So being a massive fan of The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon and Norman Reedus. I thought I'd try my hand at a fanfiction adding my own little twist. I hope you guys enjoy!


Made some general fixes with grammar and punctuation which I will be carrying on through each chapter. I'm hoping I manage to get all and any issues. Just bear with me as you read on, thanks!


Days Gone By, waiting and hoping

It had been a little over a month since the outbreak, a month since my mom took my little brother and left for Atlanta looking for salvation in this crisis. I chose to stay behind for my dad's sake, I still had hope he'd be okay.

My name is Alexis Grimes, 21 years old; my dad Rick Grimes was in a coma after being shot while on duty before the world went to shit and there were no signs of him waking any time soon. My mom, Lori, lost hope weeks before the outbreak and drifted to Shane much to my disdain. They left as soon as shit hit the fan here in Kings County leaving for Atlanta with my little brother Carl and Shane after hearing the city would be a refugee's haven in this hell on earth. Shane also told my mom and Carl that my dad was dead, I didn't believe a word that came from his mouth. So while mom followed him without a thought taking Carl with them, I went with my instincts and stayed.

I spent my days salvaging what I could around town to survive, being the daughter of a sheriff's deputy, I was made to take self-defence classes and taught to use a gun though I wasn't too keen. I'd spend the day filling up my Rothco large transport pack with food, drinks, clothes and the odd melee weapon before taking it back to my house to store in the basement; I would make several trips taking out as many husks as I could to make it safer for future trips.

I would always go back to the hospital at night, checking my dad was still alive maybe even up with the living again but he never moved from the hospital bed. At least that's how it was until today.

I had been doing my usual trips through town, but something felt different and it made me feel uneasy, I made fewer runs than I normally would after being caught off guard more times than I felt comfortable with. Choosing to return to the hospital for the day.

As I made my way through town my unease only intensified with every step I took to the hospital. I made my way through the bloodied halls of the general hospital, the way engraved into my mind cautious of any unwanted visitors. I turned the last corner hurrying down the hall before stopping in my tracks.

The door was open.

Panic hit me like a bullet to the head as I ran into the room afraid of what I would see. The room showed no signs of struggle but that did nothing to calm me. It meant that Rick had woken up, which was a blessing, but it also meant he had gone out into town. Alone, unarmed and completely unaware of what happened, which was very, very bad.

I Had no idea what he would do when he came across a husk for the first time, would he know to run away? Reality was harsh but was it harsh enough to get Rick bit so soon after waking up?

I rushed out of the hospital heading for home hoping that would be where my dad would go. I ran through the streets trying to reach home as fast as I could, avoiding streets with too many husks to take out quickly, hoping that I would find dad soon.

I rounded the last corner onto my street. I stopped seeing a lone husk walking away from me. I quickly looked around in case there were more lurking around, my heart jumped when I spotted a man in a hospital gown exiting my house. Quickly I sprang into action, making my way to the wandering dead meat as silently as I could.

Using one of the few hunting knives I had scavenged I run the blade through the back of the skull, instantly killing it for good. Putting the knife back into its sheath that was around my thigh I turn to run towards my dad, but stay in place as I see a kid with a shovel standing over his unconscious body.

"No, no, no, no, no! This can't be happening." I say as I jog over to the kid as he called his own father. I ignored the kids protests as I pull the shovel from him and throw it across the yard. I kneel over my dad's body immediately checking for a pulse, letting out a relieved breath when I found one. I turned to have a go at the kid but froze at the sound of a hammer being pulled.

"Get up! Slowly with your arms out." I hear a deep voice, who I assume is the kid's dad, order me up. I comply without complaint. preferring not to get shot in the head, slowly making my way to stand. When I do I make a point to put my hands up in a sort of peaceful gesture.

"Who are you two? Why is he in a hospital gown? What's the wound?!" He bombarded me with questions, I waited quietly for him to finish before giving any answers.

"My name is Alexis, this is my dad, Rick. He's been in a coma, weeks before any of this happened he was shot while on duty, he only just woke up today he has no idea what's going on." I say, I watch as he lowers the gun slightly at my words.

"We don't want any trouble; in fact, I can help you if you help me get my dad inside my house." I finish lowering my hands, trusting the man not to shoot me. I watch the guy exchange a look with the kid before nodding to me, showing he'll help. I smile brightly expressing my thanks before working with him to get Rick inside.

Night had fallen and significantly more husks had occupied the streets as they normally become more active during the night. I had learned that the man, Morgan, and his son, Dwayne, had been heading to Atlanta just stopping in town for the night.

I explained the situation with my family, how my mom took Carl and headed to Atlanta while I stayed because of dad. They were both sympathetic towards us, overall they seemed like nice people.

Dad was still out cold in what used to be the downstairs guest bedroom, I had told Morgan he and his son could stay here as long as they needed so he offered to make dinner as thanks. I brought up a selection of food from the basement, not too eager to show them everything I had down there and left him too it.

Dwayne was silently reading some comics on the couch, I thought about how Carl basically left for Atlanta empty handed and vowed to take his own comics or something for him, if we find him and mom. I sat by dad on the bed thanking all the gods I could think of for bringing him out of his coma, also thinking of how to explain the mess everything is.

