wow hi. first time posting a fic on here. i originally posted this on tumblr as hiccop, so i hope you enjoy this. Uhh, here have some trigger warnings: character death. It's right there in the title. And crazy yandere billy. guess how spencer dies JUST GUESS. Takes place following the events of Episode 07, The Ghost of Spencer Wright. ah ha ha enjoy pls dont read this before you sleep. also ectofeature is endgame.

Billy hovered over the sleeping form of Spencer Wright, watching the careful rise and fall of his chest. After a while he let out an uncharacteristic sigh and hovered over to one of his lounge chairs in front of his big screen TV. If he was being honest with himself, he couldn't sleep. Normally he had no problem falling asleep, easy as snapping your fingers. As a ghost he didn't really need too much sleep, but it was nice and, still being honest here, nothing annoyed Billy more than being unable to fall asleep when he wanted to. And right now he especially wanted to. If he was asleep then he wouldn't have to think about what happened today.

He turned Spencer into a ghost. It was an accident, of course, and Spencer was alright in the end. No, what bothered him the most was that Billy liked Spencer as a ghost. He would even go so far to say, tentatively, that he preferred Spencer as a ghost. This was what really bothered Billy. Why would he want his best bro to change? He liked Spencer just the way he was, his lil brorrito, his bud, his best friend. But Spencer as a ghost was different. He was free, he had fun, and it was amazing.

For an entire day, he and Spencer got to just have fun together, without worrying about anything. It was amazing. Not once did he see Spencer's brow crease with worry or anxiety as they goofed off in the school that day. They played videogames, ate junk food in the cafeteria, and played some killer pranks on Ponsy. Billy couldn't think of any time where Spencer smiled so much in that building and he didn't want it to end. No one pushed Spencer around and he wasn't afraid to stand up to anyone who badmouthed him or his friends. He seemed so much more confident and at peace with himself as a ghost and it really warmed Billy's heart.

The best part by far was that because they were both ghosts, Spencer didn't have to ignore him around other people! Not that he did much anyway, but now they could talk openly and joke freely without having to worry about other people thinking Spencer was crazy. He didn't think Spence noticed, but there had been many times where Billy saw the strange looks people would give Spencer for talking to him. It was clear people thought he was a bit off his rocker; Billy knew he was the reason and he couldn't help but feel a little bit guilty. Whenever he and Spencer chatted between classes, Billy saw the glares and sneers, heard the whispers that Spencer was blissfully unaware of as he chittered away about a new horror film, or ideas for his next short film. It took everything Billy had not to scare them off with some ghostly antics, but he knew Spencer wouldn't appreciate it.

It wouldn't take much, Billy knew, to give Spencer back his ghostly form, give Spencer back a new life free from the judgment of his peers and parents. Just a little ecto in his early morning cereal, and he and his bro could be happy together every day. Granted, Spencer could easily reverse it, and he'd probably hate Billy for tricking him like that. He could always play it off as a harmless prank, but Billy didn't feel right about deceiving Spencer like that.

Of course there was always the more… permanent solution. Billy's gaze drifted over towards the large speaker he had tried to throw on Spencer earlier that day. It seemed like a good idea at the time, blunt force to get the ecto out of Spencer's system. Of course he hadn't considered what would happen to Spencer after that, but he wasn't really the type to think ahead. Right now, while the boy slept, he could easily use it for another reason…

Billy pulled at his hair and groaned a little. He wasn't used to not getting what he wanted. He wanted Spencer, to himself, as his friend. He didn't need those other people. Even his family hardly paid attention to him. Sure they mean well, but that doesn't mean they're doing a good job as parents. His only real friends were Rajeev and Shanila and they could see him just fine with his socks. Besides, if he really missed his family he could always give them some of his stuff, and then bam, problem solved. Billy needed to see Spencer happy. Spencer was at his happiest as a ghost. The solution was clear in Billy's mind.

Besides, he was Billy Joe Cobra, and the Cobra gets what the Cobra wants. If he wanted his bro happy then he would make his bro happy. He would thank him later, anyway. It didn't take much for Billy to rationalize his next decision. The facts were simple. 1) Spencer was at his happiest as a ghost. 2) Spencer would never willingly stay a ghost long enough to realize this. 3) It was Billy's job to make his bro happy. And 4) He was Billy Joe Cobra, and he would get what he wanted, and what he wanted was Spencer happy, with him, forever, no matter what.

Billy could feel his resolve building as he drifted over to the sleeping Spencer's bed. Carefully, quietly he lifted a pillow and placed it over Spencer's face, pressing firmly. Spencer seemed to wake up and struggle for a bit before going limp once again. Then, Billy waited. He saw a light form around Spencer, and he eagerly tossed aside the pillow and watched. Spencer groaned and sat up, his spirit separating from his body. He looked down at his lifeless form and shrieked. Billy only grinned. Spencer floated out of his body and scurried over to the other side of the bed shrinking away from it.

"Wh-what happened? Billy, what's going on?" Spencer turned to Billy, fear clearly present in his eyes. Uh-oh. Billy began to think that maybe his plan wasn't as well thought out as he had assumed. He didn't want his bromigo to be afraid. But no, Billy assured himself, he just needed to go back to sleep and he'd be ok with it in the morning. Billy had forgotten how unnerving it was to see your own body. Wow, not that was not something he wanted to re-live.

He floated over to spencer and stroked his hair. It felt so right like this, so much more alive than the hair on his body, so much more there, strangely enough. "Woah there lil bro, don't worry about it, just a bad dream."

"Billy this doesn't feel like a," Spencer yawned, "dream…" he was still feeing drowsy. Something Billy did know for sure is that dying tires you out. It'd be easy to coax him back to sleep.

"Trust me lil dude, everything will be fine in the moring." Billy soothed and began to hum one of his old songs. He felt Spencer's ghost relax into him as he fell back asleep, and drifted up. Billy smiled and looked at the other ghost, snoozing lightly in the air. Yeah, this was a good idea. No doubt about it.

He glanced over at Spencer's body. There was no life left in it. Billy though about Spencer's dreams of becoming a director. It wasn't impossible now that he was a ghost, and a lot of things were done online now anyway. Spencer wouldn't have to bother with anyone who wasn't worth his time, and he and Billy would never have to be apart. It was absolutely perfect.