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"Hello": Human Speech

'Hello': Human Thought

"Hello": Demon Speech

'Hello': Demon Thought

"Jutsu: Jutsu


The sun has just set on the Village Hidden in the Leaves, Konohagakure, it was the day of the genin selection exams. One young yellow haired boy is in the middle of the woods trying his hardest for his 'makeup exam'

"Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (Shadow clone Jutsu)!" Screamed Naruto. 'Poof' a dozen clones of him came into existence. "Yatta!" yelled Naruto. "Hmm, the scroll said that these were solid clones. Better test one out to make sure so I don't fail the exam" he observed. "Come here" he told one of the clones. As it walked over, Naruto suddenly charged said clone and kicked it in its face, leaving only enough time for him to see its slightly shocked face before it poofed once more out of existence. 'Strange, my face kind of tingles like something struck it. Maybe I'll ask Jiji about it later'.

"Hmm what should I do now? I've already mastered the jutsu, so I guess I could just rest." Murmured Naruto to himself as he sat on the ground to wait for a teacher to grade his work.


About an hour later a man in black pants and shirt with a green flak jacket, his hair in a pineapple looking ponytail and a scar across his nose came into the clearing and found Naruto just napping on the ground. 'He steals a scroll of powerful and forbidden techniques, from the most important person and place in the village, and when I find him he's taking a nap in the middle of nowhere?' He asked himself as he walked up to the young blonde.

Coughing lightly into his fist, he gathered as much air into his lungs before shouting at Naruto, his head somehow growing as he did so, "YOU MORON, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?"

Naruto, scared out of his sleep was momentarily terrified, convinced that the village was under attack or something, before realizing he had company.

"Iruka-sensei, I found you, datebayo!" Shouted Naruto.

The now identified Iruka sighted as he pinched the bridge of his nose sighing before telling Naruto, "No, I found you. Now what are you doing out here and why did you take the Forbidden Scroll?"

The blonde looked at Iruka with a rather confused expression on his face. "What do you mean Iruka-sensei?" asked Naruto. "I'm here training for the makeup exam." He said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, like the color of the sky, or the awesomeness of ramen.

'He came out here to train? He's exhausted and was napping when I got here how long was he working? Wait...what?' "What do you mean makeup exam, Naruto?" asked the scarred man.

Naruto smiled as he proudly hefted the large scroll, "Mizuki-sensei said that if I got this scroll from the Hokage and learned a jutsu from it, I could graduate since I failed the normal exam"

'That's strange. Why would Mizuki tell him that? Unless...' All of a sudden the sound of shuriken and kunai being thrown reaches his ears, "Naruto, get down!" shouted Iruka as he tackled his student.

"Well done Iruka, I didn't think you had it in you!" shouted someone in a tree on the edge of the clearing. He was a silver haired man in the same outfit as Iruka, but with a pair of gigantic throwing stars on his back.

"Mizuki! What is the meaning of this!?" shouted Iruka at the silver haired man.

"I've gotten rather bored here Iruka, this place has been holding me back from day one! So I found a new master, one that will give me power! All I needed was a little gift and all that I ever wanted would be mine!"

"You're insane Mizuki!" shouted Iruka

"Come Naruto let us leave this place and fulfill our every dream, give me the scroll!" screamed the demented silver haired man.

"Don't give it to him, Naruto!" Yelled Iruka.

Cackling Mizuki simply asked "And why should he listen to you, the one who lied to, and hated him all his life, hmm? Do you want to know why you are hated Naruto? Why no one loves you or ever will?"

"Stop Mizuki!" yelled a desperate Iruka.

"It's because you are the nine-tailed fox that attacked the village fourteen years ago. It was you who killed the fourth hokage! It was you who killed Iruka's parents!"

'What' thought Naruto 'Is that true? Am I just a monster? Did I kill all those people? Did I kill the yondaime and Iruka's parents? If that's true then I guess I deserve to be treated this way.'

