Author's Note:

Hey! This is my first attempt at a poetry fanfic. I will be updating every few days. This will include a few songfics. I hope you like it! Reviews would be appreciated, and I would also like some suggestions if you want me to do a poem about a particular character. There will be a lot of different types of poetry, sometimes rhyming and sometimes free verse. This poem is about a dying tribute and is rhyming, mostly, with some rather rough rhyming. Enjoy!

Fading Away

This day is my last

My spirit has broken

My blood on the grass

No district token

Nothing to remember

From where I called home

Nothing's forever

Nothing to own

The Capitol owns me

My soul is theirs

The district's children kill me

Forgetting their fears

I remember the reaping

When they called my name

And goodbyes, and the weeping

Nothing the same

So I know that I'm dying

My heart is back home

But I'm still not crying

And I won't die alone.

Hope you liked it! Like I said, if you have any suggestions, you can put it in a review or PM me if you like! Thanks for reading!