All I Got Was A Crappy T-Shirt?

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Summary: Dom finds out that Letty is alive, and goes to Berlin to find her. (This was started long before spoilers for Fast Six began, so most of it will be surrounding their past, and not necessarily what's been mentioned.)

Chapter 1

He'd received the phone call at four-thirty in the morning. Four-thirty. Han or not, it was too damn early. "What?" he muttered sleepily, balancing his cell phone on his face.

"Dom, you should come to Berlin", Han said evenly.

Dom growled exasperatedly. "I should- do you know what time it is here?" he complained. "I hope you had a better reason to call at this hour besides to say that I need a vacation. My whole fucking life is a vacation."

Han continued like Dom hadn't interrupted. "There's some crazy shit going on over here, man."

"That's what you said about Tokyo", Dom said dryly. "You should probably get the hell out of dodge now."

"A series of heists have been taking place over the last six months in Kreuzberg", Han expanded slightly.

"I should care why?" Dominic rolled his eyes under his closed eyelids.

"The supposed leader of this operation over here is a woman."

"Then she must be a total hard-ass", Dom chuckled slightly.

Han smirked, unseen on the other end of the phone and across the world. "From what I heard, she's a scary bitch. But considering she's a military weapons dealer, I guess it's necessary."

"Did you call me to chat about the local news?" Dom demanded finally, patience wearing thin. "Can we do this on a neutral hour?"

"I'm getting there. This woman's name is Katia Ramirez. She's pretty well known in the underground, but very discreet about her identity. I've been hearing about this shit for months, and I just caught a name last week."

"Han, doesn't Giselle take up enough of your time so that you don't need to prowl?"

"Giselle and I went out last night, and I saw Katia Ramirez. She knew the owner, and she and her crew occupied the VIP room over the bar. I'm sending you her picture."

"Why are you being so damn cryptic?"

"It's Letty, Dom", Han said seriously. "She's alive, and she's here in Berlin."

Dom pulled the phone away from his ear and stared at until the picture message went through and he accepted it with a slight hesitation. It was her. The realization hit him like a sucker punch in the gut. Letty… his Letty, she was alive.

"I'm coming to Berlin."

He hung up without waiting for Han's response. Now he was awake.

Dom got up and dug through his closet to find a duffle bag to begin packing.


When morning came, Dominic had been sitting on the back porch for two hours, and was working on his third cup of coffee. He heard the door open as Mia stepped outside.

"Dom? What are you doing up so early?" she asked curiously. It was broaching seven. These days, he usually managed to sleep until eight-thirty or so.

"I've been up since four-thirty", he said tensely. "Han called."

"At four in the morning- is everything all right?" Mia asked, settling onto the couch next to him.

Dom picked up his cell phone and opened the picture message Han had sent him and handed it to her silently. Mia looked at it for ten whole seconds before her eyes shot open even wider and she looked up at him, not wanting to voice her thoughts.

"Han took that picture yesterday", he said seriously, confirming what she wouldn't dare ask outright. "It's her."

Mia's mouth jaw went slack. "…my god."



It was nearing eleven a.m. and Letty was already knee deep in paperwork. It was times like these that she wished she had given Dominic a break for being so pissy. She had been at this for two hours already and wasn't even halfway done yet. Office work sucked. And she had banged her shin into the open drawer of the file cabinet three times already today. She rubbed the throbbing area and cursed under her breath.

She could hear her crew putzing around on the ground floor underneath her. A quick glance confirmed the fact that they were, in fact, getting nothing productive done. She hit a button and spoke into the microphone on her desk.

"If I have to be up here reading shit, the least you guys could be doing is pretending to get something accomplished." Her voice echoing around the garage startled them all. And Letty stifled a raspy chuckle before continuing. "The replacement radiator came in for the Ford. I want that done today."

Then she dove back into her paperwork.

She had never thought her life would turn out like this, but she was relatively content with the way things were. She owned this warehouse that had become her team's central hub. Her team. The irony of that statement was not lost on her.

A few minutes later she heard the rumble of the oversized garage door going up. Letty looked towards the opposite wall and saw a familiar car pull in and park near the left wall. Leon. They shared a townhouse, but he still never managed to come to work on time. But when he walked around the car and opened the passenger door, she grinned. Minka. They always brought their dog to work. The German shepherd was well trained, and often helped with intimidation and unwelcome intruders. And she only took her orders in German. Letty still wasn't quite sure how the hell Leon had convinced her she was a 'dog person'.

Letty loved her office – barring the irritatingly large file cabinet that kept trying to kill her. Her office was suspended on a platform that spanned half the length of the back wall. The top half of the front wall was glass so she could watch over her group – she had hung slatted blinds for when she needed privacy. Her beige carpet was plush and the heels she sometimes had to wear were kicked off the second she walked in the door. Her rolly chair at her L-shaped computer desk was black leather that matched her couch. The desk had been a nightmare to get up the staircase – even in pieces. She tracked the ABC's to the corner huddled around a large computer system, probably plotting something job related. She loved her techies.

