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Magic should exist to protect mankind not to destroy it
— Lelouch Lamperouge

Town of Loreon

In a town to the southwest of Magnolia, southeast of the Galahad River, which dumped into the southern sea around Fiore, and was also northwest of the guild known as Lamia Scale, walked a young woman with crimson red hair and crystal blue eyes. She was wearing a blue, leather jacket with yellow snaps with matching shorts and a yellow tube top that just barely came down past her navel over her pink bra which could just barely be made out if one tried to peer down her shirt. She was wearing a pair of leather, flat soled boots that came up to her knee caps and she had a red headband tied around her head. However, the most noticeable thing about her was how her right arm was wrapped tightly in bandages and put in a sling to the point where not a single semblance of skin was showing on it.

The girl walked with a melancholic look and a pace to match as she kept her head down while staring at her arm. It wasn't broken or injured, but its concealment and position were this way for a good reason.

The girl's name was Kallen Kozuki. She was 17-years-old and a practicing magus on the continent of Fiore. She had been in three small-time guilds in the last three years. Two of which she'd been kicked out of and the last one had been eradicated. She was the only surviving member.

In the town of Loreon, Kallen walked with her downtrodden pace through the sloping, curved inclined pathway down the incline. She was heading for the pub. In the last town she'd visited she'd spoken with a woman who told her that Kallen could find a "mage consultant" she could talk to about her arm.

My arm, Kallen thought to herself. Her right arm, and its subsequent concealment, was the reason Kallen was currently without a home, without a job and short on income. This "mage consultant" was Kallen's very last chance to set the record straight on herself before she would have no choice except turn herself over to Fiore's council and she was sure they'd amputate her arm. She didn't want that, but she was slowly growing to feel as if she had no choice.

Kallen walked into the local pub The Drunken Spartan and took in the scene around her. The pub was a lot cleaner than she would have expected considering the fine layer of dirt and dust the streets were outside and how the people seemed rather miserable and almost penniless. The Drunken Spartan was well lit with properly furnished beams upon its walls. The tables were stained with beer, vomit and food, but that was ordinary. All around the pub men and women alike were drinking and having good old times of merriment. Many of them didn't pay Kallen much mind as they were too caught up in their own lives.

Kallen sat down right at the bar and waited for the bartender to come down to her. He was a rather friendly looking man with his short flaxen hair brushed to one side, cheerful demeanor, blue shirt and green apron. "Oh! And what can I get for you, miss?" he asked Kallen.

"Nothing to drink," she said. She looked left and right and leaned forward on the bar table and whispered. "I'm looking for a mage consultant."

"Oho a magus, are you?" The man said as he picked up a used glass and began cleaning it. "We had a guy just check in a little while ago who said he was a mage consultant." The bartender turned his head down towards the end of the bar. "Guy's down there. You can't miss him. He's got two different hair colors."

"Great, thanks," Kallen said hoping off the barstool.

"By the way, miss," the bartender said to her, "Is your arm okay?"

"It's fine," Kallen said reducing her tone to one of the utmost seriousness and headed down to the end of the bar where there was a man sitting in a booth drinking red wine. He had orange hair with magenta highlights in six distinct stripes around his bangs, symmetrically arranged on either side of his face. He also had a bitch curl. He was wearing a regal white suit and black gloves with an orange cape attached.

"Well," he said, grinning at Kallen, "aren't you the pretty one. What can I do for you?"

"I hear you're a mage consultant," Kallen said, frowning, "is that true?"

The man stood up. "So you're the girl I heard about, are you?" He put his wine glass down. "My name is Luciano Bradley. I am a mage of the guild Knightmare Frame. I specialize in mage consultation to help young mages out with their problems." His grin widened as he asked. "And just how can I help you?"

Kallen removed her arm from its sling and straightened it in front of her. "Well…you see…underneath these bandages…my arm isn't exactly normally. I've been infected with demonic energy."

"Ooh that's a bit of a challenge," Luciano said, rubbing his chin.

"I haven't made my request yet," Kallen said, still with a serious look. Luciano's demeanor wasn't exactly what she was expecting, but if he could help her, she'd put up with him. "What I want is to be able to control the power in my arm." Kallen crossed her arm over her body and put it on her left shoulder. "Too many people have been hurt by my power. I can't control it at all. If you can't help me…I intend to give myself to the council and have it amputated."

"Well that certainly would not be good," Luciano stated. "But, I'm a guild member so this 'help' of mine will come at a nominal fee."

Kallen covered her breasts and glared with a snarl.

"Whoa," Luciano put his hands up, "Not that kind of fee." He grinned. "I just need your help with a show of mine. Help me with that show," he bowed, "And I will graciously help you with your problem."

