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It was a sun filled day in Konohagakure no sato, as Namikaze Minato strolled through the village, whistling as he went. It had just been a week previously that he had used his new jutsu, the Hiraishin (Flying thunder god), in large scale combat. Sure, he had taken most of it from the Second Hokage, but it still had his own original twist to it. Damn was he in a good mood. He had saved several lives, he was back in his home village, the sun was shining, he had a smoking hot girlfriend, and the respect of his fellow shinobi.

Life was good.

However, something strange was going on, as several times during his stroll, the blonde man noticed that small groups of people, at least three, at most five, were usually situated with one member in the middle, with the others bunched around them. Now, this might be odd to some in a normal sense, until you realized that the one everyone else was gathered around was holding something that they were all looking at. Upon closer inspection, it was a Bingo Book. And it had to be a fairly recent edition too, because the cover had changed from a nice dark blue, to one with a light tan cover, edged in brown.

Again, this was not all that strange. However, what was strange was the fact that whenever one of the group would see him, they would point it out, and the group would start laughing. Now, Minato could certainly handle getting laughed at, but after six groups of people, all of whom he had fought and bled beside, he began to get a little self conscious.

'What the hell is so funny?' He wondered to himself, before deciding to simply Shunshin (Body flicker) the rest of the way to his destination, a training field he and his friends had decided upon meeting at.

Upon arriving, a smile was once again plastered upon his face at seeing his girlfriend, Uzumaki Kushina. The girl was about Minato's age, give or take a year or two, with beautiful long red hair.

Next to her was Uchiha Mikoto, who looked rather haggard for some reason, probably from clan business. She had a rather delicate look about her, with her pale skin, tear drop shaped face, shoulder blade length black hair, and gentle black eyes. But don't let that fool you, as she was one of the most dangerous kunoichi in the village.

After that was a man named Maito Dai, an extremely...eccentric man who a green jumpsuit, a scarf around his neck, and had what looked like a mixture between a bowl cut and a comb-over, with some peach fuzz on his face. It is worth noting that he was doing vertical push-ups, and screaming at the last member of the group about un-youthful men not being good fathers.

The last member of the group was another woman, this one with extremely frizzy brown hair, slit pupils with no iris', and red marks on her cheeks. Her name was Inuzuka Tsume. Next to her was a humongous dog named Kuromaru with an eye patch on his right eye.

"How are you guys doing?" He shouted out, letting them all know that he was there, to which they all stared at him for a few seconds, before Tsume burst out into hysterical laughter, rolling around on the ground with Kuromaru, Dai flipped himself onto his feet and gave a huge mischievous grin, and Mikoto started giggling with a laughing Kushina hanging off her shoulder.

"What the hell is so funny?" Demanded Minato, sick of everyone laughing at him for seemingly no reason.

"It's nothing Minato." Replied a still giggling Mikoto, "Keep your pants on."

Now, for some reason, this seemed to really set everyone off, as Tsume somehow started laughing even harder, every now and then gasping the word 'pants', Kuromaru, started to howl in a way that everyone could tell he was laughing, Dai stood there trembling, physically forcing himself to not laugh, Mikoto began to chuckle, and Kushina just began to cry, falling off of Mikoto's shoulder, and rolling on the ground with Tsume and Kuromaru, though nowhere near the brunette's condition.

'The hell?'

"What is wrong with all of you?" Questioned Minato, Mikoto having to answer as she was the only one calm enough to do so.

"You know Minato, the latest copy of the Bingo book came in today." Stated the black haired woman, getting a raised eyebrow from Minato.

"I know, what's you point?" He asked, everyone seeming to laugh just a little harder at that question.

"Well... it's just that... you have an entry." She told him, inwardly feeling both happy and bad at his happy expression.

"Really? Was it Iwa? I bet it was Iwa. What's my bounty, is my moniker cool, what rank am I listed as, what-" Came the stream of questions from the shaggy haired blonde, only to be interrupted by a Mikoto's raised hand.

"Here, I'll just let you see for yourself." She stated, both excited and mortified as she handed the man a copy of the book, the page already marked, ready for Minato to divulge it's secrets.

'Oh boy, I can't wait to see this!' he thought, before gaining a horrified look at it's contents.

Minato Namikaze

Afilliation: Konoha

Rank: S

Bounty: Fifty Million Ryo Dead Or Alive: Iwa

Moniker: The Yellow Flasher