The ABC's – they hated being called that. Fritz Ackerman, Adriane Bauer, and Johanna Cole. Johanna was Xavier Hirsch's niece. Xavier was, for all intents and purposes, her muscle, and was her guide to Germany's underground. He was tall, dark, and scary, and his Intel was limitless. When she needed information that couldn't be found on the internet, he got it for her.

Fritz and Johanna were working on putting an undetectable GPS chip in their ear pieces. Things were heating up a bit, and they were looking at all possible escape routes for their next assignment. Leon sneaked up on Adriane and she elbowed him in the ribs. Letty wished they'd just go out already.

When Letty had fled from Fenix in L.A., she had headed straight to Buffalo, New York. She had stayed in contact with Leon after he had eventually left her and Dom in Baja. He let her crash at his place for a few months until they both got bored and decided to get out of the country and travel for a while.

So they had gotten new passports and driver's licenses created. That was how Katia Ramirez had been created. Leon was her link to what now seemed like a simpler life. He was her sanity. And he had more or less put up with her when they had finally settled in Germany and they had to learn the language. They had realized early on, that getting trashed while doing language studies only ended with them rolling on the floor with laughter. But they had muddled through it, and were both, more or less, fluent.

"Ah, found ya", Letty muttered victoriously as she found the missing folder, "Sneaky little bastard." She hit the speaker button again. "Leon, kommen Sie nach oben bitte. Ich brauche Sie, über dieser Papierarbeit anzuschauen." (Leon, come upstairs please. I need you to look over this paperwork.)

He looked up and nodded. A few seconds later, she heard his whistle and he headed up the staircase with Minka following him. "Hey, Let", he greeted after he shut the door to her office. "Whatcha got?"

She gave him a look. "Don't call me that here", she muttered. Letty got up and rounded her desk to the small table that held her cappuccino machine. She set her thermos under the spout and began pushing buttons. "Want something?" she offered absently.

"I don't drink that frou-frou shit", he rolled his eyes.

She waited for the machine to start hissing and pulled the lever to let out her concoction. Once her thermos was full, she crouched down and snapped her fingers for Minka. The dog slinked in her direction gracefully and Letty pried a plastic container open for a biscuit and palmed it. "Nehmen Sie es", she murmured. The dog took the biscuit lightly and went to her bed next to the desk to gnaw on it.

Letty stood up and took her coffee back to her desk. "I found the deal we signed with Christophe for the last run. He owes us reimbursement plus payment because we paid out of pocket for that job to fix that car. I didn't agree to do him a favor. It was a business transaction. He pays or I will black ball him", she said seriously.

"You shouldn't have done a job for a guy you're casually fucking", Leon said flatly, his mouth twitching slightly in that 'I told you so' fashion that drove her nuts.

"We both agreed to the terms. If he wants to play stupid, he will not fuck with me again – business or bedroom. I'm going to call him after lunch. He and I will be having a meeting tomorrow."

"You want back up?" Leon questioned.

Letty grinned and pulled the small key from its hiding spot in a little trap door shelf under the desk and unlocked a drawer. She pulled out her handgun. A Wilson Combat 10 + 1 Round Single Action 9MM w/3 3/4" Barrel. "That's my back up."

"Smartass", he shook his head.

"I'll be fine, Le. Relax, alright?"

"Yeah, yeah", he grumbled. "Just remember to get the money from him before you rip his clothes off with your teeth. Otherwise he might think you're a call girl."

Her mouth twitched. "I'd be offended if you weren't right", she chuckled throatily. "He's got a hot bod."

He looked at her incredulously. "So do I and you've never thrown yourself at me", he teased mournfully.

Letty's grin widened to shark-like proportions and she leaned back in her chair almost appraisingly. "Man, you couldn't handle me. Besides, you've got that little flirtation going with Adriane. You should ask her out."

"I'm pretty sure if I do, she'll try to shoot my nuts off", he muttered.

Letty smirked in amusement.

Adriane was not the type of woman to play around with men – unless she was going for a kill. Then she was downright vicious. Letty thought she slightly resembled Mia. They had the same angular face. Adriane was lightly tanned in the summer months and had dark blue eyes that contrasted with her long, wavy brown hair. And her aim with a rifle was ridiculously accurate – she had trained Letty in firearms. Dom had made sure she could use their handgun, but she felt more confident now with a gun in her hand than she ever had. Adriane was serious when it came to her work, which Letty appreciated, and somehow with the three on three, male to female ratio they had managed to keep things drama free.

Something that had never happened on the Toretto Team.

"I'll think about it", Leon offered finally.

"Chicken shit", Letty taunted, tossing her legs up on her desk.

"Uh-huh", he dragged out, raising an eyebrow. "Speaking of chicken shit… you ever gonna let someone else in, Katia? You started a brand new life for yourself, but you still let Dom's ghost haunt you."

"Yeah, well, find me a goddamn exorcist", she snarled.


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