"That's all?"

"That's all," Bradley smiled unsettlingly.

"Fine," Kallen answered.

30 minutes later

I should have never agreed to this. Kallen thought as she stood on a collapsible stage in a rather form fitting playboy bunny costume and high heels, her right arm concealed by the glove she was wearing. She also was asked to brush down her hair. Luciano had told her that she looked absolutely appetizing for the crowd. This is such a humiliating outfit.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, mages of all ages," Luciano declared as he held the microphone whilst a crowd gathered. "My name is Luciano Bradley and welcome to my show. Are you ready to see some magic?"

The crowd did nothing.

"I said," red rings began to form around Luciano's eyes, "Are you ready to see some magic?"

This time the crowd cheered with such fervor, especially the women, that Kallen took half a step back unconsciously.

"Today, I will be joined by my lovely assistant as we perform some tricks and illusions for you all." Luciano stepped over to Kallen and said, as he got in her space, "Just do what I tell you." He turned towards the audience as he grabbed a large hula hoop. "For my first trick, I will demonstrate my lovely assistant's abilities for you all."


Luciano stepped back towards her. "Just stand still he said as he firmly grasped her arm.

"W-wait you didn't say I'd have to do anything."

"You don't. Now stand still and let me bite you."

"Wait, what?!" Kallen watched as Luciano's k-9 teeth increased in size and sharpness as he motioned to sink his fangs into her arm. Kallen was about to pull away when a shout came from the back of the audience.


Both Kallen and Luciano looked to the back of the audience to see a young man with ruffled black hair and violet eyes dressed in a black button down long sleeve shirt with a white undershirt and matching colored jeans with a blue-violet cape with a red inside attached around his collar.

Some of the girls swooned upon seeing him as the young man walked down the center of the crowd towards the stage. He looked up at Luciano and Kallen. "Get off the stage, Bradley," he said calmly.

"Hmm and who the hell are you?"

"Who am I?" The young man asked as he curled his right hand and put it on his face before chuckling a few times. He put his hand down and scowled. "I believe you know the answer to that."

"Wait, this man is just trying to help me. He—"

"Help you? I highly doubt that," the young man said, "This man, Luciano Bradley, is a wanted criminal by the Fiore Council. He's a blood mage who steals the magic power of other mages and adds them to his own."

It can't be! Kallen thought, eyes trembling.

"So you think you can take me in?" Luciano asked rhetorically with a smug smirk only to get Kallen's neck in an arm lock and brandish an arrow-tip shaped knife in her face. "How about this? You let me go and I don't turn this girl a nice little makeover."

"A bargaining man I see," the young man smirked. "Well, here's my counter offer." The young man extended his arm outward as it glowed with a dark purple aura. "Drop the knife." Luciano's hand became encased in the same purple aura the muscles were forced to split apart and the knife dropped to the ground. "And let the girl go." Luciano's arm holding Kallen hostage shot straight into the air and was held there, surrounded by the same dark purple aura as Kallen backed away from him.

"So you have telekinesis," Luciano said, "Big deal. You must be a pretty pathetic mage if that's your greatest power." Luciano went for a few more knives in his coat only for his arm to stop short and his fingers to crinkle unnaturally.

"Who said my power was telekinesis," the young man asked. "My power is the power of bones." The young man flung his arm out at his side as Lucinao's arm went with it. "You must be a pretty pathetic mage if I can control you this easily. I'd say C-class at best." The young man's finger's bent a little and Luciano's arm straightened out. "Your bones are connected to your muscles and so your entire body is like a puppet as I hold the strings. However," the young man smirked, "You see I always have a problem with my puppets. They tend to break." In the next moment Luciano's arm bent back even further so that his forearm fractured in half like a stick. Blood poured out everywhere and he screamed as he began rolling around on the stage in pain.

The caped young man then jumped onto the stage and stood so that he blocked out Luciano's view of the sun.

"For a man the council regarded as the Vampire of Fiore, you're nothing compared the might of the man known as the Necromancer of Knightmare Frame!"

"Necromancer?" Kallen mumbled to herself as she watched the young man mentally torture Bradley.

"You never had a chance against me and you will suffer for that miscalculation. Now, you can either surrender. Or," The young man's hand glowed dark purple as a bunch of skeletal hands began to rise up around the stage around Luciano, terrifying him, "I can have my friends on the other side have a little fun with you," the young man smiled sadistically.

"I'd like to go to jail now please," Luciano squeaked.

The hands faded and the young man simply said, "That's what I thought."

