ML54: This story was inspired when a friend of mine made me watch his favourite episodes of Pokemon (Everyone of them with Lugia in!)

Sparky: Guess who's in this?

ML54: I have altered a lot in this fic and Pikachu is a girl! But this story will have my three favourite Mortal Pokemon pairing in!

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Pikachu's Problem

Pikachu jumped away from Snivy's Leaf Blade, grinning as she did so. Right now, the pair were in a clearing with their trainer and other travelling friends, Ash, Iris, Dawn and Cilan. Pikachu was working on her dodging while Snivy was working on her aim.

Though they both knew this only really benefited the one winning, it didn't stop them. The two loved to battle THAT much! Snivy threw a Vine Whip at her. Responding to this, Pikachu ducked, the vine narrowly missing her black nose.

She saw that everyone was watching. She grinned and rolled to the side before Snivy could throw her vine down. Even Emolga was interested, despite not really battling herself. Pikachu knew the girl only really joined because she liked Iris and knew getting food would be easier now. It annoyed Pikachu, but being the leader and peacemaker, she decided to keep it to herself...

...besides, Snivy tells Emolga off for her.

Said girl was about to throw another Vine Whip before her trainer called to them. "Alright! Great work you two!" Ash said to them as they ran up to him. "You girls did great." Pikachu beamed. See, for quite a while, Ash thought she was a guy, not noticing the heart-shaped tail. It was only when Dawn mentioned it, that Ash realised his error and had basically made an apology every few hours to her.

She forgave him the first time since her tail wasn't that noticeable for so long. She had finally reached her maturity age last year and her tail groove had deepened and was now more defined. "Pika! (Thanks Ash!)"

"Snivy. (Thank you.)" Snivy also said, their trainer not really understanding them. The two girls went to join the rest of the Pokemon before Snivy slipped away to a moss covered rock a little ways to the left in the sun.

Pikachu shook her head. The snake loves to sunbathe almost as much as she loves to battle. She then went to find her best friend, Buneary.

How the two rodents had met and befriended was actually quite embarrassing. See, Buneary didn't know about the heart-shaped tail thing at all and thought that she was a guy. But what made it worse, was the fact that Buneary had got a crush on her as well.

It was after Buneary had spun the two away from their frozen group, that Pikachu had to explain that she wasn't into girls like that, thinking that the bunny was a lesbian. That was when Buneary finally saw her error and started balling her eyes out, calling herself an idiot.

But, after Team Rocket tried and failed to capture them, Dawn had caught Buneary and the two became very good friends. Though Buneary sometimes goes a bit shy since she thinks that the mouse still thought she was gay. Then there were the times where Buneary was daydreaming about finding a mate near her, so Buneary thought Pikachu thought she was making oogly eyes at her. It's always very embarrassing.

She soon found the rabbit in a world of her own, so Pikachu sat next to her and prodded her with a finger, using this to stop the bunny's strange impulses. Buneary shook out of it and smiled to her best friend. "Hey Pikachu."

"Hi Buneary. Daydreaming about guys again?" Buneary blushed, rubbing the back of her head mareepishly.

"Well...You never know when a potential mate comes around..." Pikachu shook her head at Buneary. She truly was a romantic at heart, her contests being her second love.

"Anyone inparticular?" Buneary blushed further.

"Well, he was a Raichu and I a Lopunny...and before you ask, yes a HE!" Pikachu giggled as Buneary pulled her fluff over her face. "You're never going to let me live that down, are you?"

"Well, it WAS very funny."

"I fail to see the funny side." Pikachu rolled her eyes.

"You're the one who made the mistake. Anyway, I'm here for some...well actually a lot of help." Buneary suddenly became serious, letting her fluff go and listening intently. " do you get guys to notice you?"

Buneary recoiled a bit, before pondering the idea. She doesn't really get a lot of attention at all. "Um...I don't know. I guess if I really do attract anyone it might be, without trying to sound too biased, my good looks." Pikachu's smile faltered a little and glanced around the group, making sure they're okay.

They seemed fine, which was good. "Why do you ask?"

Pikachu's ears drooped, flat against her skull. " reason really..." The rabbit, however, saw through this little façade, seeing her blush a bit.

