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Chapter 5

Uneventful days spent on a rock, When she leaves an earthquake appears

Days past uneventfully, and i was starting to get bored. Was it a bad thing that i missed sneaking around town taking down Walkers daily, i felt too lazy sitting around camp all day. There was only so much domestic work i could take, even if Ed disagreed with me extensively and took every chance he had to verbally abuse me for it, kind of backfires since it makes me want to piss him off more.

I avoided mom like the plague and she was starting to notice as well as dad, instead i tried to spend time with Carl, which usually meant Sophia as well Who was slowly warming up to me. I stayed with them when i could, i didn't like how the others weren't worried about the kids being unable to protect themselves, letting them wonder around the surrounding wood alone and un armed, it didn't bode well with me. I often had random interactions with Merle usually it was when someone went to argue with him and i'd have to intervene hoping to stop anyone from swinging punches and if it wasn't that it was him pulling me from jumping someone who bad mouth's the Dixon's for no reason . When i wasn't with them i had started to practice with my throwing knives and boy was i terrible, as someone wanted to point out.

"You can't throw for shit you know." I jumped at the sound of the voice, turning to find Daryl Dixon staring at me. I rolled my eyes as i retrieved the knife i just failed at throwing.

"No as it happens i was aiming for the floor." I reply sarcastically walking back to my spot to find Daryl standing waiting with his hand out, raising an eyebrow i hand him the knife i just retrieved. I watched in shock a he reared his arm back and threw the knife hitting the bulls-eye in the makeshift target on the tree i made.

I stood in shocked silence staring between him and knife embedded in the tree, he made it look so easy. Speaking of Daryl, he turned to leave the small secluded clearing i'd found to practice in. I couldn't allow that, not after that throw.

"Hey no wait! Can you teach me, to throw like that?" I hesitated slightly as i felt him tense at me grabbing his arm to stop him from leaving. I apologized and retracted my arm, patiently awaiting an answer. He turned and stared at me for a moment and i thought he was going to tell me to go to hell and stalk off laughing like Merle probably would, he hesitated and it made me think maybe he was considering it.

I was wrong.

"Are you kidding?! I'm not waisting my time trying to teach some dumb bitch like you, i got better things to do." Red clouded my vision as the words left his mouth. I clenched my fists, nails digging into my palm painfully as i glared at the man in front of me. I breathed deeply as he scoffed and turned to leave the clearing reaching for a knife from my belt.

A few seconds later Daryl stoped in his tracks in shock, a few inches from his face was a throwing knife embedded deeply within the tree close to him. I didn't even acknowledge my own shock i was so angry at Daryl.

I watched on angry as Daryl walked up, viciously tearing the knife from the tree before stalking toward me. Sensing a threat i too drew my hunting knife holding it defensively in front of me as he approached me menacingly.

Reaching me Daryl reached for my arm but quickly before he could grab my arm, i used my free hand to jog his arm upwards before grabbing it while darting behind him twisting his arm in the process, ignoring the pained grunt from Daryl.

Only Daryl wasn't having it, cause the next thing i knew my back was flat against the floor. I was seeing spots from the pain in my head and ribs but had no time to recover as i looked up to see Daryl standing over me going to pin me down. Panicking i roll over onto my knee and kick out at him as he dd me making him fall to the ground, i quickly retrieved my knife that landed a little ways away from me and rushed to pin Daryl down. I pushed him down, with great difficulty, onto his back as he tried to get up and straddled him. He immediately struggled against me and i surrendered my knife to try and fight back. I tried to stay in control but my strength gave out against Daryl's superior physique and with grunt of frustration from me, i got shoved to the side before i felt a weight pressing me down and the cold sensation of metal against my throat and the restricted movement of my arms that he held with his other hand.

I opened my eyes surprised at how close he was. I immediately glaring at the shockingly blue eyes of the man above me, i didn't bother to struggle knowing i'd lost our fight. We stared each other down in silence, unmoving. We were both panting, catching our breath neither of us backing down from our stare off. For a moment he dropped the glare and looked thoughtful which confused me but i held my stare as he creased his brow before shaking his head and standing up offering his hand out to me, i looked from Daryl to his offered hand before accepting it letting Daryl pull me to my feet.

"Not bad, you put up a fight i'll give you that. Technique was a little rough, form was a piece of shit, same with your strength. Overall not bad, better than half the asses back at camp. Where'd you learn to fight?" He asks as i brush down my forest green tank and stonewash shorts, wincing when i brushed my ribs slightly too hard, hey just because theres dead people walking around didn't mean that i wanted to look like i was homeless.

"Are you shitting me?! That was a test! Seriously you could've just asked for a test fight. I seriously thought you were pissed at me. Dude look what you did to my ribs!" i say disbelievingly lifting my tank to reveal a rather large bruise on my left side, I watched Daryl's eyes flicker to my side and flash with guilt before they hardened again soon after.

