Hey! Everyone, I'm going on vacation for like 10 days or so, so I'm not going to be updating as much. Just to let you know if you read my stories, especially besides this one. This is another poem -FINALLY one that rhymes- about little kids in the outer districts learning about the Games. Just an idea that I had. Tell me if you like it!

Hide and Seek

One day at a reaping in District 10

Among the women and the men

Stood a very little girl

Among the dust and dirt, she was a pearl

Innocent and young as the first day of spring

But then her mother heard her asking

"Why do all the kids go away?"

Asked the girl to her mom's dismay

"The Capitol takes them, and they play games"

Said her mother, waiting to hear the names

Of the poor reaped children of that year

Then the girl asked, "Mommy, what's a Career?"

"They're mean people from a richer place"

Said her mother, forcing a smile to her face

But the curious little girl wasn't done

"Mommy, do they play games where they run?

Or do they play hide and seek?"

And her mother kissed her cheek

"Of course, my darling, what else would they do?"

Said her mother, though it wasn't true