"Oh my Arceus! You like someone!" Buneary exclaimed, hopping up and down in joy, causing a lot of the other Pokemon to turn to them. Pikachu slapped a paw over her best friend's mouth, trying to act nonchalant to the others.

"Um...we're playing twenty questions. She won!" She then dragged her friend off before they ask questions or, in Axew and Scraggy's case, ask to play.

Once the two were in the wooded area, near the edge so they can still see the group. "Please don't just shout stuff like that out randomly, it's embarras...EW! Gross!" Pikachu exclaimed, rubbing her, now saliva moist, paw on a nearby tree. Buneary's eyes sparkled in prospect of finally being able to talk about Pikachu's desires rather than her own.

"Who? Who? Who?" Pikachu turned away, looking out at the clearing.

"Not tell..." She cut herself off with a low growl when she witnessed something. Buneary, confused, looked to what was happening.

It was Emolga, using Attract on Oshawott to get her an apple. "Why can't she just get her own food? Why take advantage of Oshawott's affections...taking him for granted..." Buneary looked to and from the otter and mouse before her smile almost broke her face in half.

"You like Oshawott!" A startled Pikachu slapped her paw over Buneary's mouth again, putting on a defensive face.

"W-well yeah, a bit...But it's just a crush! It'll go away!" She drew her paw away before the rabbit licked it again. Buneary then withdrew her tongue which she was going to use again, before her face put on a peculiar look.

"Why does your paw taste of ketchup and mud?" Pikachu blushed, twiddled her paws and looked at them.

"Because yesterday I was playing in the mud, eating ketchup..." The bunny rose a pokebrow at her. "It was lunch time and Axew wanted to build a mud castle. I took my lunch and joined him to keep him out of trouble."

Buneary stared at the mouse for a couple more second, before grinning. Neither of them were normal, but that's why they were best friends. "So you like Oshawott?"

"Shh!" Pikachu hissed, putting one finger over her lips to emphasise her point. Buneary rolled her eyes.

"Oh please! Everyone is on the other side of the clearing! They won't hear us, watch!" Just as Pikachu was about to protest the bunny shouted. "PIKACHU LOVES OSHAWOTT!" Pikachu tackled the bunny to the ground a second too late. Pikachu was on all fours over her best friend, tail held high in a defensive stance, frozen.

About twenty seconds passed and nothing was heard. Buneary grinned at her, triumphantly. "See? No-one heard us."

"I did." The two froze and looked up to see Snivy, grinning at the pair lying on a low tree branch. Pikachu blushed, lightly slapped Buneary in the arm, before getting off of her.

"How l-long were y-you there?" The Electric-type had asked the Grass-type. Snivy looked up, acting as nonchalant as possible to help put the other girls at ease.

"About five minutes..." She then jumped down, then put a hand on the mouse's shoulder. "...I won't tell anyone though...and hopefully Buneary won't either." She added, sending the third girl a look. Buneary nodded, smiling mareepishly.

"Hey." Buneary suddenly said, clapping her paws. "You're Oshawott's best friend, right?" Snivy nodded, having established a good friendship with the Water-type. "Then you'll know whether..."

"...he likes Pikachu or not?" Buneary nodded, smiling excitedly. "Well, the answer is not in that way. He's never really thought about her like that." The bunny looked surprised, looking at Pikachu who was looking at the ground, sadly.

"Why not? When I met him, he seemed like he was looking for a girlfriend. He tried to flirt with me." That's when Buneary's mind clicked. THAT'S why her best friend came to her then.

"He sees her as a 'rival' for Ash's attention. He was a starter Pokemon but was turned down by at least twenty trainers, so he followed Ash and he was nice enough to take him in. But he was jealous because our trainer used Pikachu over Oshawott, so he used to pick on her, but he stopped that." Buneary's eyes widened.

"Then why do you like him if he bullied you?!" Pikachu blushed, looking at the ground again.

"W-well...he's cute and...well you've got to admit that he's brave for picking on me." She had said. Snivy grinned as well.

"Plus you've got that old saying, 'Treat them mean. Keep them keen.'" Snivy thought for a bit. "Well, it might not apply here since Oshawott wasn't really trying but, you know."

