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Voldemort was talking to his best two lieutenants and Death Eaters, "We must do something about that Prophecy! If Dumbledore is allowed to have your son, Lily, we all could fall."

"I know my Lord, but what about Severus; is he to know he is the father? With the potion he made, Harry is a half blood."

"Where is little Harry now?" Bellatrix asked her best friend.

"I left him with James, who thinks I am going to see Sirius."

"Well it's a good thing he is on our side then, is it not? But I am serious about that Prophecy. Lily, you know something don't you? Don't make me punish Severus for your reluctance." Voldemort warned her.

"There is old magic we could use, but it might weaken you, my Lord. You would come to my house and kill James and my Horcrux, which would then protect Harry with old magic, who then you would try to kill. You would fail because of the "Mother's Love" spell. Harry would have a scar, the Order would think I am dead, and Severus would have his son. However, there is a chance that Harry would become a Horcrux for you, and we would have to find you very powerful magic to bring you back."

"But it can be done?"


"Then I will tell my followers that I am going to kill you tonight, Pettigrew has been most helpful."

"My Lord, the others will be arriving soon."

"Thank you, Bellatrix. Lily, send your Horcrux home, tell her what she need to do."

"Very well, my Lord."

After Lily sent her Horcrux to de her doppelganger, they seated themselves around the Dark Lord's throne waiting for rest of the Death Eaters started to arrive. As they started coming in Voldemort noticed that Rosier was not himself.

"Rosier!" Rosier came toward the throne and bowing to Voldemort said, "Yes, my Lord?"

"Where is Mulciber? Why is he not here? Did I not send the two of you on a mission?"

"Yes, my Lord, you did. We completed our mission, sir; the centaurs are on our side."

"Then where is Mulciber!"

"Dumbledore killed him, sir."

Just at that moment a young girl with pale skin, brown eyes with flex's of gold and red, and very black kinky hair came bounding into the throne room and scrambled onto the Dark Lord's lap.


"Yes, my dear?"

"What did Rosier do wrong? I thought he was one of your best Death Eaters besides mum, Aunt Lily and Uncle Severus."

"Well, Hermione, he let Dumbledore kill Mulciber and now he has to be punished."

Grinning evilly the two year old asked, "Can I do it?"

Voldemort looked at all of his followers and said, "This is how you need to be raising your children. They need to come to these meetings and not only watch, but also participate!" Little did he know that this was the last gathering he we be to for over twelve years.

Bellatrix, smiling at her daughter, gave her, her wand, "You know what to do."

Hermione looked at Rosier, and said in a clear high voice, "Crucio! Crucio!"

Voldemort looked at Bellatrix and said, "She is far more advanced than many Seventh years."

"Yes, I have been able to teach all the spells I know, her parselmouth is incredible, and you should see her on that broom. I think she will make a great Beater."

Rosier pleaded, "Please, my Lord, stop. I am sorry."

"It is not I who you should be asking to stop. You should be asking the Dark Princess."

"My Princess, please." Rosier begged.

Hermione looked at her father, who only grinned. She turned to Rosier and smirked a smirk worthy of a Black. "Avada Kedavra!" turning to her father, "Did I do good, daddy?"

"Yes, my Princess, now go see your mother I have an important announcement I need to make."

"Mummy! Up please?"

"Of course dear." Bellatrix said as she picked up her daughter.

"Now as you all know about the Prophecy concerning the Potter child" Voldemort began, "I will go tonight and take care of James and Lily and bring the boy to be raised by Severus."

"Thank you, my Lord." Severus said bowing.

"You will take care of the child like it is your own. You are dismissed and if any of you come to help me Bellatrix, Hermione, and Phoenix will take care of you."

(Phoenix is Lily's code name—Voldemort is keeping her a secret, a final blow against the Order of the Phoenix, if you will)

All is not ok Hermione's world! Her daddy is missing, her betrothed, Harry, has been sent to live with Muggles (at least his Aunt is a good kind, she is a kind of a Death Eater and knows who really should be in charge), and her mummy has gone to stop her husband and his brother from torturing the Longbottoms.

