AUTHOR'S NOTE: before anyone says anything about any potential OOCness, I don't know, I think self conscious, meek, rather pathetic Raven is getting kind of old so I like the more assertive, take - control Raven who wouldn't care what she had to do to make her friend feel better. Disagree or agree, but I hope you enjoy:))

It was a cold night, colder than usual, maybe that's one of the reasons she made the decision she did. The wind howled outside her large window, beckoning to her, begging to be let in. Raven lay, huddled under the covers trying to stay warm. Demons hated the cold, they much preferred the heat. Hell fire preferably.

Tired of trying to stay warm under the frigid covers, Raven cursed her naturally cold temperature and slipped out of bed, opting for walking around to get warm instead of staying still and surely freezing to death.

She slipped on her cloak and pixie-like boots and made for a brisk walk toward the kitchen. Warm tea was definitely priority at this moment. She crept through the hallway as quietly as possible, unknowingly adding proof to her 'creepiness' in her already scary demeanor.

Out of habit she stretched her proverbial tendrils of power to reach the feelings of her ever present teammates. They were all in their respective rooms, their dreams occasionally giving out a burst of feelings before settling down.

Starfire, as ever, sent out joyful signals and Raven was pretty certain she knew who the Tameranean Princess was dreaming about. Robin, not surprisingly, never seemed to dream but when he did, like tonight, the emotions were hazier. Some were bitter, some were sweet but they never were scared, which Raven put down to their leader never letting his walls down, even in the deepest of slumbers.

Cyborg never seemed to dream either, his computer brain transmitted data not feelings so when Raven got a reading she was never quite sure whether it was Cyborg's human mind or his computer one, nevertheless, his thought process was always a positive one and once or twice Raven found herself gravitating towards his feelings like they were a beacon.

That left Beast Boy. She winced, he was always the 'loudest' dreamer, probably due to the fact that he was a very light sleeper and his emotions were always so close to the surface yet so buried deep within that the only time he really got to feel them was when he was sleeping. Oh yes, Raven spent a lot of her time analysing her teammates, much like Robin did, she was sure.

Tonight, Beast Boy was scared, his feelings were transmitting themselves all around her mindscape, giving her the sudden urge to fight or flee, as ever with Beast Boy's feelings, they were more often than not primal urges. Looking back on it, this, she thinks, was one of the second reasons she made the decision she did. He'd been having nightmares for a couple of weeks and even though he slept through most of them he would come into the common room in the morning with bags under his eyes and shaky hands.

His performance in missions was started to reflect his bad night's rest, his reactions were slower and he wasn't as quick to heal as he normally would be. Raven felt it was her fault, but she didn't know what she could do. Some nights she would be sleeping peacefully and her subconscious would become attune to Beast Boy's, it wasn't hard, he was in the room next door after all. At least, that's what she kept telling herself. She would be violently woken up by a mental kick from his direction and she would bolt upright in bed feeling like she had just run a marathon. Adrenaline would course through her veins, her heart would hammer in her chest and she would feel such an obtuse feeling of terror she sometimes had to stop herself from screaming out loud.

The worst times were when she could hear him whimpering as if in pain in his sleep, she would lie awake for hours listening and feeling helpless. Those were the relentless nights.

Her kettle whistled and she jumped violently. How did she get here so fast? Her brain was on auto pilot, her mind and thoughts were in Beast Boy's room, sharing his terror and feeling his pain. She poured her tea into her mug, spilling some of the hot water on the counter. Raven sighed shakily. This was getting ridiculous. Even her teammates were noticing the normally juvenile, flamboyant changeling's behaviour had slightly muted in the past couple of days. He put on a good show but he was slipping through fatigue. Raven couldn't just sit there and do nothing anymore.

"Oh for the love of Xhar." She muttered into the emptiness of the room. She willed her black powers to swallow her up into the ground and she suddenly found herself in front of the cold steel door marked 'Beast Boy.' Tea warming her hands she stood there for 25 minutes staring at the entrance and listening to him from within. Once she had finished her tea she set it down on the ground by his door, took a deep breath and transported through it.

What Raven was expecting was not what she found; Beast Boy's room was actually clean. The bunk bed was long since gone because, Beast Boy had said, he kept waking up in the morning and sitting up and cracking his head on the ceiling above. He had grown a lot in the past year; Raven had found herself musing a lot of the time when observing him in the gym. The floor was noticeably, well, noticeable, and last but certainly not least: it actually smelt nice. Normally it smelt musky and like animals, not in the bad way, but the kind of, clean, cared – for zoo kind of way. Raven took in a lungful of non-dirty sock polluted air before looking over at Beast Boy who was presently squirming in the tangled sheets. He wore only sweatpants but Raven could see the sweat glistening on his bare torso from the moonlight streaming through the partially opened blinds. She walked over cautiously before sitting gingerly on the very edge of the bed.

"Beast Boy?" She murmured, gently shaking his damp shoulder. Getting no response but a slight whimper she decided to take a different approach.

"Garfield?" She said louder, tasting his actual name on her tongue for the first time and shaking his shoulder a bit harder. He woke up with a start, blinking rapidly before turning his now alert eyes in her direction.

"Raven? What are you doing here?" He said, the very epitome of surprise. She faltered, unsure what to do or say now that he was awake. She decided on the most Raven like approach which was not to say anything at all, but what she did next surprised both of them because it was the very least Raven like thing she could possible do. That was the decision to place her hand on his chest and push him slowly back down to lay on his pillow while he looked up at her in surprise. She unfastened her cloak and slowly got in bed beside him careful not to make contact. They didn't say anything for a while, but instead stared at the ceiling, both feeling the same sense of unfamiliar discomfort and at the same time a sense of relief and gratitude for other. Eventually, Raven turned on her side and said in a quiet whisper,

"Good night Gar" He lay there, unsure what had just transpired and whether or not he was dreaming, because if that was the case, it was about damn time he had a nice dream. He cleared his throat.

"Night Rae." And with that they both fell into a dreamless sleep.

Raven woke up the next morning to find her arm slung carelessly across Beast Boy's chest, her hand rising and falling with every breath he took, he looked peaceful, his arm wrapped around her, pulling her closer. She slipped out of his embrace, put on her cloak and left the room. By the time everyone was having breakfast it was quite forgotten, Beast Boy thinking that he had had a pleasant dream for once and Raven, determined to bury the memory as deep as she could. That would have been the end of it if Beast Boy hadn't had a nightmare the next night, or the night after, or the night after that.

Eventually Raven couldn't stand it anymore and she once again found herself sleeping next to him in his bed. When she had entered the room he was wide awake having woken up from a particularly nasty fright. He had jumped when he saw her but quickly calmed down when he saw who it was.

"Not a word of this to anyone." She had said before slipping under the covers.

After that, it became a sort of habit to sleep next to each other. Sometimes Raven would go into Beast Boy's room and sometimes Beast Boy would turn into a kitten and sleep on Raven's pillow next to her head. If their teammates ever noticed that they were coming into the common room at the same time or that Raven sometimes had green cat fur of her uniform, they didn't say anything. So they carried on, needless to say, Beast Boy's nights were no longer plagued with flashes from his past or primal desires coming from his inner beast.

Come to think of it, Raven was never cold again either.