"Hey, Ai. What about a wig?" They were walking home from the shop, holding two bags each. Although, to Syo, the procedure had been long, slightly painful and overall exhausting, in reality it had been less than an hour and they had managed to find quite a few suitable clothes much to the latter's relief.

"Well I'd advise you to grow your own a bit longer, about shoulder length. I know Shining has a lengthy one for any concerts and if you do any modelling it's their responsibility to provide one. Also it's your decision when it comes to variety shows or just when you're around the work place in general, though I think the make up artist will give you tips..." Ai continued to drabble on mechanically. Syo frowned and found himself finding the pavement particularly interesting. The blonde gulped and interrupted the bluenette's babble.

"Ai...you don't find me disgusting?" he asked sincerely. Ai stopped walking and faced Syo,

"Why would I find you disgusting?" Ai asked confused.

"Because..." the blonde struggled to say his answer. He swallowed hard,

"because I'm a man but I'm pretending to be a girl"

"Gender does not concern me" Ai answered bluntly.

"Ai!" The blonde whined for a better answer, genuine concern in his blue eyes.

Ai sighed. Why were humans always so concerned about their appearances? What did it matter if a man appeared to be a woman? This sense of self-justification which humans had accumulated confused him greatly but he was aware of Syo's worry and refused to see his small lover get depressed or sad over such a trivial topic. The bluenette reached out and gently lifted Syo's hand towards his face, the bags of clothes fell down to their forearms.

The blonde finally looked up again,

"I don't find you disgusting, Syo" Ai kissed the heel of his palm and smiled softly at the blushing blonde, "In fact, I find you extremely beautiful, more so than any other human." he paused and reached with his other hand to brush Syo's fringe behind his ear, " And when you wear those pretty clothes I find you become even cuter" Syo looked away quickly, flustered and stuttering. The blonde looked down again,

"You're so cheesy" he murmured

"Hmm, really?"

"Yes, you should be embarrassed...You're...so embarrassing"

"Aha, is that so?" Ai leant over until their foreheads met. " But I'm telling the truth, Syo"

Syo felt a sudden heat spread through his body. It tanged and tingled his nerves and he began to develop an irresistible desire. How could Ai do this to him with such a monotone voice? The blonde slipped his fingers through the bluenette's and tiptoed into a small kiss. Before the startled taller boy could react he pulled away. When Syo had realized what he had done he turned his whole body away and blushed frantically, mentally screaming at himself for doing such an embarrassing notion, especially in public.

"Syo..." No answer just a groan from the embarrassed boy. Ai waited for a moment, smiling brightly he led Syo into a different direction from where the Master Course house was. The blonde was snapped out of his crimson frenzy by the gentle tug of their connected hands.

"Ah! Yo-You, wait! Wh-Where are you taking me!" the smaller boy stuttered as the bluenette led him off.

"I'm hungry, I want to go to the sweet shop and get some cream puffs" The taller boy stated frankly.


" Ahhh, well, you see. We went to where Syo wanted to go so it's unfair if I don't get to go somewhere" justified Ai in a playful tone.

"I didn't want to go there!" Syo exclaimed still being dragged off.

"Ahahaha, is that so?" laughed Ai. Syo stared at him. He always found Ai's smile to be particularly amazing and when he laughed it became mesmerizing. Ai was an envision of perfection, smooth, clean pale skin which glowed like an angel's and gentle sea like eyes topped with long eyelashes. Too good to be true but somehow Ai had become his and only his. The angel's voice interrupted his trance.

"Syo, you like those sweets too though, don't you?" The angel's face peered into his own.

"A-Ai..." he stuttered his lover's name which had so many different meanings.

"Uwaaahh! Wh-what are you doing so close!" Syo finally snapped out of his trance fully to discover his senpai right in front of him. Ai smiled again, a warm smile with a quick peck to the blonde's left cheek.

"I like that you're thinking about me but try to watch where you're going, okay?"

"Wha- Who said I was thinking about you, i-idiot" screamed a blushing Syo who was scrubbing his left cheek with his sleeve. "Why can he always tell what I'm thinking" moaned Syo in his thoughts. He could've said something harsh then. His stubbornness could've continued into insults and then perhaps an argument but he kept quiet. A small closed smile sealed his lips. Ai had accepted him, Ai is accepting him and Ai will always accept him. The bluenette's small notions were always enough to keep him going. Just like candy, this sweetness made him happy.

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