Don't Forget Me
Sisters Grimm Au Series
Chapter 3: Just A Kiss

Sabrina Grimm collapsed on her bed in her new home-technically her grandmother's house-in Ferryport Landing.

She had never been through a more stressful day before, and all she wanted to do was take a long nap, but she knew that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. She had a horrible time falling asleep in surroundings that weren't familiar to her and this room was not only unfamiliar to her, but it was bland and boring, completely lacking any and all signs of personal touches and individuality.

A knock at her door caused her to roll off her bed, a groan erupting from the back of her throat as she landed on the ground with a not-so-graceful thud. She rolled her eyes, pushing herself off of the ground and running a hand through her hair in an effort to try and smooth out the fly-aways that had been caused from the tumble she had just suffered from. She mumbled a string of curses under her breath as she made her way towards her bed, sure that it was Daphne coming to discuss their day together while she brushed out Sabrina's blonde hair-a habit that usually calmed down her younger sister.

"You okay in there?" a deep voice asked as she opened the door, causing her to pause from whatever she had been about to yell at her sister, tilting her head upwards to look on at the tall boy standing in front of her.

There, looking down at a dazed, confused and sloppy looking Sabrina Grimm, stood Puck-one of the most good looking males she had ever met in her sixteen years of life, and she had never been more embarrassed before either.

"Oh, yeah, I just...tripped," She said quickly, working to come up with a lie-even if it was the worst lie she'd ever had in her entire life.

"You tripped?" He raised an eyebrow.

"What are you doing here?"

"I figured you were probably tired, but you seemed pretty stubborn about unpacking before you went to sleep, so I wanted to see if you wanted some help so it went faster?" He offered, reaching behind his head to scratch at the back of his neck awkwardly.

", sure, I mean, if you wanted to," She shrugged. "But, I'm not a little kid. I don't take naps and it's only one in the afternoon," She rolled her eyes as she stepped aside so he could enter the room.

"If I drove from New York City to Ferryport Landing and then found out that all the fairy tales I always thought were just made believe were real and that my ancestors were the ones who wrote them all down, I'd be pretty exhausted. And if I had to add on learning that the town I just moved to was full of the characters from fairy tales and that I'd be living with two of them-and that I was now one of these immortal creatures, I'd be ready to cave and take a nap," He smirked at her.

"Is it weird..."She trailed off, running a hand through her hair thoughtfully.

"Is what weird?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Is it weird that I feel as though I know you from somewhere?" She frowned, walking towards her bed where her duffel bags full of clothes were.

She didn't want to risk looking at him, just in case it was weird that she felt that way and he was creeped out. She wasn't even sure what had possessed her to ask such a question, but it had to come out, she guessed, if she ever wanted to be able to move forward from the awkwardness she was feeling towards him at the moment.

In a way, she figured that it might also help make a little bit of sense of her dreams if she got this question out in the open now, rather than later. Maybe she would be able to figure out why she was having the dreams and if they actually meant something or were just something random that had to do with her family history.

"Nah, that's not weird. I sort of feel the same way," He admitted.

"Really?" She asked, turning towards him with a newfound sparkle behind her blue eyes. "As if we've met before and were actually sort of...I don't know...friends or something?" She asked.

She wanted to hit herself. She was acting like an idiot. She was acting like a stupid teenage girl who was trying to flirt with a boy that was way out of their league. She was acting as if her life really were a fairy tale of some sort, when she knew that it was nothing of the kind. She was acting as though the magic that allowed all the characters in a fairy tale to have a happy ending actually existed around herself as well, providing her with the same happily ever after.

That was foolish and that was child's play. She shouldn't expect anything of the sort because that wasn't how real life worked out.

Mr. Canis might have written in some stories about her family in the infamous Book of Everafters so that they had the same magic to make them immortal and keep them trapped in the town, but that didn't mean they had the magic that allowed them to live a fantasy.

Her life was not a fairy tale and she was not a princess. And there as absolutely no way that Puck was her prince or her knight in shining armor. He might be a prince, but he was not meant to save a damsel in distress-and Sabrina wasn't a damsel anyways. She could protect herself without a man to help her.

So, she shouldn't be acting as if the dream mattered to her. Because it was a dream and it didn't matter that Puck had been in the dreams or that he admitted that she seemed familiar to him the same way he seemed familiar to her.

It was a dream and nothing was going to change her mind that it meant anything more than some type of message her sub-conscious mind wanted to give her about her history; her family; her heritage. It had nothing to do with Puck or any sort of romantic entanglements.

But, if that were true...why was she waiting for an answer as if it were life and death?

Finally, he took a deep breath and let it out, before he gave his answer.

