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Little Italy was busy doing chores for Austria as usual. He was in the middle of sweeping when his stomach started to make some noise.

"Oh, Imma so hungry. I wonder if I can find any food." He looked all around the house for something. He looked through the cupboards and pantries.

"Pasta you hide in here?" he asked as he lifted up the lid of a create. His stomach noises grew louder.

"Oh my tummy…" Italy sat on the floor, his hands over his stomach. Holy Rome came to see what the commotion was. He saw Italy lying on the floor, looking like he was about to die from hunger. Naturally, Holy Rome panicked.

"Ah, Italy. Are you alright?" Holy Rome ran to Italy's side. He looked over Italy and saw that he was asleep. Holy Rome smiled. He then grabbed a blanket and a pillow, so Italy can be more comfortable.

"Oh, she is so cute when she is sleeping." Holy Rome said to himself. With how Italy dresses as sounds at such a young age, he sounds like a girl. People get confused quite a bit, but he doesn't correct them.

"She looks so peaceful." Holy Rome thought. "I can't wait to have her become part of the Great Roman Empire with me." Everything was quiet for a while, until Holy Rome heard Italy's stomach growl again.

"Oh, she must be hungry. I should bring her something." Holy Rome left and brought back some food. Italy woke up once the smell hit his nose. He sat up and looked at the food.

"Ah, is that for me?" he asked. Holy Rome jumped a little; he didn't hear Italy wake up.

"Yes, here. I know we don't have pasta but I hope this is to your liking anyway." He pushed the plate toward him and Italy dug right in. he then stopped suddenly.

"Hmph. This sucks." He pouted. Holy Rome panicked; he didn't know what to do.

"Oh, Imma so sorry. I'll go make you something else." and he headed for the kitchen. Italy waited for a while until he smelled something amazing. He walked into the kitchen and saw Holy Rome stirring a big pot of pasta that he had make from scratch.

"Oh, wait, you're doing that wrong." Italy said. He then stood behind Holy Rome and held his hand. "You stir the pasta slow, like this." Italy started to stir the pasta with Holy Rome. Holy Rome started to blush really bad. He was becoming a little more flustered.

"Um, Italy, can you get me the cheese and shred some for me, please?" Holy Rome asked.

"Ok." Italy replied and he went to the pantry. As he was looking for the items requested, Holy Rome turned his head slightly to look over at Italy. He then turned bright red due to what he saw. Italy's bloomers were showing under his little green dress as he bent over. Holy Rome just stood there for a minute. He then turned back to the pot as Italy stood up straight. Once they were done making the pasta, they sat on the porch and ate together.

"Grazie for making the pasta, Holy Rome. It is very good." Italy said as he took a big bite out of his Pasta, some sauce getting on the corners of his mouth in the process. Holy Rome smiled at him and chucked softly. He took his napkin and wiped Italy's face.

"You eat like a little piggy."

To Be Continued.