"By my cleavage." Emma grinned wickedly and the brunette jerked her eyes up.

"Yes, your garish display-"

"Drove you wild." She finished, relishing the blush on the woman's cheeks. She hadn't realized how much she had missed this; how much she enjoyed goading the usually stoic brunette. "I remember other things that drove you wild…"

Regina felt her body heat. "Miss Swan, I would caution you to choose your words carefully." She stood to hide her need to fidget and stepped around her desk, noticing the way the blonde's eyes traveled up her body. "I'm not as vulnerable as I was that night you crawled between my sheets."

"I see no difference now."

"I have magic-"

"That you aren't using-"

"Are you sure of that?" It was Regina's turn to smirk at the uncomfortable expression on Emma's face. "I would consider my words carefully if I were you."

Emma surprised her by shrugging. "Doesn't matter. Magic or not, I'm still good at what I do; I would have you trembling in moments."

"I distinctly remember you promising that the next time, we would proceed my way." Regina perched her backside on the top of her desk and looked down at the uncertain woman.

"What?" Emma stalled; she did remember saying something to that effect. "I don't remember."

"I think you do…are you backing out of our deal?"

"I didn't realize it was a deal."

The brunette chuckled at the apprehension on the woman's face. If there was anything she liked more than goading the blonde, it was seeing her face when she realized she had been bested. "I think you did, you want to try it my way."

"And you're certain of this…why?" Emma jiggled her leg nervously.

"Because you're still here in my office." She asserted and then lunged for her suddenly. The brunette showed surprising force when she drug the astonished woman up by the lapels of her jacket and spun her around to press her backward against the desk.

Emma fell against her palms but rose up automatically to meet Regina's descending mouth. They connected and the air charged with static energy. Emma moaned into the urgency and need that the brunette poured into the kiss. She felt desperate hands pushing her jacket off and tugging at the buttons on her shirt. She divested herself of these easily and then pushed the woman backward into the chair.

She knelt between her knees, pushed up her skirt, and pulled her soaked panties to one side before sinking her mouth greedily into the woman's heat. Regina groaned in need and linked her heel-clad feet behind the blonde's head as she allowed Emma to eat her noisily. The blonde could sense her desperation and leaned back to look up at her.

"What do you want?"

"I want you to take me." The woman unbuttoned her own blouse and it slipped to the floor. Emma rose up to press kisses to the woman's mouth and Regina could taste her own arousal.


"Hard." The brunette said and pulled at the button on Emma's jeans until it popped loose. She then tried to slide the denim down over her ass.

"No, how do you want me to take you?" She clarified and helped Regina get the jeans down, kicking off her boots and tossing her undies aside before ripping down the brunette's skirt and panties. Regina threw back her head when Emma dipped her fingers into her heat.

"On my desk."

Oh Jesus. Emma cursed. She stood, pulled Regina up roughly and sat her on the top of her desk. The brunette flinched when the cool surface met her burning center; she leaned forward into the blonde who spread her legs wider and plunged two fingers into her. Regina threw back her head once more and allowed the blonde to nibble her neck and fuck her gently on her desk.

"What do you want, Regina?" Emma murmured into her ear. She knew the brunette was coming undone but that it wasn't enough. She needed to hear her ask for it. But the brunette pulled back and looked up into the green eyes.

"Would you…" She began but looked away quickly, dark eyes full of uncertainty.


"Do you mind…toys?" The woman asked quietly and Emma's hands stilled though she continued to flick the woman's clit absently.

"No, not at all." The blonde said breathlessly. "What did you have in mind?"

Regina held out her hand and a swirl of purple enveloped it. When the smoke cleared, she held a black Feeldoe. She glanced at the blonde who felt her knees weaken. "If you don't want to-"

"Oh God, woman." Emma snatched the toy and fitted it inside with a quick wiggle and a low grunt. "Mmmm…." She swiped a hand up Regina's sopping folds and rubbed the lube up and down the length of the phallus. "You are going to be the death of me." She teased and then moaned when she saw Regina's hand grasp the slick shaft and guide it forward.

The tip of the cock slid in easily and the women moaned in unison. Emma shifted forward and pulled Regina closer to the edge of the desk. She dipped her hips and slid higher into her heat. The brunette moaned and lay back on the desk and reached over her head to grasp the opposite edge. "More." She demanded. Emma gave her another glorious inch; spreading her folds and causing her to tremble. "All of it."