"You've been having the dreams, too, haven't you?" He asked softly.


"It's...never ming. I'm just being stupid. Forget about it," He shook his head, reaching up to run a hand through his hair with a sigh. "Forget I mentioned anything, okay?"

"No...I-dreams that are almost like a...a flashback, right? They seem so real, but you know they've never happened before, even though there's some nagging voice in the back of your mind that's insisting that it means something more and it's real and it's actually happened before?" She wondered.

"And whatever you were feeling in the dream...when you wake up, you feel that exact same way, the way you do when you remember something?" He asked, looking up at her, his green eyes meeting with her blue ones.

"Do your they ever change colors?" She bit on her bottom lip self consciously.

"They match my emotions. Green's my natural color," He nodded.

"Have they ever you ever remember them turning...I mean...oh, forget about it. It's stupid. I'm just going to start to unpack now," She said, turning her back to him and unzipping the first duffel bag she came across.

"Pink? Are you trying to ask me if my eyes have ever turned pink?" He asked.

"I...well, now that you mention it, I am a little bit curious as to what colors they've been before," She shrugged as if the answer didn't really mean anything to her, even though it meant the world to her.

"I don't remember it, but in one of my dreams...they turned pink when I was with a girl..."His voice trailed off thoughtfully, obviously expecting her to say something in return to him.

But she just kept on silently unpacking her clothes, moving from her bed to her dresser and back again as she patiently waited for him to go on. Of course, the silence lasted a good five minutes-she had actually expected that he had left the room and decided to end the conversation with that, taking her silence as disinterest.

"Sabrina," His voice saying her name shocked her.

And not just because it broke through the silence. It shocked her because it just seemed so unusual that he would be calling her Sabrina. It made her feel as though this moment was a special kind of moment, like the ones that were constantly appearing in her dreams. A moment that nobody else could be a part of, because they would be intruding on their privacy and that was just wrong. It was an intrusion and it ruined their moments when somebody else was there to witness what was happening between the pair.

"Sabrina," There it was, her name again. "Have I been in your dreams?" He asked her.

She turned around, tossing the shirt she'd been clutching as though it were her lifeline aside.

"What does it matter? They're only dreams, Puck, alright? They can't mean anything special because they are dreams." She insisted, her voice pleading with him as if the conversation were too much for her to handle. There was a desperation there, signaling that this was just too much for her to add on to her already dramatic day.

But Puck knew that they had to get this over with now, it was never going to be taken care of. It would never be done and they would always have these questions swimming around in their minds. They had to handle everything now, or else it would never find a solution.

He didn't say anything. He just titled his head to the side as he studied her thoughtfully for a few seconds. And then he made his way towards her, cupping her face in his hands as he bent down to press his lips against her own.

And just like that, a hurricane of memories came rushing through their mind.

"What is this?" Daphne asked, staring at the food on the table in discomfort.

"Pancakes-just with special recipes from Germany. And fish bacon for vegetarians," Granny said with a smile aimed at the girl.

"Yum!" Daphne said, licking her lips excitedly as she filled her plate to the brim.

"See?" Puck said, turning his attention to Sabrina who was picking apart her chocolate chip muffin and eating it as though she were a bird. "This girl knows how to eat-I like a girl with an appetite," he winked as Daphne's cheeks were tinted with pink.

Sabrina narrowed her eyes at the pair sitting across from her, each stuffing their face with the food put before them as though their life depended on it. She wasn't sure why, but it bothered her that there was something about her that Puck didn't like, even if she had just met him a few hours before that.

"He's here," Puck sang out as a dark haired, tall and handsome man stepped out of a limo.

"Who?" Daphne asked, eyes locked on the newcomer.

"Prince Charming," Sabrina replied, barely looking up from her book to take in the piercing blue eyes of the newcomer which were obvious even from the distance.

"Wasn't he supposed to be blonde?" Daphne frowned.

"Not in the original stories," Sabrina shook her head. Her grandmother and Mr. Canis were climbing out of the car, leaving the teenagers inside to fend for themselves.

"How do you know that?" Puck asked, his tone clearly wondering how on earth a normal, everyday mortal human could know such a thing.

"I told you-I read a lot," She rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, sure, whatever," he shook his head, attention already focused on something else. "What's up with all the dude sweatshirts? Don't you move around all the time, longest you've ever been in one place a week or something like that? How do you have a boyfriend?" He asked curiously.

Sabrina glared at him, pushing her way out of the car as she stormed away.

"They were our dads," Daphne whispered.

"I was so jealous when you said that about Daphne. I didn't like the idea of you liking anybody more than you liked me, even my little sister," Sabrina admitted when they broke apart.

