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Me: There's gonna be someone new to the story!

Katniss: Let's just hope that she or he won't be annoying.

Peeta: Me to.

Me: One and only hope...

Aragorn: Yeah.

Katniss, Peeta and I: Dafuq?

Peeta's POV

I was on my way to my magnificent girlfriend's house until I saw Gale going. I was hiding in the neighbor's bushes. Gale knocked and Katniss opened up. I got closer and saw that they were talking since the door was open. Gale kissed Katniss while holding a grip on her. I was about to interfere until I saw her slap Gale and pushing him out. That's my girl! At least I know that she's not cheating on me. I decide to wait a little and knock/ I make myself look presentable as my beautiful goddess opens up. She instantly sends me a 100 watt smile as she sees me.

"Hey Peeta."

"Hi." I say as I kiss her cheek. "Ready?" I ask as I look at her outfit. Almost the same except that she's wearing a green shirt with grey pants whereas I am wearing a gray shirt and green pants.

"Let's go." She says as she leans in.

"Eww!" Says Prim from behind as she covers her eyes.

"Bye Prim!" Kat and I shout as we leave.

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