"Syo, please keep up" Ai held his hand out to the smaller boy who was constantly getting swept away by the consistent waves of people. The blonde clung on to it reluctantly, turning crimson. The taller idol led them towards a downtown clothes shop which specialized in...

"This is a girl's clothes shop!" exclaimed Syo as he was dragged into the store.

"Of course it is" Ai agreed placidly.

"You bastard! Date my ass!" He should've known really, the last time they genuinely went on a date was because others forced them to. Syo felt a sinking feeling of disappointment as Ai went on to explain,

"Shining ordered me to assist you with your debut. I figured you'd be unwilling to get yourself suitable clothes so I've taken it upon myself to help, aren't I nice?" Ai smiled menacingly perfectly aware of Syo's qualms. "Also, my calculations suggest that you don't have enough money to spend on this equipment" Syo sighed heavily at Ai's statistics. Ai was always right, and, true to his senpai's word, Syo had nowhere near enough money to spend freely. However, Syo couldn't help but wish his boyfriend would flirt well, more flirtatiously, and it worried him at how he had managed to fall in love with this seemingly metal headed indigo.

"Arghh. This is so embarrassing!" Syo's face turned a bright shade of red. "Just great" he thought sarcastically, "I've been dragged into a girl's clothes shop and I'm the one who has to try them on. This isn't just embarrassing! It's beyond shameless!" The blonde's brain frizzled with the rising heat of his flushing cheeks and in an attempt to hide his crimson mask the smaller boy dug his face into the taller boy's shoulder. Ai jumped slightly at the sudden thump on his shoulder blade and cocked his head back,

"Syo…What's wrong?" Ai slowly turned around and held him by the shoulders

"This..is so..painfully embarrassing" murmured Syo, refusing to look up and taking a sudden interest in the floral patterned carpet.

"Is it really?" chuckled Ai. Yet again this human had acted differently than what he calculated. "I expected you to act all manly and defiant. I didn't think it'd concern you so much," The bluenette bent over and peered up into Syo's face, "to have to act like a girl" Ai reached up and brushed an irritating blonde strand behind the small boy's ear.

"Of course it'd bother me!" exclaimed Syo, "I'm a m-mmph-" His last word was cut off by the bluenette's lips, clashing into a kiss. Syo jumped out of his skin, not noticing that Ai's attention was actually somewhere else. The blonde immediately pulled away and shouted at the overlooking bluenette,

"Wha-What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Syo stuttered "We're in pub-" This time he stopped his words himself as he followed Ai's glance. "Eh…Eeeh!" A young woman dressed in the shop uniform had come to assist them and stood a couple of paces to their side. She had been startled by their kiss but quickly snapped out of her trance when Syo looked at her.

"Errm, umm, Sir, can I help you?" She was addressing Ai.

"Arhhh~ crap! What do I do? What do I do?" Syo was trapped in a mental conflict of options but Ai swiftly answered the lady, putting his arm around Syo's hip and pulling him close.

"Ah, yes" The bluenette emitted a signature smirk; his usually monotone voice had now become more expressive like he was on a stage "My girlfriend and I have some social events coming up but unfortunately she's incapable of expressing herself through fashion choice. Due to her obnoxious tomboyish attitude I've had to drag her down here so I was hoping you could help her pick some nice dresses?" Ai;s reply was swift and full of frank insults. Syo had thought of numerous things to say by then, perhaps the most constant fleeting thoughts were, "I'm a boy!" or "What the hell did you say about my fashion sense!" and of course "Who the hell are you calling obnoxious!" but Ai's digging fingers and glare kept him quiet. Instead he attempted to smile sweetly at the staff member hoping she would fall for his guise and plotting his revenge on Ai.

"Umm. Okay, Miss. Right this way" The lady led them deeper into the store and Syo sighed heavily from a mix of relief and concern. Was he really that easy to mistake for a girl?

Aha~ So it wasn't really a date but hey ho they still had a kiss right. Since I'm sort of still setting the scene I havent managed to get to any lovey dovey stuff yet. It's also hard because there's like no reference on Ai being in love, his character is extremely hard to capture, so I sort of have to decide what sort of lover he will be and that's where my problem comes in cause I have to select the right one! Promise I will be working on the other fic again soon! Just need this to cheer me up sort of but I have ideas for two other fics in my head too! It's so frustrating! (Another AixSyo one and an AkaKuro one) Thanks for supporting thus far! Hope you enjoy