold back tears. Not many people know it, but Jade and Cat are very good friends. They are complete opposites, but somehow, they are very close. So Cat hearing this news, obviously has a huge effect on her because she usually takes everything harder. Telling Cat is like kicking a puppy. It's terrible and gives you the worst feeling.

Tori, being the nice girl, tries to be optimistic and find the good side, but even I know she's worried.

"A-are you sure she's been taken? She could've just gone home, or to the park…" Tori suggests.

Impossible. "I checked her house, and Jade hates parks. She would NEVER go to one."

"Who knows, that girl could be anywhere!" André adds, also trying to be optimistic.

Just then, we hear a knock on the door. For a moment, I think it could be Jade, but as Tori opens the door, her dad walks in after a long day of work at the police station.

That's it! Get the police to help find her.

"Hey Mr Vega!" I call out with hope. He turns around in his position, half way up the stairs and his face is plastered with a grumpy frown.

"Our friend Jade has gone missing. I thought she went home, but I checked her house and she wasn't there and her car is still outside."

Mr Vega sighs, "How long has she been missing for."

"Well, umm, about an hour…" I realised how pathetic the words sounded right after they came out of my mouth. She probably hasn't been taken. She is probably just wandering through the night like she once told me she likes to do. Looks like I overreacted a lot. By the look on Mr Vega's face, he feels the exact same way, so he turns around and trudges upstairs.

So if she's not really missing, what's the uneasy feeling that has been wreaking my brain?

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