It was about half an hour later that he started to stir, I watched as he came back into consciousness opening his eyes.

"Dad?" I ask tentatively as he gathered his bearings. He groaned slightly, I presume a killer headache just hit him, I wait patiently for some form of reaction to be sure he was okay.

"Alex? What's going on? Where am I?" I could have cried at the sight of him awake and talking. I thought of how to break it to him that the world had gone to shit but I couldn't think of an easy way to do it.

"Dad what do you remember?" I ask trying to find out what I had to work with.

"I was on patrol with Shane, we responded to a call. We had to take down some armed criminals. That's it. I had the strangest dream, I was in the hospital and there was blood and bodies. I saw what looked like zombies."

"That wasn't a dream dad, you've been in a coma for a couple of months. About a month ago some sort of epidemic or something swept across America. People started getting sick, they were dying. Then There's the Husks, they started eating whatever living thing they could find." I stopped for a moment to see how he was taking the news; confusion was probably the best way to describe it.

"You woke in the hospital today and made your way here, apparently you spooked a kid so he knocked you out with a shovel." I laugh gently watching my father process what I was telling him. I could tell he knew I wasn't lying, probably remembering his journey earlier on.

"Lori? Carl? Wher...Where are they? Are they...Did they..." he trailed off saddened at the thought.

"No they're alive. At least they were when I last saw them." I saw relief flood him before confusion took over once again.

"What do you mean, 'when you last saw them'" He asks

"When the outbreak first started word was the government was setting up safe havens in major cities, Atlanta was nearest to us. Shane came back from the hospital, told mom you were dead and convinced her to pack up and go. So they did, I stayed because I didn't believe a word Shane said. I still had hope." I explain, seeing the understanding cross Rick's face.

"Then we'll go to Atlanta and find the rest of our family." He stated with resolve, I nod in agreement feeling the determination to find my little brother.

"Yeah, we'll find them dad but first dinner and then some sleep. First thing tomorrow we'll go get you familiar with the world as it is then we'll set out. Now how bout you come meet the kid that knocked you out." I plan out loud smiling at the end. My dad laughed, slowly sitting up. I inform him I brought some clothes down for him before leaving the room.

Morgan had finished making what appeared to be a stew of some kind and had moved to sitting with Dwayne talking quietly. I grabbed some bowls and cutlery, setting the table for us all.

"You know being unconscious for a while really works up your appetite." Dad joked as he walked in slowly, limping ever so slightly. I laughed a little in response, motioning him to sit at the table before calling the other two over as well.

Dinner was quiet enough but not awkwardly so, Dwayne requested to bless the meal which I took no part in. If there was a God, he wasn't doing anyone any favours these days. If anything everyone was glad the meal was more than a few mouthfuls, by the time we were done we were all happily filled with food. However, the silence could not have lasted forever.

"So did you really wake up from a coma today?" Morgan inquired curiously towards my father.

"Yeah, I did. I woke up, came home and that's all I know." he replied quietly

"But you know about the dead people right?" I sat a little straighter giving Morgan a pointed look that he just ignored, though I told dad the basic going ons I didn't want to divulge too many details quite yet.

"Yeah I saw a lot of that. Out on the loading dock, piled in trucks..." Morgan shook his head causing my dad to trail off letting Morgan continue.

"No not the ones they put down, the ones they didn't, the walkers?" Confusion was all that could be seen on Rick's face.

"Walkers? That what you call them...hmm it's fitting." I add my two cents to the conversation.

"Yeah tell me about it, what were you calling them?" he seemed amused by my choice of topic, he knew I was putting off the inevitable but apparently decided to humour me anyway.

"Well, I had taken to calling them Husks but now that seems kind of lame compared to Walkers." I joke trying to lighten the mood a bit, I did manage to crack a smile from Morgan but it didn't last long as he redirected back to the original topic.

"That Walker would have ripped into you, try to eat you, take his own flesh at least. I know how it must sound." he trailed off.

"Alexis here briefly filled me in on it but she didn't give me a lot to go on..." Dad was cut off when a car alarm started going off, everyone jumped at the sound first before Morgan said to dim the lights before we all converged at the covered window.

"It's just one of the walkers, bumped into a car. The same one as last time, just down the street there." Morgan explained as we watched the small horde of Husks roam the street.

"The one thing I know; don't you get bit. We saw your bandage and that's what we were afraid of. Bites kill you. The fever burns you out, but then after a while, you come back."

"We've seen it happen." Dwayne added sadly. I felt a pang of sympathy go out to the young boy, obviously these two had lost someone special to them.

My suspicions were confirmed when Dwayne started to break down at the site of a certain Walker, who I assumed was the wife and mother to the duo. Morgan was quick to calm the boy down, explaining the fever again to my dad.

Almost immediately after we all broke off to sleep for the night, all of us oblivious to the future.

So there's my little prologue, though it doesn't seem to deviate much from the show I have plans for the future. So I hope you guys enjoyed it and I'd really appreciate any feedback from you guys, thanks!