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Black Ranger?!

"So, what's the plan?" Tori asked as the four of them made their way to the city where Pierrot, the enemy they had faced before, was continuing wreaking havoc.

Elijah furrowed his brows at the question as he glanced down at his own morpher. He had a hard time fighting Pierrot in their last encounter and he was fully morphed. The other ninjas didn't have the protection of a Ranger armour to their disposal which made this fight a lot riskier than it should be. And in all honesty he didn't quite come up with a plan for this just yet.

"I think it's best if you guys focus on the Pantodrones and I'll take on Pierrot." He eventually replied.

"Are you sure you can handle him?" Shane wondered with a hint of doubt in his voice. Though Elijah was considerably more powerful than them because of his morphing powers, the last time the two of them faced off against each other, Elijah received the short end of the stick.

"We don't have much choice, do we?" he replied as he raised up his morpher. "Lunar storm! Rangers form!"

In a bright flash the young man transformed into his Ranger outfit and drew his sword out, ready for battle.

"Where is Ami?" Dustin wondered, noticing the lack of snarky comments in the last couple of minutes.

"Never mind her, the further away she is from battle the better." The Silver Ranger replied, "Now, let's do this!"

Elijah stormed off towards the puppeteer who was more than eager to face the young ranger. Drawing out his own set of weapons; a couple of playing cards he used as shuriken, hurling them towards the ranger as he reflected them with his sword without much difficulty. Pierrot seemed to have expected that, however, as he immediately followed with his wand, a medium length iron rod with symbols engraved in them. The tip seemed to gather energy as the crackling bolts sparked around it, charging towards the ranger as he swung his wand around, sending bolts of electricity his way.

The ranger dodged most of them, but they were too rapidly fired to evade them all. One of the bolts hit him straight in the chest, immobilizing him for a moment as the sparks filled his entire ranger outfit. Pierrot took this moment to slash the wand right across his chest, sending him backwards. But Elijah immediately jumped back to his feet, raising his sword as it started to illuminate, before slashing it through the air, a ray of pure white light traveling towards the puppeteer, causing a small explosion upon impact which flipped the monster off his feet.

Meanwhile, the three ninjas had a hard time facing off against the Pantodrones. Though they were all highly skilled in martial arts and have fought difficult enemies before, these creatures were something special. The creatures moved as if they had no spine that kept their pale bodies together. They were swaying and moving so agile that it almost seemed like a dance, their movement smoothly fading into each other as they threw their spiked tentacles forwards in an attempt to pierce through their skin. Laying a punch on the creatures proved to be a difficult task and they ended up with their backs against each other as they were surrounded by the creatures.

"So, what do we do now?" Dustin wondered, keeping his fists up in defence.

"Our best bet is to dodge them mid attack, with any luck they might trip and stumble into each other." Shane suggested, though he wasn't completely sure if that was even going to work.

"And what if we're out of luck?" Tori added.

"Then… Consider this a free acupuncture session?"

The three of them waited for the creatures as they were closing in on them, all swaying at the same time which gave off a hypnotic effect. Keeping their eyes open, focusing on every inch of movement, they waited for the right moment to jump out of the way, hoping their tentacles would pierce into the opposite drone instead.

"3…" Dusting breathed softly.

"2…" Tori added, raising her fists in anticipation of their move.

"1…" Shane added and waited for a single second before all three of them yelled "…Go!"

Upon yelling go, the three of them streaked out of the way just in time as the Pantodrones charged towards them with their sharp piercing tentacles stretched towards them. Luckily, as they had anticipated, they crashed into each other, cancelling the other out with their attack as they collapsed onto the ground like piles of cloth.

"They're not very clever, are they?" Shane said with an amused tone of voice as the three of them watched the Pantodrones collapse.

Their moment of victory was quickly interrupted by the sound of an explosion as the Silver Ranger was blown back and almost crashed into them as Pierrot fired another bolt of lightning out of his rod.

The puppeteer let out a soft and menacing chuckle as he twirled his wand around, "Now this is one for the blooper reel!"

"Elijah, are you okay?" Tori frowned as they helped the ranger back onto his feet.

"This might be more difficult than I had anticipated…" He muttered with frustration.

"I hope your understudy is on standby, you won't make it for opening night!" He raised his want once more, charging it to full power as he kept his hollow eyes on the four ninjas.

But before he could release the power he had been charging, a flash of light hit the ground beneath his feet, exploding upon impact which send him soaring through the hair and against the rocky wall of the quarry.

"Woah, what was that?" Dustin looked around, wondering where that bolt came from.

As the smoke cleared, a figure appeared. Slowly approaching them, it soon revealed its full appearance. Before them stood another Ranger, donned in a black armour with silver trims. The chest emblem resembling an almost full moon as the silver outline on the helmet resembled the teeth of a creature, just like the Silver Ranger's helmet.

"No way! Another Ranger?!" Tori spoke up in utter surprise and confusion.

Pierrot growled as he got up from his feet, glaring at the new Ranger. "Another plot twist, hm? Interesting… I'll be back!"

With that said, Pierrot disappeared once more.

"Who are you?" Shane demanded as the three of them approached the Rangers. Only Elijah stayed behind as he unmorphed and glared at the other hero.

The other ranger morphed as well, the unveiling of her appearance a huge surprise to all but one. Before them stood the somewhat shorter young girl, her arms set on her hips as she stared at them with a proud smirk.


"But… How did you get a morpher?"

"You?! Why didn't we get powers?!"

"Have you lost your mind, Amilia?!" Elijah's voice silence the other three as they looked back at the taller boy. His glare never left the girl's face as he waited for her to respond, the anger clear in both his voice and facial expression.

"Well, that's an interesting way of saying thank you… You're welcome, brother!" She scowled.

"Thankful?" He scoffed, "Thankful for what? That you sold yourself to the enemy for a stupid morpher?!"

"Wait, what's going on?" Tori expressed what all three of them were thinking. They were definitely missing out on a part of the conversation here.

"Doragg offered Ami morphing powers and she stupidly took them…" Elijah explained, "And what did you have to give in return? The scroll? The crystal?"

"Your first born child..?" Dustin added, not being able to help himself though a hard nudge from his red-dressed friend quickly silenced him.


"So you're saying our enemy willingly gave you powers to help kick his butt and he didn't want anything in return?" Shane wondered softly. "That sounds suspicious to me."

"I don't see what the problem is here! The idiot gave me a morpher so now we can kick their butt while searching for the crystal and stop the resurrection, plus now I can take care of myself."

Elijah shook his head firmly, "I am disappointed in you, Amilia."

With that said he turned around and marched off.

Pierrot returned to the dark fortress where Doragg was already waiting for him.

"My lord... There was another Ranger...-"

"I know..." Doragg let out a low chuckle as he crossed his arms proudly, "That insolent little brat was desperate for power."

"You mean... The girl somehow managed to find a power source?"

"She didn't. But I did."

This answer seemed to shock the puppeteer, his master was foolish enough to grant their enemy power? Ranger powers at that?

"But my lord..."

"Have no fear, my dear show master. This all part of my plan..." He paced around the puppeteer. "You see, that morpher was not forged from the source that powers the Silver Ranger. The morpher was forged in the fires of the shadow and with its power comes corruption. Soon the girl will be on our side and help us find the crystal. And then... a simple sacrifice will be made in the name of our master Orpheus..."

Meeeh, this chapter felt kind of BLAH because I tried to defeat the evil writer block bug monster. I might re-write this later but at least we kind of progressed.