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"Gale! Stop that! I can't breathe!" I say while laughing. Gale, my boyfriend, keeps tickling me. This is my first year at Panem High. We bought an apartment right next to school. Prim, my little sister, lives right next to our building. She also goes to Panem High. I'm 19 and she's 17. Despite her age, I still call her Little Duck.

"Shit! We're gonna be late for school Gale!"

"Alright Kitten. Just this once."

"Just for the record, I won." I say while pointing myself proudly.

"You really love winning don't you?" He asks while smirking.

"Yes. My best prize ever was you." I say while leaning in for a kiss.

My little kiss turned into a make-out session. I pull back and Gale looks comically hurted.

"I said that school is starting" I point out.

"Fine." He mutters something under his breath that I didn't catch.

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