"I was jealous at the sight of you in some dude's sweatshirt. I didn't want you wearing any boy's clothes unless they were mine," He said, his hands moving down to rest on her hips as he pulled her in for another kiss.

"Should I start calling you 'your majesty' from now on?" she asked with a teasing grin on her face, moving to sit down besides him. She could tell that he was upset and all she wanted was to see him smile once again.

"You should have been calling me that all along," he rolled his eyes, turning away from her. But she could see him wipe away his tears and she knew why he was looking away from her. He never was one to allow anybody else to see him cry.

"I liked what you said. It was nice-it wasn't you, but it was pretty nice," She told him softly, looking down at the water beneath him, not wanting to make him uncomfortable with the talk of his tears or emotions.

"My mother wrote it for me," He said bitterly. "She didn't seem to like what I wrote all that much," he said, releasing a bitter laugh as he said the words, turning to look out at the flames slowly disappearing down the harbor.

"Well," She said slowly and softly, leaning in close to him as if she were going to share a secret with him. "Nobody's around right now. Why don't you tell me?" She asked confidentially.

He glanced at her, a curious look on his face before that little half grin she had grown accustomed to seeing returned on his face as he laughed, shaking his head a little bit.

"My father," He began. "Was mean, horrible, arrogant and selfish. He cared little for anybody and even less for anybody that disagreed with him. His only love was for his precious kingdom." He said softly, his voice almost a whisper.

Sabrina placed her hand on his forearm, ready to say something to try and cheer him up, assuming that he was done with his speech. But, before she could get a word out, he was yelling.

"I hated you! You took every opportunity you got to remind me that I was weak and stupid!" He shouted at the water, his father's corpse long gone from their vision now.

He stopped there and that was when he broke down, tears falling down his face as he ducked his head down into his chin, obviously trying to hide his tears from her. She reached out and wrapped her arms around him in a hug.

"You are not stupid and you are most definitely not weak. In fact, I think you are one of the bravest people that I have ever met in my entire life," Sabring told him honestly.

"When I was little, he took me aside and told me he would never let me have his kingdom. When I went to my mother, I was crying. She's the one who gave me my title-the Trickster King. I've worn it proudly ever since. Then, as I got older, my father tried to force me to marry Moth. I said no and I was banished. My mother swore that I'd be the king some day and my father would never see it coming. Well, she was right. Here I am, the king of Faerie and he never saw it coming," He whispered, wiping his tears away.

"You'll be a great king," Sabrina said, fighting to hold back her own tears.

He didn't need her own selfish pain when he was mourning the loss of his father who had never felt like a true parent to him.

"But I don't want to be the king. I don't want to be the king and I don't want to stay here. I want to go back," He told her, turning to face her, wrapping his arms around her in return of her own embrace.

"So go-once you're back, nobody can make you come back. It'll be impossible," She grinned.

"It isn't that easy. Mustardseed is next in line for the crown, but he's refused to take the throne if I leave. I...I think that he-never mind," He shook his head.

"Doesn't he have to take it, if you leave?" She wondered.

"No, he needs to agree. My consent and his own is needed," Puck shrugged.

"Well, I guess we finally have something in common," She told him with a half smile. She was too sad to muster up a whole smile.

"What are you talking about?" He asked.

"Neither of us have families that we want to be a part of," She pointed out.

"Oh, yeah, the Old Lady mentioned you were quitting," He frowned, looking away from her again.

She hated it when he did that, because she couldn't read his face to try and figure out how he was feeling. She hated how she had to constantly guess with him and when he took the hints away, it was even worse.

"I can't quit. I never wanted to do this. I'm just retiring," She defended herself.

"You can't retire if you never tried," He argued.

"I did try, Puck! And people constantly got hurt because I was trying. Mr. Canis almost died. We thought he was dead. My grandmother has had more stress because of me trying to do this. And Daphne? I don't even want to think about what could happen to her. I've been lucky with her so far-and then there's you..."She trailed off.

"Don't worry about us. Worry about you. You love what you're doing and you're good at it. So stop whining and just admit that you're a Grimm," He told her. The words were harsh but the tone was not.

"Puck," She sighed, leaning against him.

He moved closer to her and she leaned in to follow his example. And then they heard the noise, the crash, the commotion.

"What's that?" He groaned, their moment ruined.

"What are you doing?" Sabrina asked wearily as she stood backstage, leaning against a wall.

She had just given her mother's speech to Faerie and the Everafters there. Puck had finished whatever he had had to do and had exited the stage. And he was walking right towards her with a determined look on his face.