"I was, still am. Doesn't mean i can't notice what you can, at least i don't need to cover you're ass all the time like others back at camp." He said scoffing slightly making me frown at the hate in his voice at the mention of the Atlanta group, why couldn't they just get along? I pushed the thought aside when a question arose.

"So you going to teach me to be better or not?" I try raising an eyebrow at Daryl, he just huffed at my question

"No i told you, i aint got time for that crap. Waste someone elses time." With that said angrily he turned to walk away, i almost let him but i realized something.

"Hey, Dixon! You got my knife there." I call making him turn back again, which he seemed annoyed about, before he looked down to realize that the knife in his hand was indeed not familiar to him. He sighed heavily before walking back to me to hand my hunting knife back.

"It's a quality hunting knife; good weight, well balanced and you keep it very sharp. You got some good weapons from what Merle said, i'm not surprised you've lasted on your own. Merle was right, you're a survivor." With that he left without me stopping, I was so confused. One moment Daryl was fine, the next he was pissed. Complicated guy i guess.

I sitting on my usual boulder a few hours later watching the camp go through it's usual boring routine while sharpening all my bladed weapons and disassembling and reassembling my two side arms. I was happily sitting there completing my task when i saw Andrea sit next to me out of the corner of my eye, i turn slightly to her and raise an eyebrow in questioning. We haven't spoken since we escaped Atlanta about a week ago, hell i haven't been social with anyone really.

"I noticed you don't seem to involved in the camp, you hardly talk to anyone but the kids and you disappear into the woods everyday for hours. Which is fine, Rick said you prefer your own company or your little brothers but then i noticed Daryl following you out there the last few days..." I stopped halfway through loading the clip into my beretta, eyes widening in shock. What?!

"Woah slow down, Daryl's been following me?" I ask shocked. Days? He's been following me for days? What the actual fuck?!

"You didn't know? I thought he was meeting you wherever it is you go off to, you know like some secret meeting." Andrea added suggestively, nudging me slightly. I rolled my eyes at Andrea and her ludicrous suggestion continuing with my gun at a much quicker pace.

"Yeah cause me and that asshole have such a good relationship that we feel like we can beat the shit out of each other just fine then walk away like nothing happened." I say spitefully ignoring Andrea's jaw fall in shock, i finished up my beretta and started returning everything to their places in their belts before putting them back on.

"Well, it wasn't that bad but he had a bit of a scrap. He pissed me off so i threw a knife at him, that pissed him off so we fought it out. Couple of scratches and bruises, that's all." I explain, keeping the spite in my voice. I was itching foe a word with that redneck bastard, i stood up and jumped off the boulder and was about to storm off into camp but was stopped by Andrea's hand on my arm.

"Wait a minute Lex, are you sure you know what you're doing? The Dixon's are dangerous, you of all people should know that! I know you've got some random connection with Merle but you're having problems with Daryl and he's the restrained of the two, what if you make one wrong move with Merle?" I sighed as yet again the Dixon's were being judged and hated just because they were treating the rest of the camp the way the camp treated them.

"Oh spare me the Lecture Andrea i'm a big girl. Now would you please release y so i can kick that assholes ass!" I demand getting louder towards the end, Andrea just shook her head and let me go. I immediately start stalking into camp heading straight to the Dixon's tent.

"Hey, Asshole Dixon! Get you're fucking redneck ass out here! You here me get out here!" I shout approaching their tent, waiting 'patiently' outside. A moment later and rustling could be heard as someone came outside.

"Not you asshat the other ass in you're family." I yell at Merle as he looked confusedly between me and his tent before laughing as Daryl exited the tent with a sigh looking between me and his brother.

"Good luck with this one little brother, she's a little spitfire. Aren't you Killer?" He directed the last of the sentence to me but i ignored him, instead glaring daggers at Daryl

"I know." Was Daryl's reply to Merle earning a confused look from him. Again ignoring their interaction i stalked up to Daryl getting all up in his face, well chest, damn shortness.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?! Following me? What the world isn't fucked up enough already you need to add stalkers back in too?! Seriously? You not got anything better to do with you're time, you got to follow me and watch me spend my day?! Not letting me know you've been there till today!" I start off loudly, shoving him back at the end of each sentence gaining the attention of the survivors who hadn't already heard me yelling on my way over.

"I wasn't following you! I was going out hunting and i saw you out there, i went passed the next day and you were there again. I wondered what you were doing so i went back the next day and saw you with those knives you can't throw for shit..."

"Almost managed to get one through you're thick skull." I interrupted angrily.

"Hey calm down, what's the problem here." Shane stepped up trying to play leader again. Daryl and i rolled our eyes at the idiot.

"None of your damn business Shane." We both yell whipping our heads round to him. Shane put his hands up in surrender shaking his head in defeat muttering "okay", it probably would've been comical to watch in another situation.

