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It has been a year since the battle between good and evil. A year since the Wind Rangers and Thunder Rangers managed to defeat the evil space lord Lothor and restored peace and harmony on the planet.

After the battle, everyone went on with their own lives. Shane, Dustin and Tori graduated as honorary students of the Wind Ninja Academy and proceeded to stay as teachers in their own element respectively.

Cam rebuilt the Ninja Ops and took over the academy as head sensei, following in the footsteps of his father Sensei Watanabe who took on an interesting hobby of keeping guinea pigs.

Hunter helped restore the Thunder Ninja Academy and after graduating he stayed around as teacher.

Blake went a different way after graduating from the Thunder Ninja Academy, he took on an offer from Factory Blue and pursued a career as professional motor crosser.

As for Marah and Kapri… After trying to follow the path of good and training at the academy in an attempt to become less worthless than they already were, they decided to go on a trip to see the world.

Everything seemed to be at peace once and for all and everyone went on with their lives.

That night, a roaring sound filled the air as a single motor crosser ran through the dirt course nearby Storm Chargers, the bright yellow colours of the driver's suit and bike standing out in the dark and cool night.

Dustin Brooks had been working hard at both Storm Chargers and the academy, he missed being able to go out and race like he used to and when the opportunity arose for him to sneak out on his night off and have the track all to himself, he didn't think twice about hopping onto his bike and doing something he loved the most in life.

As he hopped over the dirt hills, he enjoyed the adrenaline rush coursing through his veins as the wind soared against his body. Teaching and working was fun, but motocross would forever be his first true love.

This peaceful enjoyment didn't last long however.

Out of thin air a bolt of energy appeared, crashing down onto the ground right in front of the earth ninja, following by a huge explosion that erased the ground underneath him and knocked him a couple of miles back, rolling over the ground as the rubble crashed down on him until he came to a complete halt.

"What the…" the young man groaned slightly as he pushed himself up and looked around, waiting for the smoke to clear and reveal what just happened.

And as the veil of smoke disappeared, a silhouette appeared. The thing was big, and slick. Dustin noticed the scales on his body as he became more clear, the light of the moon shining just bright enough to illuminate what looked like his blue skin and scales, silver lines running over what he assumed was the face, resembling ancient writings. The eyes were pits of emptiness in the darkness though they lid up like red lights. The creature had no nose and what Dustin assumed was his mouth was nothing more but two thin lines of silver, supposedly his lips, where shark-like teeth flashed underneath.

Dustin had never seen such a creature before, he didn't know what it was or where it came from but he could feel the a pressing energy radiating from it. Instinctively, he jumped up and took on a fighting stance, he could sense a fight coming.

"What are you?" He finally asked, staring at the creature in front of him that hadn't moved since the smoke cleared.

The thin lines on its face curled into somewhat of a grin as it tilted his head slightly, "It speaks."

"I was just about to say the same thing… Now answer my question!"

"Foolish mortal," the creature roared with a husky voice. "You are in no position to make demands."

"I'm not just a mortal! You're talking to an Earth ninja master!" Dustin glared at the creature.

It perked up slightly, narrowing its eyes slightly as it observed the boy in yellow. "Ninja master?"

"That's right, snake face! Now answer my question!"

A sudden chuckle escaped, "I am Doragg, servant of the master of darkness. And you are just what I've been looking for!"

"Master of darkness?" Dustin repeated with slight confusion before hastily jumping aside as the creature, now known as Doragg, lunged forwards.

Dustin landed on his feet but was immediately tossed aside as he felt a strong pressure against his stomach. He rolled on the ground once more and attempted to use his earthly powers to trap the creature into the ground but failed as Doragg seemed to break through the rock barrier that the ninja tried to create.

He rolled out of the way just in time as Doragg materialised some kind of blade and slashed down, barely missing Dustin. He got back onto his feet and launched himself towards the creature, attempting to lay at least one punch on his scaly body, only to collide with the blade carrying arm of Doragg, feeling it cut right through his suit and into his flesh.

Dustin landed on the ground, clenching his teeth and grasping the sand between his one hand as the other clutched his chest as the stinging pain coursed through his body.

"So much for being a ninja master… I guess you aren't the person I was looking for after all."

He approached the wounded ninja, raising his blade and preparing to finish this battle, when the sound of something flying through the air approached them. Dustin heard the sound of something metal clashing with the blade and glanced up just in time to see the blade drop to the ground and a rather startled Doragg looking up.

"Not so fast." An unfamiliar voice had shouted through the air after which Dustin heard the swishing sounds of ninja streaks coming closer.

