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Harry stared at the owl he had received from Lucius Malfoy, it seemed like a bad idea, attending lunch with the other man, but at the same time he was curious. He didn't really understand what the other man had meant about his place in the House of Wizards, he knew that Malfoy was a member and a lord, but he didn't know why the House of Wizards had anything really to do with him. The orphanage though, anyone that Harry could get interested in helping with that he was willing to talk to. There could never be enough funding to make sure that all wizarding orphans were happy and healthy, and if Malfoy wanted to donate some of his fortune to Harry's pet project well Harry supposed that lunch wasn't too much of a hardship. He wrote a quick reply, sending it with waiting eagle owl.

Lord Malfoy,

Lunch would be acceptable.

Harry Potter

Once the owl had left he looked back at the letter that the Malfoy lord had sent him, as he tried to understand what the other man really wanted from him.

Heir Potter-Black,

I write to you following our conversation at the ball this past evening, and your invitation to call upon you for lunch for discussion of several important matters. It is of great import that these matters are seen to post haste, therefore I request that you join me for luncheon today at noon at the Moon Palace in Vertical Alley.

With regards,

Lord Lucius Abraxas Malfoy

Harry knowing that he would have to leave soon made his way to his room to shower and get ready, making an effort with his robes in an attempt to look presentable. Not that he wanted to impress Malfoy, but rather because he was going to Moon Palace. He had heard people talk about the restaurant, or rather he had heard Ginny going on and on about how good the food was supposed to be, how expensive and high class it was, and how they should definitely go. Apparently anyone who was someone frequented there often, and he should definitely be added to their list of regulars, in Ginny's opinion at least.

When he was ready Harry apparated to Vertical Alley and walked the rest of the way to Moon Palace, entering through the opulent arched doorway he was immediately greeted by a man in silver robes.

"Mr. Potter, I'm afraid that I don't have you down for a reservation, I can book you a table for later if you wish, but we are fully booked for lunch." He spoke with no reverence in his voice, something that Harry was glad of.

"I am meeting Lord Malfoy for lunch," Harry replied, "Has he arrived yet?"

"A few minutes ago. I'm sorry Lord Malfoy never mentioned who his lunch companion would be. If you come this way I'll take you to him." The wizard replied, leading Harry into the restaurant and towards a private room.

"Heir Potter-Black" Lucius greeted as Harry entered the room, the wizard disappearing shutting the door behind him. Lucius pulling Harry's chair out for him as the younger man returned the Lord's greeting.

"You wanted to speak to me?" Harry spoke getting right to the point of the matter.

Lucius nodded, "Yes. A few different matters need to be discussed, my contribution to the orphanage and the war orphans fund is just a small thing. Of more import is your training to take your place in the House of Wizards."

Harry looked at him and was about to speak when a witch in silver robes appeared in the room, taking their orders for lunch before disappearing again, their lunch arriving mere seconds later.

"My place in the House of Wizards, what do you mean?" Harry asked before he started to eat, looking at the Malfoy Lord to explain. He didn't have a place in the House of Wizards, he wasn't important enough for that, surely.

Between bites of his meal Malfoy began to explain, "You are the heir to the Potter and Black fortunes, each family has a seat in the House of Wizards and you need to be properly trained to take up your responsibilities in the House."

Harry stared at him blankly for a moment, before replying, "Why hasn't anyone mentioned this before?"

"I don't think either Black or Lupin had the opportunity to tell you about it, as for the Weasley's I can' really say. They shun the House as snobs, even though they were once a member before they lost their lordship, so it could be because they just don't think the House as important, or maybe they thought you knew, or if it was something else, well that would be speculation." Lucius commented, he wasn't above placing little seeds of doubt about a whole family if it meant that Harry would reconsider the daughter.

"Miss Weasley for instance, despite being the daughter of a pureblood family has never been taught the proper manners or protocols for formal events. Last night at the ball for instance, her insistence last night that you join her when we were talking is considered highly rude, even in normal circumstances it is rude to interrupt a conversation, never mind by shouting across a crowded room. She may not have realised it, but her actions will be looked down on by society and they will bring you down by association. I noticed the Ladies of Society take note of the situation and I can assure you that Miss Weasley will have problems as a result of her actions." Lucius informed him.

Harry had to agree with him about her manners, as he had had manners beaten into him as a child he had always been polite, interrupting a conversation was something he wouldn't do unless it was an emergency. To do so from across the room though, that was just the height of rudeness.

"To take your place in the House of Wizards you will need to know the etiquette and laws of our society, something that it is apparent that you aren't learning at the moment." Lucius began, "I am willing to teach you both these things in the hope of fostering better relations between our families."

Harry stared at the man as he continued to eat, he knew that he was being rude, but he couldn't help himself. He was trying to judge by looking at Lucius what it was that he was getting out of the situation, but the man's Slytherin mask was in place and Harry couldn't read him.

"I accept your offer." Harry stated as he finished his meal, "You wished to speak to me about the orphanage as well."

Lucius looked at him evenly for a moment before going into his robe pocket and placing a Gringotts bank draft on the table. "That is my contribution to the orphanage itself, for the day to day running costs. I wish also to teach the children the same things I intend to teach you; etiquette and law. The orphans in that orphanage, many of them come from prestigious families that have been destroyed, those children like you will one day have to take their place in the House of Wizards, it would be better if they were prepared for that eventuality early on in their lives."

Harry took the bank draft, looking quickly at the number, noting that Malfoy really must have been told to make some large charitable donations to help his image after the war. "I have no problem with that. I'll put you in contact with Mrs Brown, she is coordinating the children's education at the moment. As for my lessons, when is convenient for you Lord Malfoy?"

"Friday evenings perhaps?" Lucius queried of him and Harry found himself agreeing easily.

He himself had no real plans on a Friday evening, but Ginny was always trying to get him to take him to whatever place was supposed to be good that week. At least this way he had an excuse not to go to the events in public, after all if society was watching and Ginny was reflecting on him he may have to try and fix her behaviour, subtly of course, he wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a bat bogey hex.

After agreeing to meet at Malfoy Manor every Friday evening for the foreseeable future they parted company, lunch having long since been over. Harry made his way straight to Gringotts to deposit the draft into the orphanages vault, and Malfoy left to wherever it was the man was going with a bit of a spring in his step. Harry had stared after him, unsure about why the man seemed so buoyant and hoping that it had nothing to do with him.