Labor and Delivery

January 24th, 7:54 PM
180. Scarf


"Why did you mute my music?"

Pepper's voice suddenly blasted over the intercom and down the stairs.

"Because I'm going into labor!"

Tony dropped his socket wrench and flew across the workshop, bounding upstairs. Pepper was at the door, slipping on her coat and covering her belly.

"How far apart?"

"Five minutes."

"And you didn't tell me?" he asked, hopping as he put on his shoe.

"Let's go, Tony."

"Where's your scarf?"

"I don't need it."

"It's January!"

"It's Malibu!"

"Pepper, it is legitimately snowing outside, and you are not wearing those shoes to th—

"Tony Stark!"

"Fine! Go!"

January 25th, 3:30 AM
113. Knowledge

Progress was slow. By 3:30 in the morning, she still refused Pitocin, and there wasn't anything on besides an Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? marathon.

She was lucky he loved her so damn much.

"What is the first stage of the hydrologic cycle?"

From the chair beside her bed, Tony glanced over as Pepper murmured, "Evaporation."

The contestant squinted. "The what?"

"Jesus," Tony scoffed. "My kid isn't even born yet and knows the answer to that question."

"Well," Pepper said, "it isn't called Are You Smarter than Tony Stark's Unborn Child."

He smirked. "That's because nobody would win."

January 25th, 9:13 AM
161. Push

Where do men get this crap about their wives being "the most beautiful he's ever seen her" while in the throes of labor?

Pepper was horrifying.

He eyes were filled with broken blood vessels. Her hair was matted, stringy, and frizzy, sticking to her blotchy, sweaty skin and lips in stringy curves. Her fingernails dug deep, red half-moons up and down his forearm during contractions. She screamed out obscenities and barbaric cries of agony. There were fluids and smears and things he'd rather not commit to memory.

But then, with a great exhale and a tiny wail, it was over.

January 25th, 10:55 AM
200. Speech

Six pounds, eleven ounces.

Eighteen inches long.

Ten fingers, ten toes.

Blue eyes. Tuft of dark hair.


His boy was smack dab front-and-center in the nursery window, wriggling under Pepper's little yellow blanket and a tiny blue cap. Every move he made was incredible.

He needed to revise that statement about Pepper being the one thing that gave him purpose and made life worth living.

Is this what it felt like, Dad? When you saw me for the first time? Because holy shit.

Rhodes smiled, squeezing his shoulder.

"I hope he acts just like you."

"Go to hell, Rhodey."

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