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Weakened Minds

Elijah returned to the Ninja Ops, hoping to find his sister there. It was probably the last place she would be after running away, but since she did mention their mission, perhaps she had returned to retrieve the scroll. Ami wasn't there when they realized it was blank.

"Where'd you go?" Shane looked up at the taller male entering their secret base. Elijah looked around the table; Shane, Tori, Dustin and Cam were present. But no Ami.

"Ami didn't stop by here, did she?" He let out a sigh as he joined them by the table. The empty scroll was still rolled out in front of them as they were trying to figure out why Sensei Haruka would take measure protecting it. Did that mean the crystal didn't exist?

"Nah, why?"

Elijah pursed his lips thoughtfully. "I sensed something off after she ran out so I followed her. Doragg was there. I don't know what happened but I'm sure he was up to no good."

"Oh no, is your sister alright?" Tori asked with a hint of worry in her voice. She could imagine that the shadow demon wouldn't just show up for a cup of tea and seeing as Ami didn't have any powers other than her ninja skills, who knows what could have happened.

"Physically, yeah." His dark eyebrows knitted into a frown. "Mentally… I'm not so sure anymore… Something is gnawing at her..."

"Oh, so she's usually not a rude, aggressive punk?" Dustin couldn't help himself, though Tori quickly silenced him.

A faint smile curled Elijah's lips. His sister was definitely quite the character, she had always been strong willed and sharp tongued. She also seemed rather unapproachable for people who didn't know the real Amilia, that was a thing that had drastically changed over the years. She used to be a people's person but after the events they went through during their time at the academy, she slowly started shielding her heart and pushed people away if she didn't feel comfortable enough to trust them. But the way she had been acting lately, especially since arriving in Blue Bay Harbor, that was a first even for him.

"She's really the sweetest girl, but she has a hard time trusting people and letting them in. The tough act she puts up towards you, it's a way for her to shield herself." He explained calmly. "We've been through a lot of things, she faced a lot of problems, so please don't take it personal. She'll grow on you as she allows you to grow on her too."

"I'll give her credit, though." Dustin admitted, nodding his head slowly. "I owe her for healing me that night."

"And exactly that is what proves she's not as bad as she seems." Elijah nodded along, looking up from his fiddling hands. "Only those pure of heart are able to channel the powers in such a way that miracles can happen. Her healing powers have saved me on so many occasions. If it wasn't for my little sister, I probably wouldn't be here today."

"Her powers are lot more important than she made it sound," Tori hummed. "Or is that just a thing with authority figures?"

"Oh, she hates that her main thing is healing," A soft, warm chuckle rolled down his throat. "Her powers haven't fully awakened yet and that frustrates her. But she hasn't realized that she's the first in our line of power since the guardian to possess the healing ability… And it also makes her reckless."

"And because she's reckless, you try to protect her from harm because it worries you that she is unable to heal herself, isn't that so?"

The five turned their heads as Sensei Watanabe entered from the back. He had been listening to the story, though he knew the better of it beforehand. He spent so much time speaking to Sensei Haruka ever since the two of them had entered the academy.

"She can't?" Cam frowned.

"Healing takes the healer's energy, so it's impossible to heal yourself." Elijah explained. "She shares the injury by infusing her own energy, which also weakens her."

"So, let's say she tries to heal a dying person?" Dustin bluntly asked, curiosity being his innocence.

"That might cost her her own life."

Ami wandered through the forest. In all honesty, she had no idea where she was going. She wanted to keep looking for the crystal but right now the best thing she could do was blow off some steam.

She still couldn't shake that feeling of disappointment as she finally realized why Elijah kept her out of battle. She wasn't good enough in his eyes. She wasn't capable. She had no powers, no experience so quite frankly, she was dead weight.

But if she could find a way to complete their mission on her own, she would finally be able to prove to Elijah that she was more than just his stand-by miracle nurse.

"If only you had active powers."

She stopped in her tracks and looked around again. She recognized his voice. Doragg was nearby, she could feel the atmosphere growing heavy as his voice echoed through her head.

"Don't you wonder what other lies he has been telling you? What secrets he has hidden?"