"No, he's not!" shouted Iruka, "He's just a child who's had a burden no man should carry on his own thrust upon his shoulders. He is Naruto Uzumaki, Shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato."

Naruto then remembered all the people who made his lonely existence bearable; the hokage, Iruka, and the family who ran his favorite ramen stand the Ichiraku's, and he began to smile, "Thanks Iruka sensei, I know who I am, I am Naruto Uzumaki, the next hokage!"

Mizuki just stood there and smirked, "how can you be a hokage if you're dead" he asked as he grabbed several shuriken and kunai and threw them at Naruto.

'Shit,' thought Iruka as he tackled Naruto getting him out of the line of fire, thus making the kunai hit him instead and pinned him to a tree.

With Iruka pinned to a tree by kunai, Mizuki wound up his one of his giant shuriken about to throw it, with Naruto watching from where Iruka knocked him down to. "Say goodbye to your demon brat, Iruka!" screamed the insane chunin, as he let fly with the shuriken.

'No, no, no! I can't let Iruka sensei die like this! But I'm not strong enough to beat him'

"Do you want power boy?"

'What?' he thought as he fell into the blackness

Inside Mindscape

Naruto woke up groggily, before shortly realizing he was in a strange sewer, lying in the water.

'Eww. Why am I in a sewer…wait…IRUKA SENSEI!' He started to panic slightly before realizing that before he could help his sensei, he had to find out where he was. Noticing the water was flowing like a river, he decided to go 'upstream' to see where the source of the water was.

Following the pipes he soon came to a large chamber with an area sectioned of by gigantic metal bars closed with a paper with the kanji for seal on it.

Feeling this was important, he walked up to the gate, only to jump back as a large pair of red eyes opened behind it as well as a large toothy disturbing looking grin appearing and a deep booming laugher being heard.

"So my warden finally graces me with his presence." Said the same voice he heard in the forest.

"Where am I" Asked Naruto.

"We are in your head Kitt. The place that represents your mind." Said the voice.

"Y-you're the fox aren't you? The Kyuubi no Kitsune!" Asked a terrified Naruto

"That I am Kitt. So do you want my power?" Asked the fox.

"I do want power, but not yours; I want my own power so I can protect my precious people. If it is not my own it would be a hollow victory." Replied the young blonde.

The Kyuubi stared at Naruto for a few moments before bursting out into laughter, and saying, "Good answer Kitt, you're a warrior born. Tell you what; I think I'll give you a new power. Don't ask me how it works as I only understand the basics myself. So do you accept?"

"That depends on what this power is, and what you want in return." Said Naruto, slightly suspicious of the giant fox.

Once again the fox burst into laughter "This power is what I believe you mortals call a kekkei genkai, and all I want is a chance to see the outside world," before Naruto could protest such an arrangement, the fox cut him off and continued his speech, "I don't expect you to open the doors right now or anything like that, that comes later when I eat you, right now I just want you to tear off a small part of the seal so that I can see through your eyes, smell through your nose, hear what you hear. After fourteen odd years of being locked in a cage in the sewers, I've gotten rather bored."

"How large a part of the seal?" asked Naruto.

"About the size of your thumb" replied the Kyuubi (AN: Yes the 'ripping off a part of the seal' thing is a cliché, but I don't care.)

"Isn't a kekkei genkai something you get from your parents?"

"If you're asking what I think you're asking then yes, if you have children then they could have this bloodline as well."

"What kind of kekkei genkai would I get?"

"It is a power called Black Blood and it turns your blood black as well as allowing you complete control over it. Again I don't know what exactly you can do with it but I can think of a few things, such as forming weapons with it and making a type of armor, or simply surrounding someone with it and crushing them to death, as well as increasing the amount of blood in your body by about triple the amount." Kyuubi explained

"What do you mean triple the amount?" Questioned the confused blonde?

"The average human adult has five pints of blood within their body, little over a gallon, triple that and you get fifteen pints, which is just shy of four gallons. You on the other hand are a fourteen year old midget Kitt, so you don't even have that much."

