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The Order was crushed in the following days and the rest of Wizarding Britain followed soon after. Surprisingly, for the Order members, Voldemort was not going to execute all Muggle-borns on sight. He did invoke a marriage law though. It became a crime, punishable to five years spent in Azkaban, to marry a Muggle. You could marry anyone with magic, even if they were a Muggle-born; but you couldn't marry a Muggle.

On Hermione and Bella's request House elves, Goblins, Centaurs, Mermaids, and Giants were all given the same rights as wizards. The only species that claimed their new found freedom were the Goblins.

In all actuality, Muggle-borns had more rights during Voldemort's reign than during any other time in Wizarding history.

Hermione married Draco and they had a daughter. On Hermione's assistance they name her Diana Artemis Malfoy.

Draco became a healer and Hermione went to teach potions at Hogwarts. Snape stayed headmaster. The Bella was the DADA professor. Jean taught Muggle Studies.

Molly, Arthur, Percy, and Ron were the only Order members that got sentenced to life in Azkaban – for a failed assentation attempt on Hermione's life.

Living under Voldemort was actually not that bad. In fact the Wizarding World, in Britain, flourished.

They had a celebration every year on the fourth of August – the day that the Dark Lord came into power.

And power the Dark Lord came into - for deep in the bowels of the Ministry Voldemort found a potion that made the drinker immortal. Hermione brewed it and it was passed out among the Dark Lords family and his most loyal servants.

The Dark Lord would be in power, forever.

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