What was he planning? Why did he keep following her, pestering her, instead of taking this opportunity to end her once and for all? She was all by herself, harmless and defenseless in that aspect. Yeah, she would be able to lay a few punches but she was no fool. She didn't deny the fact that he was stronger in this stage.

"The power of the Ranger was not a one-of-a-kind thing, foolish mortal. That is just what he lead you to believe."

"Stop hiding and show yourself!" She sneered, balling her fists. "If you can't leave me alone then at least show your face and prepare for a fight!"

"I-is she talking to us?" A little distance away two people had approached her location from the other side. They weren't following her, they didn't even realize someone was there until she started speaking.

"She sounds angry..." The blond said carefully as he and his slightly smaller brother slowly approached the girl.

"How certain are you that the vengeance you are seeking is rightfully sought? You curse at my powers as the enemy, but we share the same mission… Never wondered why that is, mortal?"

His words kept echoing in her head, his voice temptingly sneering as he spoke. Doragg was a master of manipulation, one of his skill was the ability to read minds, to sense their feelings, their fears, their thoughts. And he used it against them, used those vulnerable states to achieve his goal without breaking a sweat. Because he was not always a monster. He wasn't born a shadow demon, he was one a man. Serving Artemis loyally as priest when he found his destiny to be cursed, his heart and mind corrupted by evil sorcery of Orpheus. He knew how a human behaved, what made its heart tick and how to sway it. He manipulated his victims then brutally and mercilessly put an end to their lives.

"It is because we seek salvation, is it not? You have been running from your past your entire life, only to find out that it had been cursed from the start. The prophecy of your bloodline, only the power of the guinzuishou can bring you peace."

"Shut up. I said show yourself and fight!"

"Alright, chill! We're here, we're not looking for a fight!" The shorter asian man held up his hands in surrender as he and his brother emerged into view. But she wasn't looking at them, it was like she couldn't even see them. She was just staring into thin air, though her expression seemed distraught.

"I seek the same. Salvation. Eternal peace. To rid myself of this curse. We are alike, you and I. Used and forgotten by those to claim they care for us."

"Shut up!" She growled, surprising the other two who were hesitant to approach her. Her gaze had turned hazy, as if she was in her own world inside her head. Doragg had started to corrupt her mind with his words, as people around her only saw the shell of her body staring into emptiness, inside her head the conversation continued.

"I think she's lost her mind…" The blond scoffed. "Blue Bay has seriously gone downhill since we left."

"Excuse me… " the navy clad man carefully approached her.

"I believed in the light of Artemis, until she cast a shadow upon my life. And then Orpheus showed me the true light. The clan of the Moon has been feeding us lies, mortal. Haruka. Your brother. Your family. All shed lies to save their own lives, to gain power and share with no one."

"That's not true… " Yes, her brother might have irritated her with his constant showing off the ability to morph into the Lunar Ranger, forcing her to stay behind while he saved the day. But, there was no way he did so just for the sake of having power. And their sensei, she was the most loving and charitable person Ami had ever met. She would never lie, nor thirst for power.

"You hold as much right to the lineage as your brother, and yet she refuses to share. They say you are incapable, unworthy. But I can help you unlock the potential deep within. Your birthright. Let me show you the truth. Let me show you… Salvation."

"Salvation… "

"Ok, this is too weird. Let's just get out of here, Blake," The crimson clad man nudged his brother. He wasn't quite sure who the girl was or what was going on inside her head. But he didn't trust it. She didn't seem like a threat that would call for their ninja skills, so he believed walking away and pretending to know nothing would be best.

"Are you… alright?" Blake couldn't help but continue to try as he approached the girl. She seemed lost. Confused. And in somewhat of a trance. But whatever was going on, it wasn't right.

Her head snapped in their direction which prompted him to stop moving. Her green eyes covered with a while hazy glow unlike anything they had ever seen. She held her hand up as bright light blinded their sight. And once it cleared, she had disappeared.

"Dude… What the heck was that?!" Hunter exclaimed, they hadn't seen anything this weird since they last fought Lothor but there was no way he or any of his henchmen could have returned. They finished him off once and for all.

"I don't know man, but we gotta get to Ninja Ops and warn the others. I have a bad feeling about this… " Blake frowned in worry.

"Ya think?"

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