20 minutes later

Luciano was arrested by the Fiore Council while Kallen went and put her regular clothes back on. She intended to go with the council, but by the time she had gotten her clothes back on the caravan had already left and so she'd have to go the way she came, back up the hill, and across the Galahad river, on foot and then head west to their council. It was her only option now since the "mage consultant" thing turned out to be a lie.

However, as she made her was towards the town exit she spotted the young man who had helped her out standing with his back to a building next to an alleyway just staring at the ground as if waiting for something, arms folded.

I suppose I could at least thank him for saving me, Kallen thought to herself. "Hey," she said calling out to the young man.

He looked in her direction and recognized her. "Oh it's you," he said. He then took note of the bandages. Her arm…

"I wanted to thank you for helping me," Kallen said to him.

"There's no need," the young man said, turning back to face the streets. "I was just doing my job. However, I shouldn't have had to interfere. Your magic power outweighed his heavily. Why didn't you use your power? Does it have something to do with how you keep your right arm so carefully concealed?"

Kallen said nothing.



"My name," the young man responded. "As I said before I'm a member of the mage guild Knightmare Frame. I didn't expect to run into Luciano here. I was asked to come here by my guildmaster. She said we received word from a former client that there was a girl who required assistance in controlling her magic." Lelouch turned to look at Kallen. "Would that be you?"

"Y-yes," Kallen told him. "You're…a mage consultant? Earlier you referred to yourself as a necromancer."

"It's a funny little nom de guerre that a few people attached to me. I'm a dragon slayer. I was trained by the skeletal dragon Nekrosis. As I said before: my power is the power of bones. However, my guild itself is a guild that takes in magi with nowhere else to turn to. A lot of our mages started off in your same position: nowhere to go, no one to call a friend, no food to eat. We're a surrogate family to each other."

"Wait…you want me to join Knightmare Frame?"

"Yes," Lelouch answered.

"I'm not so sure." Kallen stroked her right arm with her left. "I mean…"

"Well, I'm not going to force you. I'm not the type of person who won't let a client change their mind. Besides, putting Luciano Bradley away after he tried to impersonate me was worth the trip." Lelouch pushed up off the wall. "If you change your mind we're on the opposite side of the Galahad River." He began to walk away, hands in his pockets. "I guess I'll see you around."

Kallen watched him go with a guilty, apprehensive look. If she joined Knightmare Frame this would be the fourth guild that she would have joined. Memories of how she had been kicked out of her last two guilds and the ill fate that befell her third haunted her mind. Could she take a chance on this young man? Might he be able to help her control the power she'd practically lost hope in. It would be a huge gambit and she wasn't sure if she could endanger the life of another guild because of her.

"Kallen, I can't have members who can't control their magic. This is the third time this week."
"I'll try better," Kallen said to her first guildmaster in tears, "Please don't kick me out."
"I'm sorry Kallen, but this is the way it has to be."

"She's a monster! Look what she did to Keith."
"Get out of here you demon! That's what you are! You're a demon!"

"Kallen…this isn't your fault," her third guildmaster said to her on his death bed as Kallen cradled him in both of her arms, tears streaming down her face. "One day you will learn to control your power. One day."

Kallen was now crying. She looked down at her arm, knowing the misshapen form that lay beneath the wrappings and sling. Damn this stupid thing, she grinded her teeth. It's all because of you that my life wound up like this.

Words from her dead brother Naoto then suddenly filled Kallen's mind. "I can hardly believe it," Kallen could easily see Naoto's smile, "You have the potential to become a mage. My own little sister's gonna become one of the best mages in all of Fiore one day."

This is my last chance, Kallen though as she clenched her left fist. If I don't take it…if I let this chance slip by me…it would be the same as giving up. Naoto…wherever you are…I'll make sure that when I see you that you can be proud to call me your sister. "Lelouch!" Kallen ran up the street after the young mage. He was almost all the way up the hill, having been walking at a slow pace.

"That was fast," he said, glancing over his shoulder. "Did you come to a decision?"

Kallen nodded. "Yes. I'll do it. I'll join Knightmare Frame."

Lelouch turned and extended his arm towards Kallen from up the pathway. "Then come with me," he told her with a trusting smile, "And realize your destiny."

Kallen walked forward, reached out with her bandaged arm and clasped Lelouch's hand. At that moment, her life changed forever. Her path diverged into so many branches and she would be able to realize her dream. She would be able to become the mage she always wanted to be.

There are things in this world you come to regret and there is plenty that I do. But I will never regret taking Lelouch's hand to join Knightmare Frame. It was the best decision I ever made.
— Kallen Kozuki

End of Chapter 1

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