"But how would I get it out of my body without cutting myself or getting hurt over and over and without killing myself due to blood loss?" asked Naruto, a little miffed about being called a midget.

"Well, you see when you use your powers, your skin will open up like a lid (AN: think Kimimaro) and when you're finished getting the blood you'd need, you'd simply close up without a trace, or I'd suggest you put as much into one of those sealing scrolls you mortals are so proud of as you can. As for dying from loss of blood, you'd only need the normal amount to live, which means you essentially have two bodies worth of blood to go through before you enter the proverbial 'danger zone'"

"Hmm… That does sound pretty awesome… alright I'll do it, datebayo!" shouted Naruto, as he walked up to the gates. He reached up to one corner of the seal and slowly and meticulously, ripped of a piece no larger than the last digit of his thumb

All of a sudden, large amount of a red substance started to crawl towards and engulf Naruto. As it touched him it started to burn, and he began screaming from the pain.

"Hmph. Did I forget to mention this was going to hurt? Oh, how careless of me." Said the fox, without a hint of remorse in his words.

Naruto soon collapsed on the floor of his sewer, panting for breath as he glared at the fox. "Is there anything else I should know?"

"Hmm, let's see. Well, since this isn't a doujutsu kekkei genkai, there are elements that combine to make it, in this case, along with whatever your natural affinity is, you now have an affinity for Earth and Wind."

"What do you mean?" asked the clueless blonde.

"Very well you idiot Kitt, I'll explain. Mortals usually have what are called affinities to certain elements, which means that using a jutsu from that element is not as taxing as another. Take you for example unless your natural affinity was already for fire, now that you have that black blood a fire jutsu will always cost more than either an earth jutsu or a wind jutsu."

"Sugoi! So I have three affinities now?" asked a suddenly hyperactive Naruto.

"SILENCE!" Screamed the fox, instantly getting Naruto to calm down, "You MIGHT have three affinities Kitt, earth or wind might have already been your natural affinity." Scolded the fox, leaving a sheepish Naruto.

"So my blood is now black? You said I had complete control of it. How does that work, how do I control it?" Wondered Naruto.

"Yes it is , and from my understanding you simply have to channel chakra to your black blood and then it will bend to your will. Now I believe you have a teacher to save Kitt."

"Iruka sensei! Holy crap I forgot all about him! How do I get out? How do I get out?" Screamed a now panicking Naruto as he ran around in circles waving his arms around like a maniac.

"If you allow me to speak I will answer you. If you wish to leave all you simply have to will it. But before you go, I don't suppose you could do something about this place could you? It is rather depressing." Said the fox.

"I'll do as much as I can when I have the time" promised Naruto even as he felt once again that he was falling into darkness.

Real World

Naruto came too just in time to see that the giant shuriken that Mizuki had let fly had moved perhaps a foot form where it had been before he had met with the fox.

Thinking quickly he remembered the fox's words on how to control the blood and his idea of using it for armor, he jumped between Iruka and the shuriken, and held up a hand palm out. He then focused as much chakra as he could into the blood vessels in his forearm and hand and thought about the blood hardening.

As Iruka watched in horror, and Mizuki watched in glee the shuriken got closer and closer and then struck Naruto's outstretched hand. But rather than cutting his hand off it barely cut him before it stopped.

Mizuki and Iruka watched awestruck as Naruto tossed the shuriken to the side and growled at the silver haired man, "Just try to hurt Iruka sensei you piece of shit! I'll repay you anything you do to him a thousand times over!"

"Naruto. How did you do that?" mumbled Iruka to himself.

"What can you do little fox? You're just a poor little abomination that needs to be put out of its misery! After I kill you I'm going to kill Iruka as well!" Screamed Mizuki, cackling insanely.

"We'll see about that teme." Yelled Naruto as he made a classic hand sign, "Taju Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu)!"