"What I started before," he grinned, pulling her close to him by her belt loops and planting a quick kiss on her lips. "I always finish what I start, Grimm, remember that," He winked, stepping aside so that she could go and find her family.

"I don't want you to go either," She whispered as she walked past him.

"You don't know how mad I was when the pig ruined our moment," Puck muttered against her lips as they parted to give her time to breath.

"You still got to kiss me." She pointed out.

"I would have kissed you a thousand times that trip if I could have. You deserve to be kissed every second of every minute of every hour of every day of-"she cut him off from his rant, meeting his lips in another kiss.

"Could you direct me to the law books?" Blue beard asked, his eyes locked right on Sabrina's face-a pleasant change from where most guys might look, but still disturbing enough to make her feel uncomfortable.

"Oh, we don't work here," She explained as politely as she could, while really just wanting to get away. She knew his story and she would have known who he was even without Puck pointing him out to her.

"We're only helping the librarian," Daphne explained with her usual smile. Clearly she didn't understand the need for the girls to get away from the character as quickly as possible.

"That fool will be of no help. Do you have any idea where they might be?" He asked both of the girls, but his focus was still directly on Sabrina, this time beginning to give her entire body a once over.

She shivered in discomfort.

"All of the non-fiction books start over there," She said, pointing towards the other side of the room.

"Thank you," he winked at her and turned around, walking away.

As soon as his back was to the girls, Sabrina felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist and pull her behind a book shelf.

"What are you doing?" She asked Puck, fighting the urge to slap him and scream at him for scaring her-mostly because she didn't want to admit that she had been frightened.

"SH!" He put a finger to his lips. "I told you that was Blue Beard, didn't I? He's been married more times than I can count and he-"

"He cut the heads off of his wives if they proved to be too curious," Sabrina said, shoving him away.

"I thought Charming told him to stay far away from the actual parts of town..."Puck muttered, shaking his head.

"If he's that bad, why are we still here?" Daphne wondered.

"Well, I was trying to get up the nerve to go and ask for an autograph because he was one of my idols as a villain. But now I just want to go and kill him, so I need to calm down enough to not do that," Puck replied.

"What on earth are you-hold up, is that Snow?" Sabrina asked, peaking out from around the book shelf.

"She's heading over towards Blue Beard!" Daphne said.

"Puck, help me knock over these-"before she could even finish her idea, Puck was a bull and he was knocking over the bookshelves, knocking them right on top of Blue Beard.

"What changed your mind about him?" Sabrina wondered, breaking out of his hold and sitting down on her bed, knocking her bags to the floor. "Blue Beard, I mean-wasn't he your hero?" She grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the bed besides her.

"He was," Puck nodded, pulling his feet up onto the bed and pulling Sabrina into a tight embrace on his lap, keeping her close to him. "But then he has his eyes all over what was mine and I couldn't have that, because he gets his way, and I wasn't going to let him kill you-or marry you. Or kiss you, because these lips," He gave her a kick peck on the lips. "Are all mine," He winked.

"What...where does this leave us?" She wondered.

"Where do you want us to be?" He asked her, resting his chin on the top of her head as she buried her head in his chest.

"I want to...I want to be your girlfriend," She said, starting out confidently before fading away in a low, muffled whisper as though she were ashamed to even suggest such a thing.

"Well, I guess I'm your boyfriend, because my goal in life? Is to grant every single one of your wishes," He told her with a smile.

"Are we going to tell people? About what's going on?"

"Do you think they'd understand?"

"No," She whispered.

"Then we'll keep it between us."

"Then we can't tell anybody about us," She determined. "It won't make sense that we're already together. We have to...we have to space things out and make them seem...real," she said.

"Go slow?" He groaned.

"Hey-we can barely kiss without a flood of memories drowning us. Could you picture if we tried to do anything more?" She flashed him a teasing smile.

"I couldn't, but I'm more than willing to try it out," he growled at her.

"You are such a teenage boy," She sighed.

"That's what you love about me. Now, if we're going to be taking this slow, I'll be taking you on a date tomorrow night. Because the sooner our first date is, the sooner we can be in a relationship," he smiled at her.

"And until then," She flashed him a devious smile that he met with a hopeful grin. "You can help me unpack," She giggled, pushing away from him and rising to her feet.

Puck sighed as he watched her make her way towards her fallen bags, bending down to pick them up and place them back on the foot of the bed, moving to start putting her things away.

He didn't know how he'd gotten so lucky as to have a girl like Sabrina Grimm, and he didn't know what had happened to make him forget about her or what could have caused it to be as though they had never met. All he knew for sure was that he was never going to let her go again. She was too important to let slip away.