"Point is i wasn't following you, well i guess not the first couple times, i just wanted to make sure you weren't getting yourself or the rest of us killed. That okay with you?!" He asked sarcastically. Underestimating me? That was worse than stalking in my opinion.

"I survived since the beginning of this hell and i did it alone, i had no one there to watch my back or patch me up i just had myself. I got smart, sneaky and quiet. You think i can't handle myself?! Newsflash asshole i don't need your help or anyone elses, You got that?" I bark back at him. From the corner of my eye i could see my mom walk up to the front of the small crowd that had stopped to watch our shouting match.

"Okay fine! Whatever you bitch, you want to go out there on you're own then don't come crying to someone if it all goes to shit. Especially with your aim." with that he grabbed his crossbow and started to stalk off, for the second time that day i saw red. With speed i didn't know i had i grabbed a knife and threw it at Daryl for the second time. This time there wasn't a tree so the knife just flew past Daryl's ear closer than before by an inch or two, i gnored the shocked gasps from the others and Merle stopping someone getting involved.

"Just Keep pushing it then we'll see how shit my aim is!" I shout to Daryl's frozen form, i knew i was pushing it too but he was just such an asshole. I glared at him as he tensed up before carrying on towards whatever destination he had in mind.

"You got guts you know that. Normally i wouldn't stand for people going at my brother but i knew something was up, besides with a temper like yours i wasn't going to get in the way, just do me a favor and don't go killing him every time he pisses you off okay Alex?" Merle asked rhetorically Before walking off after his brother, i sighed deeply shaking my head at the two men who drove me up the wall. I didn't even get this crazy when i was alone with no one to talk to, all of a sudden i was all to aware of everyone's prying eyes.

"What you got nothing better to do?!" I yell over, jolting a few people back to their jobs they were doing previously. A few people stayed mainly my family and Shane, though a couple others such as Andrea and Dale stuck around.

"What the hell was that, huh? You trying to draw every Walker in the woods to us? You know their wandering from the city, we're seeing them more often around camp.." Shane Started, i rolled my eyes for the umpteenth time. Why couldn't he just keep his trap shut for once?

"Go fuck yourself Shane, it's not you're problem. Just go sit play leader guiding you're people." I shoved past him but got stopped again by a hand on my arm for the second time today.

"Let. Go. Of. Me." I growled out, i didn't have the patience for this.

"I don't think so, not till you learn to respect your authorities here." He started, voice low and aggressive. I clenched my fists and ground my jaw together in frustration. From the edges of my vision i saw my Dad move as my mom held Carl close by Dale and Andrea, looking back and forth between the three of us.

"Shane, that's my daughter. Not some criminal you've picked off the street to lock up." I turned at the sound of Rick pointedly talking to Shane.

"Well maybe if she didn't act like one she wouldn't be treated like one. World may have gone to shit but that don't mean there's no authority around here and it has to be respected." He spat out and i couldn't help but roll my eyes yet again at the rubbish he was sprouting.

"If you haven't noticed Shane, you're not the authority here. Not anymore, the people of this camp are looking to Dad for guidance since we got here. My guess is cause he managed to get people home safe when you probably sat and left them to the Husks." Shane obviously didn't like my statement if the glare and restriction of blood flow to my hand was anything to go by.

"Not true, this camp looks up to me to lead them, they respect me. Aint that right Andrea?" The woman in question was shocked from her quiet conversation with Dale. For a moment she looked from me, to Shane, to dad and back as if looking for help but no one offered any.

"Well the thing is Shane, Rick is more level headed and he did get all of us out of Atlanta. He has this thing about him that makes you want him to take charge, it just feels right." She said nervously and i didn't blame her, Shane's face was contorting with rage. Quickly he turned to Dale.

"Well i agree with Andrea he's good in fix and from what we heard from Alexis and Merle getting back from Atlanta, she is too. You did good Shane but maybe you should let Rick step up and help." a voice of reason but not what Shane wanted as his grip on my wrist tightened painfully as he looked to the last person, my mother.

"Lori?" Was all Shane said in his last desperate attempt for someone to agree with him. This actually caught my attention, with everything going on today i almost forgot about mom and Shane, almost. It'll be interesting to see what she says.

"This i ridiculous. What is even the point in this, lets just go okay. See what you did here Lex, those Dixon's are no good. Come on, lets go." Ah so that's it undecided, well there goes the only chance i'd ever give her i thought angrily. I tore my arm from Shane who had slackened his grip, before rounding on my mother.

"Oh don't give me that crap, you lost the right to the name 'mother' when you left me in K-County with dad in the coma." I use as an excuse before looking back at Shane quickly before turning back to Lori adopting a quieter tone.

"To be honest i'm surprised you haven't lost the right to be dad's wife or doesn't he know." I smirked at Lori's shocked face, telling her to tread carefully before leaving to my boulder again till dinner.

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