"Being stuck in the house is no fun, what if mummy doesn't come back!" Hermione asked her house-elf, Hestia.

"Miss, am I sure your mother will… oh dear."

"What is it? What's wrong?"

"I need to take you to the Malfoy's, Miss."

At this Hermione started to cry. She knew what that meant; her mummy was either captured or killed. Hermione heard her Aunt say, on the verge of tears, "Lucias, have Dobby make up the Hermione's room please. Hermione, are you ok?"

"Aunt Cissy, mummy went to protect the Longbottoms and now is captured!" Hermione got out before she started bawling.

Narcissa, hating to have to ask but needing to, asked Hermione "Princess, are you sure?"

Hermione cooker her head, "Mum?"

"Right here, Sweetheart, don't worry I'll get this mess cleaned up in no time. But while I'm in custody, you listen to your Aunt Cissy and Uncle Cias. Ok?"

"OK mummy, I love you."

"I love you to 'Mione."

Looking at her aunt Hermione snarled, "The Order has captured her!"

"Let's get your to bed. We will deal with them later."

Hermione looked at her Aunt with the saddest eyes, "Aunt Cissy, could I stay with Draco, please?"

"Of course dear."

While the cousins were getting ready for breakfast two Aurors, Dawlish and Williamson, came to the Malfoy's.

Sneering at the two Aurors, Lucias said, "Well, well, well what do you two gentlemen want?"

Dawlish gave Lucias a piece of parchment and said, "We have come for Hermione Black."

Narcissa screaked, "No! You can't she's my niece, I can take good care of her!"

Upon hearing her aunt's screeches Hermione came running down the stairs with Draco in tow. Running up to her aunt Hermione asked, "Aunt Cissy, Uncle Cias, what's wrong?"

At that moment Dumbledore choose to walk in, "Nothing is wrong, my dear . These men are just going to take you to your new family."

At that moment Hermione knew she had no choice. "Aunt Cissy, Uncle Cias, and Draco, I love you and I hope to see you soon."

With that the Aurors and Dumbledore took Hermione away, and the Malfoys became hard and cold.

At the Ministry of Magic the Aurors were deciding what to do with Hermione. They knew that any wizarding family that they gave her to would either hate her for her who mother was or would turn her into her mother. Hermione could hear their thoughts and thought that it was funny that all these grown men thought her to be an innocent. They were not even shielding their thoughts! Hermione was very good at Occlumency and Legilimency thanks to her parents and got inside of these men's heads and did not like what she heard.

Her mother is in Azkaban for the rest of her life. Should we give to Muggles? And if we do should we strip her of her powers?

And Dumbledore's mind was the worst: I think we should Obliviate her memory, and have McGonagall give her to her Muggle friends. I think that should do it. "Men, I think we need to summon McGonagall." Turning to Hermione he said, "Obliviate! Sweetie, do you know your name?"

Hermione knew better then to tell him the truth, so she sweetly said, "No."

He smiled at her and said, "You're name is Hermione, you were born on September 19, 1979. This is Professor McGonagall; she will take you to your parents."

McGonagall held her arms out to Hermione, who obliged her by climbing on. "I know the perfect muggle family, Albus." She said before she apparated to the Granger's house. Climbing the steps and then knocking on the door was one of the hardest things Minerva did.

Hermione heard what she was thinking: I cannot believe that I am burdening my friends with a magical child, especially this one! There is no mistaking that this is Bellatrix's daughter, and the father must be just as corrupt!

Just then Jean answered the door, "Minerva, how good it is to see you. John! Come and see who came to visit us!"

"I'm afraid this isn't a social visit, Jean. I have a favor to ask of the two of you, Could you please sit down?"

"Whatever it is I'm sure we can manage it, Minerva" said John.

"Do you think that you could care for this little girl?" Minerva asked, "Her name is Hermione and she was born 19 September 1979."

"Of course we can." Jean exclaimed.

Minerva looked at the Grangers and said, "I cannot thank you enough. I will make sure all the legal documents go through; however, I can only do the muggle ones. Since we do not want the Wizarding world to know where she is, I can't do anything there; I'm sorry."

John saw how defeated Minerva looked said, "It's ok, we will take good care of her."