The Most Surprising Couple


Naruto x Surprise


Author's Note


It just popped in my head. I just had to do it. I thought it would be fun and challenging so here we go.


Story Start


After a successful fifth season the campers found themselves are a party cruise. Kuiinshi, who paid for everything but secretly was using this party as a means to get himself drunk, get the others drunk, and possibly record and blackmail the other campers into more season was enjoying gazing at the ice sculpted likeness of himself.

Others like Bridgette and Geoff were on the dance floor and even Alejandro and Heather were acting on their attraction to each other cozying up in a corner. Even Staci and Owen were having a competition to see who could inhale the most hotdogs.

Others like Naruto and the more rowdier of the guys were playing a drinking game. Bouncing the quarter he landed it on the drink on the opposite side of the table. A loud cheer echoed throughout the room. "Drink bitch!" he said as Cody scowled and downed the drink. "Hey man I'll be right back, I have to head to the bathroom." He said as he walked over to the restroom." Which there was only one for the contestants as Kuiinshi wasn't that generous.

The only person who wasn't as enthusiastic was Courtney. Despite the fact at long last she finally won a season and a million dollars, she was still missing an important element from her life. Love.

"Hello Courtney. Your mood seems rather mellow." A relaxed voice called out from the punch bowl.

"Oh, hey Dawn." The CIT greeted the Moonchild. Initially the two were anything but friends, the latter reminding her a bit of Gwen, but as time went on Dawn wore Courtney down resulting in the latter realizing her hostility towards Dawn was unwarranted. As a result, Dawn became one of Courtney's few true friends as her actions throughout the season hadn't really left her options all that varied.

"I…you think I'd be happy you know. Crushing everyone and winning the million, but the victory feels so hollow. I just, I wanted to win for so long and now." She glanced to where Duncan and Gwen were. She wasn't feeling that all-encompassing hatred she used to feel, all that she could feel was sadness. She felt jealousy. Not at Gwen for what happened back during World Tour, but what they had, in fact what all the couples had. "And it makes me wonder…if it was all worth it you know?" sure enough she had mellowed out quite a bit.

"Well my friend, the trials life gives us only serve to make us stronger. Let your star guide you Courtney. Let it lead you to your destiny." Dawn cryptically answered.

Courtney sighed, "No offense Dawn, but you're crypticness really isn't helping me tonight. The only thing that is guiding me is my Bladder to the restroom."

"I'll come as well." The mystic announced, looking paler than usual. "I think the salad might be been a bit spoiled."

Meanwhile, at the bathroom, Naruto was busy washing his a pair of hands hugged him from behind.

"Hey cutie," the voice said seductively.

Naruto turned and smirked at the girl. "I can say the same to you. How'd you manage to slip past the others?"

"Using the awesome ninja skills you taught me of course." She remarked as her hands trailed his stomach. The woman did placed her lips against his, pressing against him as her tongue swirled inside his mouth. Naruto wrapped his arms around her back.

As they broke out of that searing kiss, the woman moaned and slowly went down on him, unbuckling him and zipping him down. She mewled at the size of him.

"Oh my, so big." In a moment, the woman took Naruto's manhood into her mouth. Back and forth, her head moved up and down in a rhythm. A moaned escaped his mouth as his lover continued to blow him.

"I can't believe their so cheap," Courtney complained as she and Dawn went down the hallway. "You think they would have…" Courtney practically swung open the door when she caught sight of the last thing she'd expected. Sierra riding Naruto reverse cowgirl style. "What the fuck!" Courtney cried out, bringing Naruto and Sierra out of their lust filled dance.

"Shit!" Naruto swore and Sierra cried out as they hastily detatched and began dressing themselves. They were so caught in their excitement they went farther than they were expecting.

Courtney and Dawn hastily exited the bathroom. Moments later Naruto and Sierra, both their cheeks burning red in embarrassment came out soon after. "What the hell did I just see? And since were you," she pointed to Sierra. "Into him? What did I miss?"

"Well," Naruto rubbed the back of his head. "It started during the third season." The blond began as he remembered the moment he first befriended Sierra.

Sierra was sitting in the floor, crying her eyes out in solitude. During the previous night it was revealed that Cody voted for her to be kicked out of the game. Leave it to Chris to reveal something like that and that was hours ago. Everyone was started to grow tired of the girl's excessive wails.

That was what led Naruto there. Well that and everyone insisted he had to be him since he was practically the fricking mediator nowadays. "Sierra, are you okay?" he asked, repressing the urge to sigh. "What's got you so torn up?"

"Cody…" Sierra answered, as she continued to sob into her hands.

"What did he do now?" he asked, oblivious to last night event's seeing as he was on the other team.

"He voted for me."

'Aah crap,' the blond murmured. Considering how…oh who the hell he was kidding, considering how obsessed the girl was about the boy he know understand her reaction.

"Hey, look, its not the end of the world," he tried to console her.

"YES IT IS! CODY HATES ME!" She began wailing even louder.

"Look Sierra, I understand exactly how you feel. I understand having feelings for someone who doesn't return them?" he said, placing a hand on her shoulder. "I know what its like caring for someone so deeply, but them not having eyes for you."

Her cries began to soften. "You do?"

A kind smile formed on Naruto's face. "I do. Its hurting you. You should move on from Cody."

"M-Move on? She sniffled. "I don't think I can."

"Of course you can. Its not the end of the world. You had a life before Cody and you can have a life after him. You're a beautiful and very driven girl. I have admit, you can be very zealous and your behavior is concerning, but I think you can focus those emotions into something more positive. You have to tune it down a bit as well. Maybe then you can find a guy that appreciates you for you, you know."

Sierra's mood seemed to be finally improving as her tears dried up.

"Do you feel better now?"

"A bit sad, but much better now."

"Look, if you're ever feeing sad or dejected or anything feel free to come to me, okay Sierra?" A small smile formed on Sierra's face for a split second. "You see, you're much prettier when you smile." Sierra's eyes widened as a blush formed on her face. She was never really called pretty by a guy. She was always the weirdo to people.

"Thank you." She said as she suddenly hugged him. Naruto was a bit surprised but he returned the hug in return. Without a doubt he was glad he was able to console the girl. The hug soon broke. "I'll see you later." She said as strode out of there, in a much better mood than she had been in a long time."

"And that was just how the start of it." Naruto said as he wrapped an arm around Sierra's shoulder who nestled against Naruto's neck. "You won't to tell the next part?"

"I'm more than happy to Honey Bunny." Sierra began as she began recounting on her reaction when she learned Cody wouldn't be participating during season 5.