A thousand Naruto's popped into existence and stared with utter hatred at Mizuki who was starting to sweat profusely. "Bring it on little demon! You are nothing compared to my might!"

Suddenly a strange black substance came out of and covered every Naruto's cut right hand covering his arm up to the elbow. After every Naruto had his arm covered, they charged the silver haired man.

One ass kicking later…

A beaten and bloodied Mizuki lay on the ground as a sweaty and exhausted Naruto stood panting over him panting. He then walked over to Iruka and said, "I did it" before pulling all the kunai out of his friend.

"Naruto can you sit down and close your eyes?" asked Iruka to a very surprised Naruto.

"Sure Iruka sensei" said Naruto. Soon he felt a strange weight on his head and had to resist the temptation to look.

"Alright Naruto." Said Iruka causing the blonde to open his eyes. The first thing he noticed was that Iruka no longer had his Hitai-ate, which caused him to feel his forehead. He then started to tear up as he felt Iruka's hitai-ate on his head.

"Congratulations, Naruto. You passed this year's genin selection exam." Said Iruka with a proud smile towards his favorite student.

He was then tackled to the ground by an ecstatic blonde blur, which was laughing merrily.

"Ne, Naruto, how did you do that anyways? The thing with the shuriken and your arm." Wondered the scar faced man.

"Oh that's easy Iruka sensei! It was a kekkei genkai that the fox gave me!"

"You're damn right I did" said the fox startling Naruto for a second, but he decided to worry about it later

Iruka wondered for a second if he had gone crazy or was sleeping, but he had always been sane and he was in too much pain to be asleep.

"I'm sorry?" Asked a deeply confused Iruka.

"When Mizuki teme threw that shuriken at you, the fox pulled me into my…umm…I think he said…mindscape or something? Anyways, it asked me if I wanted power, and I told it only if it was my own power to protect my precious people, or else it would be a hollow victory. It then gave me a bloodline which allows me to freely control my blood as well as tripling the amount of blood in me. He then told me that if I didn't have it before then I have both an earth and a wind elemental affinity. It then said that I can give the ability to my kids if I had any!" The new genin ecstatically explained to his sensei.

"Interesting Naruto. Well, now that this whole fiasco is over, how 'bout we give the scroll back to Hokage sama, and then go have some ramen to celebrate?"

"Yatta, ramen!" Screamed the blond while going to pick up the almost forgotten Forbidden Scroll.

As they left for the Hokage's office neither one noticed nor cared that the Hokage's elite forces the Anbu showed up and took Mizuki away.


At the Hokage's office

Hiruzen Sarutobi otherwise known as the sandaime hokage, looked at the young man who he considered a grandson and his teacher as they explained the events of the night.

"…and then Naruto picked up the scroll and we came here Hokage sama." Finished Iruka, who was standing at attention in front of the hokage's desk.

"Very well. Mizuki has been apprehended and been placed in a cell at the T&I department. As for you Naruto. I'm very proud you were able to beat Mizuki even if it was foolhardy and reckless of you. I am going to approve Iruka's decision and make you a full genin. I am also going to give you the mission pay for a B-rank and put one on your record. Report tomorrow at the academy at ten to receive your team assignments. But before you go, I'd like a sample of your blood so that we may run some tests on it to see what you can do." Said the hokage.

"What do you mean sample Jiji, and didn't I already tell you what I can do?" asked a thoroughly confused whiskered genin.

"Well Naruto, some abilities have uses that can only become apparent after serious study and deliberation. I just want you to live up to your full potential." Explained the aged man.

"Alright Jiji, do you have something to keep the blood in?"

The hokage thought for a minute before he called "Neko san." After he called a young woman with purple hair and a cat mask appeared kneeling before the hokage, and asked, "what may I do for you Hokage sama?"

"Do you have some kind of container that we may use for a sample of Naruto's blood?" asked the hokage.

"No I do not sir, but Tora is a medic, so he may have one." She replied as a man in a tiger mask appeared with a glass vial.