"But I don't want to hurt-"

"Miss Swan." Regina's commanding tone caused her green eyes to snap up at the woman and Emma realized that at the moment, she may be the one on top, but Regina was totally in control.


"Did we not agree that we would be doing this my way?"

"Yes." Emma looked down at the state of the woman on the desk and thought it an odd time to be having this conversation.

"Then do as I say."

"But I'm afraid I'll hurt you."

"Emma." Regina said in a gentler tone. Green eyes met brown. "I want you to hurt me."

Sweet Jesus. Emma growled and forced the rest of the toy into her slick heat. She was met with little resistance as Regina arched up and wrapped her legs around her waist. "Fuck, Regina." She murmured as she pumped in and out of the woman until her breasts were bouncing pleasantly and her breathing became panting.

"Harder." The woman demanded and Emma obeyed without pause; she simply picked up the pace and the force. Regina took the pounding and moaned deliciously. Suddenly, she pushed the woman back. "From behind." She demanded and rolled over, raising her ass in the air.

"Holy fuck…" Emma moaned and entered the wet folds again from behind; moaning at the new angle inside her own body caused by this position.

"Spank me." Regina groaned and no sooner had the words left her mouth than she felt Emma's hand coming down on her backside. "Harder." She moaned and was not disappointed. The blonde met her stroke for stroke and responded to her every command. The brunette had never been so thoroughly pleased with a lover as she was with Emma Swan. The woman showed no sign of stopping or hesitation in her deliberate punishment of the demanding brunette beneath her.

For the second time that night, Regina pushed her backward. Emma looked up expectantly as the woman forced her into the chair and crawled astride her. The brunette took hold of the phallus with one hand and slowly impaled herself upon it with a groan of satisfaction as it slid deep within her. The blonde watched in awe as her lover thrust and rocked and fucked herself on Emma's presented appendage.

"Touch me." Regina whispered and immediately found Emma's hands all over her. A long, tapered thumb stroked down to press against her clit as the brunette ground into the cock. Regina threw back her head at the new sensation and Emma clamped her teeth down on her nipple, sucking and flicking as she kept the pressure of her thumb constant and reached around with her other hand to play with her ass.

"Let me make you come." Emma moaned against her breast as the woman rose over her and thrust her hips forward; seeking release. "Please, I want you to come all over my cock." She hoped the words would drive the woman to new heights and was not disappointed.

"Oh, Emma. I'm close…" she whispered and fisted one hand in the blonde's hair. The other traveled down to press against the woman's lower abdomen. "Come with me." She murmured and Emma cocked an eyebrow.

Suddenly, something burst within her and she jerked up in total astonishment. She was coming. Emma watched in awe as Regina trembled around her in her own climax and pressed more forcefully against the woman's stomach. Realization hit that Regina had used magic to bring her to a violent orgasm at the same time as her own and Emma moaned loudly as she rode out the supernatural waves of pleasure with the quaking, magnificent woman on her lap.

Regina slumped forward, spent and exhausted and replete. Emma could feel her breath on her neck and she brought a hand up to stroke down the woman's back. Regina looked up at her and grinned wickedly. "I hope you didn't mind that we did it my way." She trailed fingers across the blonde's lips.

"Well…" Emma sighed, "I guess I could get used to it." She jested and leaned up to press their mouths together.

"You assume we will do this again?"

"Yes. And again and again and again." She nodded and looked down at their still-joined bodies. "Until you can teach me to make you come simply by touching your abs." She winked.

"I used magic."

"You did."

"I told Henry I wouldn't." She worried her bottom lip with her teeth.

"Well, I won't tell him if you don't." Emma winked. "I don't see anything wrong with what you did." She reassured her. "You used it to bring me pleasure, you don't hear me complaining do you?" Regina relaxed a bit. "You're just like Henry; everything in black and white and nothing in moderation."

"If you haven't noticed, I'm not so good with deciding when and what to use my magic on." Regina snapped her fingers and the phallus disappeared; leaving their bodies flush against one another.

"But you have Henry and me for that; we'll help you."

The brunette looked up into the earnest green eyes with hope and gratitude. "I would like that." She said quietly then leaned down and rested her head against the woman's shoulder tentatively.

Emma stroked down the body of the woman curled against her in the chair like a cat. She marveled at the journey they had taken and the long road they still had ahead of them. It was likely that not all wounds could be healed but the blonde knew that the trust and honesty they had established between them was a damn good start. "I would like that too." She whispered to the woman and felt her smile against her shoulder.