He felt relieved, thinking that his comrades had figured something was wrong and were here to save him, though he feared they wouldn't stand any more of a chance as he did. But as he looked up, two other figures dressed in black had appeared in between him and Doragg.

One of them had a broad posture, that was definitely a man. The other was a smaller, more petite built figure which judging by the silhouette and the uniform must have been a woman.

"Not you two again… Always spoiling my fun." Doragg complained.

"You didn't actually think you could get away from us, did you?" The smaller person spoke, confirming Dustin's suspicions of being a girl as her voice was higher and softer than the person who had shouted before.

"Pests." He growled. "You'll regret this!" With a flash, Doragg disappeared.

"So bothersome…" The girl sighed before the both of them turned to face Dustin. He couldn't see their faces due to the masks they were wearing and the darkness, not to mention the pain that was slowly clouding his eyes.

The man looked at the girl and nodded before she crouched down next to him.

"Who are you?" He managed to speak in between the pain groans.

She ignored him and instead observed his wounds. Her hand was placed carefully on his chest, hearing her softly singing some kind of incantation.

"W-what are you doing?" Dustin tried to squirm away, not knowing what was going on or what this unknown ninja was doing to him but she pushed him back down, continuing the incantation.

A sudden warmth rushed through his body, washing away the stinging pains in his chest and limbs that he felt just moments ago. He glanced down slightly, in time to see the silvery glow disappear as she stopped singing.

"We must go, he couldn't have gone far!" The man spoke and the female ninja nodded, jumping up.

"W-wait!" He called out but it was too late, the two strangers had already ninja streaked away, leaving him behind in the now empty race course.

Sitting up in the dirt, he patted his hand over his chest with a frown. All the pain and injuries had disappeared completely. How was that even possible?


He looked up at the sound of his name, spotting the three multi-coloured people running towards him.

"Are you okay?" The blonde in blue asked with a worried frown as she crouched down next to her best friend.

"Yeah… I think so." Was he though? He wasn't sure. He had no clue of what just happened other than that he got his ass handed to him by some strange monster he had never seen before two unfamiliar ninjas showed up and saved him.

"Man, what happened?" Shane wondered with a same worried look on his face, holding his hand out towards the earth ninja.

"I don't know," he shrugged, reaching out for the helping hand and pulling himself off the ground carefully. "One moment I was out for a midnight practice run and the next thing I knew some freakazoid with lasers showed up and killed my fun."

"So that was the strange energy reading I was receiving?" Cam tilted his head thoughtfully.

"What freakazoid?" Tori frowned.

"I don't know man, it was this huge blue thing with a big ugly face… Like an alien or something."

"An alien freakazoid? Like the kind we used to fight when we were still Power Rangers?"

Dustin nodded, even though this creature was nothing like the monsters they had to fight when they were still battling Lothor. This one was stronger, bigger and didn't look like something a 5 year old made out of play dough and Lego blocks.

"But that's impossible. We defeated Lothor once and for all with the help of the Dino Rangers, didn't we? We were sure about that, this time around." She continued.

Cam crossed his arms, "Maybe this wasn't Lothor's doing."

"What? Do you think another alien space lord is out to get us? How many disturbed uncles do you have, Cam?" Shane scoffed mockingly.

"Where did the monster go, though?" Tori looked around the area for some kind of trace of it.

Dustin shrugged, "I don't know, those other people chased after him."

"What other people?"

"The two ninjas that showed up to save me."

"Could they be Blake and Hunter?" Shane suggested.

"Nah, I would have recognized them. These guys had like these wicked skills I haven't seen anyone do before… And that ninja chick, she sang this weird tune and healed my wounds. It was so trippy…"

"She… healed your wounds?" Tori repeated with a cocked eyebrow, "You sure you didn't hit your head too hard?"

"Look, I know what I saw alright?" Dustin sighed, knowing it sounded pretty strange but it was still the truth of what happened. "And then they disappeared to chase after that freak."

"Let's go back to the ops, I might be able to track down some energy levels to figure out what that monster was and where it came from." Cam suggested.

"And more importantly, why it came to Blue Bay Harbor." Shane nodded.

The four ninjas slowly made their way off the tracks, unknowing that they were being watched from the shadows.

"I told you they were the ones." The female ninja spoke. "The former Power Rangers of the Wind Academy."

The man nodded slowly, "Indeed they are… Though I fear that we are in for a hard time."

"Maybe we should just do this ourselves, sensei. They are useless to us without their powers."

"No. We need them. At least… For now."

And thus far the prologue. I hope you guys like it so far and are interested in reading the rest of the story.