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The Knight of Death: The Bane From Within

Chapter 1

Gold orbs reluctantly opened as the sunlight blinded the 21-year-old drow. Auniira yawned, and snuggled into her silky cloak. A few more minutes of rest couldn't hurt.

"Master," the voice of her beloved undead brought her back to the land of the living. "We must make haste."

She groaned. "The ball of fire is in the sky Yoshiro."

"We should move into the shadows." Yoshiro pulled on the furry part of her hood. "The surface dwellers emerge in the daylight."

She sighed as she ran a hand through her long hair. "Fine, but you stand out," Yoshiro opened his mouth to correct his master, but Auniira waved her hand. "More than I do. I have a cloak to conceal—well everything, but you don't." The Death Lord nodded. He took one step back, and froze, almost like a statue, for a few seconds until he was abruptly consumed in pitch black flames. The flames fidgeted then shrunk into a necklace. Auniira picked up the accessory, and placed it in a hidden pocket of her left hand's sleeve.

Perhaps she should forage for food for the time being until she felt prepared for meeting any surface dwellers. But she had no more time to ponder over that line of thinking as her ears picked up the sound of footsteps. Shit! She wasn't prepared to meet anyone right away. At least until she got a lay of the land. She was at a disadvantage if the surface dweller decided she was an enemy.

As the sound of footfalls was approaching closer, Auniira quickly observed her surroundings. She cursed as she realized she had slept in an open clearing. No place to hide. She had no choice but to confront the strangers. She hid her surprise as the two strangers revealed themselves.

At first glance one would think that the tallest of the two male figures was a drow, but as she looked closer she noticed his hair was not white but a light gold. His skin was also a sickly gray—very different from the 'normal' gray that some drow possessed; because everyone knows that skin color of a drow was either black, dark blue, gray, or violet. Perhaps he was a half-drow?

The other male—a full-blooded sun elf— stood almost protectively over the half-blood. It seemed almost amusing considering the sun elf was as tall as she was, which was barely 5 feet and two inches, and the half-drow was over 5'4.''

Now how to approach them without seeming hostile, she pondered.

"Hello, I am Auniira." She gave a slight nod in greeting. "Formerly of House Teken'ghym."

She silently applauded herself for her neutral gestures. The two elves exchanged glances. The short one who may be a Fighter— considering he had a sleek but muscle toned build—stood erect with a wary stance.

"I am Cyleón," he gestured to his companion. "This is my friend Beineón."

Auniira was given the impression that Beineón was shy rather than suspicious of her. But she was stumped on what to do next. Back at home, she didn't have to worry about making friends since everyone looked out for only themselves.

Note to self; learn to socialize more. Having her head stuck in books for most of her life is not a good thing. But if there was anything she was good at, it'd be learning languages. She already had five languages under her belt—Undercommon, Abyssal, Draconic, Celestial, and just recently, Common. Although, she learned the last two from books and scrolls in the case of Celestial since angels— especially Solars— as she once learned, were honestly insulted if you did not put up effort to learn their tongue if you were going to speak to them.

She still remembered the tongue lashing she received from Death-Bringer, or at least that's what she thought it was since she couldn't understand what he was saying. Of course, by the expression on his face and surrounding energy one could not mistake that for anything but anger and irritation. Then again he might have been put off by her ogling.

Her lips turned upright at the memory. A very fake cough interrupted her musings. She was reminded that she was not alone.

"Why is a drow on the surface?" Cyleón questioned. He eyed Keryvian warily. Right, her blade was in plain sight. She mentally scolded herself for not strapping it on her back instead.

She folded her arms across her chest—a drow signal for 'I come in peace.' Hopefully, the surface dwellers acknowledge the sign. But with her luck they wouldn't understand what it meant.

"I abandoned life as a drow in the Underdark."

Beineón glanced at Cyleón, and held his stare for a few seconds. Where they having an unspoken conversation? She waited patiently for their next action. It wouldn't do to unintentionally antagonize them.

After Cyleón finished his conversation, he faced her and finally, gave his reply, "We are unsure if you speak the truth. But if you have indeed abandoned your kind's ways then you will not mind if we keep an eye on you."

So normally, surface dwellers stalk each other? Sounds ludicrous. But if it will quell their worries of her character then she will not argue.

"Sure." She smiled as she uncrossed her arms.

"Where are you headed Auniira?" Cyleón's stance dropped into a nonchalant demeanor. Auniira tilted her head. "Eh?" She was caught by surprise. She had not thought that far. She didn't even have a map of the surface world.

"I didn't have any destination in mind. I pretty much winged my escape from the Underdark." She shrugged. "Didn't think I'd get this far actually."

The tall half-drow gave a grin. "It seems Mielikki shined upon you that day."

Auniira's eyes lit up in recognition. "You are a follower of the Forest Queen?" The proclamation came out more as a statement than a question. The two elves nodded.

"I have heard of her in my books." She fumbled with a blush. "Personally, I follow Kelemvor."

The blonde half-drow's eyebrows raised, "The Lord of the Dead? Why?"

The female drow was not offended by the question. She wore a patient smile that eerily resembled one that a mother bore for her curious child.

"After living for over twenty years in the Underdark, I realized how petty and tiny we all are in the grand scheme of things. Death will come for all of us eventually." A wave of serenity overcame Auniira as she continued. "Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see."

Beineón appeared to contemplate her words with a peaceful smile plastered over his face. Cyleón snorted, "That's sounds too deep for me. I'm not into the whole thinking about what's in the great beyond. I'm more into the now."

Auniira smirked "Of course."

All the Tel-quessir erupted into laughter. The tension from before had dissipated.

Cyleón swung his arm over her shoulder in an amiable manner. "Well, Beineón and I were headed to a small town not too far from here. I don't suppose you have any objections."

She turned towards Beineón, "Is he always this touchy-feely with others? Or am I just special?"

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