"Syo..." A certain indigo idol began. "The time has come for you..." he continued sincerely, sitting crossed legged with his hands poised in a plotting position, "to debut as Yui Kosoba" he finished bluntly.

They were sitting in their dorm facing each other. Each in a white, pristine chair at right angles to one another. Natsuki was no where in sight and the air was filled with an anticipating eeriness. Syo's face filled with shock and dread,

"What?" Please say I misheard, he thought, utter dread plagued the pits of his stomach,

"I said you need to debut, Syo" Ai repeated candidly, "As Yui Kosoba"

Sudden realization and terror filled Syo's strong blue eyes. He stood up abruptly,

"No! I refuse! Impossible!" he spoke more to himself than Ai. Ai had already calculated his reaction though and continued in his monotone voice,

"I'm sure you've already seen your records, Syo. If you don't debut, Shining is going to get rid of you." Stated the blue haired boy statically, " And as much as you deny it, the only time you really sell is as Yui Kosoba" Ai stood up, placing his hand on a stuttering blonde's shoulder, " And so, as your senpai, I'm ordering you to debut as Yui Kosoba again" Before the smaller boy could reply, the bluenette leaned over and pecked him on the lips before whispering by his ear,

"If you debut as YUI you'll get to spend more time with me" he bribed seducingly, purposefully teasing his beloved blonde. He patted Syo on the shoulder and walked over to his side of the room to his maybe equally beloved computer. Syo stood frozen in confusion, only capable of blushing furiously. Ai bent down to turn his computer on, commenting,

"The only reason Shining assigned you to S Class was so you could debut as a trap! idol. He already has the contract prepared so I suggest you sign it tomorrow" By this time the smaller idol had snapped out of his abashed state,

"Wai-Wait! Y-you bastard," the blonde stuttered in his amblings and glared at his senpai, "You. You already knew this was going to happen, didn't you?"

"It may have been amongst various calculations" teased the bluenette, mentally remarking how he loved to do so too. What the indigo had said was true though. He was right, in comparison to the rest of STARISH the small blonde had had a considerably small amount of idol work and he was struggling to find more. Syo sighed, completely exhausted by his oncoming onslaught of memories from when he previously debuted as YUI. The terrors of being stalked by both girls and boys of equal proportions. The constant pain of having to dress like a girl, act like a girl, always being mistaken for a girl (and it wasn't like he wasn't already mistaken numerous times by being himself) Worst of all would be the regret of not debutting as himself though. Having to throw away his pride of being a full-throttle man for the sake of finding work.

"Damn you" the blonde "tsk"ed and fell back into his chair.

"Now, now, Syo. A girl mustn't use such language and mannerisms" teased Ai again. He found himself enjoying this but continued to punch the keys in his keyboard. Syo picked up the television remote, clicking on the TV. He pulled up his knees and rested his chin between them.

"Damn you" he repeated, muttering and sulking to the television's gentle buzz.

Musings: I know, I know, I haven't finished the other AixSyo fic yet. Gomenasai! I want a change of pace. Fortunately I have survived (barely) the trials of Duke of Edinburgh (Though I have another in two weeks =.=') So I was watching the first X man film today, and all I could do during it was ship Erik and Charles. Like so hard, I mean who could miss all the (b)romance. They were always playing chess together TT^TT and Charles made Erik remember that really loving memory with his mother. And then when SPOILER! when Charles got shot because of Erik, and Erik was like, cradling his head, and they separated and then Emma Frost was like, "Where's your telepathic friend" and Erik replied, "He's left an irreplaceable hole" I was literally crying my eyes out! This is why I'm not allowed to watch anything other than anime!