"Naruto, can you put some blood in the vial or do you need some sort of assistance?" asked Hiruzen.

"Thanks Jiji, but Kyuubi told me how to do this!" he said excitedly as he held out his left hand palm up. After about three seconds two bisecting lines appeared on his palm and the skin split and blood flowed out. The four adults in the room looked worryingly at Naruto only to see that he didn't look uncomfortable in the slightest. After an amount of blood had come out his hand closed without even so much as a scar

'Fascinating' thought the hokage and Tora.

The blood then began to hover in the air in a sphere about three inches across, and Naruto started to sweat from the concentration needed to do this. The blood then began to flow into the vial. Naruto only got about three fourths of it into the vial before his concentration broke and the rest fell onto the floor, the hokage's desk, and Tora's gloved hand.

"Sorry Jiji" said Naruto as he looked at the floor and the desk where his blood had fallen, looking both mentally and physically exhausted.

"It's alright Naruto." Replied Hiruzen, "it can be cleaned. Now how about you go home and rest? You have a big day tomorrow."

"But Jiji," whined Naruto, "Iruka sensei promised me ramen!"

Smiling Iruka replied "Tell you what Naruto, I'll take you for ramen tomorrow, right now you look dead on your feet. How 'bout it?"

"I'll hold you to that Iruka sensei" promised Naruto as he bid everyone goodbye, but just as he was about to leave he remembered something and turned to the hokage much to the surprise of everyone present.

"Hey Jiji, is there something I should know about Kage Bunshin? Because I was testing it out and I kicked one in the face, and after it disappeared it seemed like I knew what it felt like to be kicked in the face."

Everyone just looked surprised at his observation as Hiruzen decided to tell Naruto of the perks of the Kage Bunshin Jutsu

"Well Naruto, the Kage Bunshin is a very special technique in that when a clone is dispelled, its memories are transferred back to the user and any other remaining clones. So anything that you the clones do you learn as well."

Naruto scrunched his face up in thought, then asked, "so if one of the clones memorized a book and then dispelled, I'd memorize the book as well?"

The others just looked surprised at his observation. "Yes Naruto that is exactly correct, it also works with jutsu or chakra control exercises. If a clone masters something then you get the experience and you master it as well. Something that would take a two hours would only take one with a clone and something that takes a year would only take a month with twelve. It is a great training tool and since you have such high chakra levels you could make hundreds of clones and you could master pretty much anything easily."

At this point Naruto had Sparkles in his eyes as he considered the possibilities of what his Jiji had said, and then he grew slightly confused, "Ne Jiji? What are chakra control exercises?"

The hokage looked slightly exasperated and simply told Naruto that he would tell him next time Naruto came for a visit. After some grumbling on Naruto's part he left to go sleep.

After Naruto had gone he turned to Tora and told him with the utmost seriousness and a tone that said 'do not fuck this up', "I need you to go to the hospital and have the leading hematologist run every single test imaginable twice on this sample, I don't care if he's sick with only hours to live. This power was born of the fox, and I don't want any unneeded complications. Do you understand me Tora?"

"Hai, Hokage sama." Said Tora as he disappeared to do as the hokage told him.

After he left Hiruzen dismissed Neko, sighed and turned to Iruka, "What do you think, can we trust Naruto's new powers?"

Iruka thought for a moment before replying, "We may not be able to trust his new ability, but I place every trust imaginable in Naruto."

"I agree Iruka but it is better to be safe than sorry, I'm going to be putting a tail on Naruto for a while to make sure his new ability doesn't have drawbacks." Said the now rather solemn hokage.

"How long will this tail be on him?" asked the chunin.

Hiruzen thought about it and said, "Until his first C rank mission."

Iruka seemed to accept that and bid the hokage goodnight. After he left, the hokage swiveled his chair to face the window and sighed.

'It's going to be a long next few days.'


After Naruto had done all the things necessary to go to bed he crawled inside and just as he was about to drift into unconsciousness...

"Kitt, we need to talk."


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