"So what could I do?" Pikachu asked, grabbing both of the bunny's shoulders. "I want to try just in case it's not a phase..."

"It's not a phase." Snivy interrupted, causing the two to look at her. "Phases don't make you this crazy, plus you've had the hots for him since I joined! That was over a month ago! Phases last like a week or so."

That made sense. Pikachu has had crushes before. Like Sparky, Richie's Pikachu, but they were more brother and sister than anything else. She also quite liked Piplup for a little bit as well, but the guy's pride was a big put off. At least Oshawott only showed off to Ash or a girl he was trying to impress. The Penguin showed off to EVERYONE!

"So that means that it's even MORE important to get you guys together!" Buneary exclaimed, examining her friends fur. "But first, let's wash your fur! Not looking like you just walked out of a war zone is always a start..."

"Richie!" The three girls turned and ran out to see Ash shake hands with a guy with a green hat, brown hair and aqua coloured clothing. He had a Pikachu on his shoulder as well who's tail lacked the heart-shape meaning he was male and he had a turf of fur swaying to the right.

"Hey Ash! Long time no see!" The boy replied, Sparky nodding and, seeing Pikachu, jumped down to greet her, extending his tail in their own greeting.

"Pika! (Hey girl!)" Sparky said, happily. Pikachu grinned, extending her own tail and shook them much like how humans shook hands.

"Pika, chu pika? (Hey yourself, what are you doing in Unova?)" Just as she asked, Richie had explained.

"Well, I decided to try and find you. See, I've decided to take a break from all the gym battles and such but I did feel like some sort of travelling adventure, so I asked Professor Oak if he knew where you were. So I came here to ask if you would mind me tagging along?"

"Of course I don't mind!" Ash exclaimed to his friend. Richie grinned and took out two pokeballs. The other three weren't too sure who Richie was, but they were sure he was a good guy.

"Alright, then I guess some more introductions are in order." Just as the trainer said this, he threw the three pokeballs with the notable star on top. Ash almost smacked himself, remembering that he was supposed to do something like that!

"Come on out Rocky, Riptide and Flappy!" Just as he said this, the pokeballs opened up and released a Roggenrola, Oshawott and a Pidove. Ash grinned and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly as the other three gawked at them.

"Ash, you have a Boldore, Oshawott, Pikachu and an Unfezant." Richie laughed, wrapping his arm round Ash, who grinned back.

"Yeah, me and this guy do tend to catch the same Pokemon. We both have a Charizard too. And a Swellow. He used to have a Butterfree and a Larvitar too." He shrugged, removing his arm to sit by Iris. "Great minds, think alike."

"You bet!" Ash said, sitting down next to Dawn, opposite him. "You came just in time for lunch as well."

Pikachu sighed as she stared at Oshawott, who was sitting by Riptide, Richie's Oshawott who was defined by the tear in his right ear. Sparky, who was next to her, grinned playfully.

"Pikachu and Oshawott, sitting in a-Ah!" Pikachu, who had heard him, shoved a bunch of her pokechow into his mouth to shut him up. Buneary giggled on his other side.

"Don't mind her, she's having trouble with him. Me, you and Snivy are the only ones who know about it." He nodded, before turning to her. His heart, he swears, had skipped a beat at the sight of her.

"Wow...She's pretty..." "U-um...yeah. I'm Sparky, by the way." She grinned at him, holding a paw out to shake his. He, shyly, accepted it, looking away, slightly red faced, un-noticed by his red cheeks.

"Oh, I know. Pikachu told me all about you. She mentioned that having you around is like having a twin." He grinned at that, nudging the female Pikachu with his tail, playfully. "I'm Buneary, Pikachu's bestest buddy."

"I don't know why, sometimes..." Pikachu let out, grinning. Buneary stuck her tongue out at her.

"You know you love me." She grinned as Pikachu shook her head, smiling.

"Well, it's good to meet you Buneary." Sparky said, trying his very hardest not to stutter or make a fool out of himself. Buneary, none the wiser, nodded in response. Pikachu did notice however, and smirked to herself.

"Well, this adventure looks like it's going to be a LOT more fun..."

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