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Basically slightly angsty fluff. I don't own TMI. Set circa CoA.

It was around midnight. Magnus and Alec were curled up in Alec's room at the Institute, sleeping as they so often did. It was a bit risky, they knew, but Magnus always crept out at around two in the morning, blowing a kiss to his boyfriend as he slunk out the old-fashioned window, quieter than any cat Alec had ever known.

There was a knock on the door, timid and quick. It didn't rouse either of them.

The person knocked again, and Alec gave a little snort in his sleep. Whoever was at the door took that as an invitation, pushing open the door and shuffling in.

"Alec?" It was Max, wearing flannel pajamas and looking distinctly upset. "I had a bad dream."

Alec woke reluctantly and stared for a moment. He murmured, "Max?" Then, feeling Magnus stir beside him, "Max!"

The youngest Lightwood stepped into the room, squinting at the darkness through his glasses.

Alec was fully awake now. He glanced nervously at the figure next to him, the remnants of glitter in his hair catching light from the streetlamps outside.

"I... Max, what's wrong?" He tried to shift the covers over Magnus surreptitiously. In doing so, he accidentally knocked his elbow into his face, rousing his boyfriend.

"Darling, I appreciate the wake-up call, but I can wake up on my own."

"Magnus." Alec hissed.

"Of course, if you just woke me up to whisper sweet nothings in my ear, I won't object..." He smiled.

"MAGNUS!" Alec finally raised his voice to a normal level.

Max, of course, noticed this exchange. "Alec, who is that?"

Magnus sat up and, seeing the boy, cursed silently. He hadn't me the youngest Lightwood, and this certainly was not ideal.

"Max, this isn't..." A bit belatedly, Alec realized there was absolutely no logical lie for this situation. He couldn't explain away having a warlock - a shirtless warlock - in his bed. "This is Magnus Bane." He exhaled shakily, and his boyfriend wiggled his fingers in a wave.

"He's a warlock," Max observed, noting Magnus's glowing cat eyes. It seemed all thoughts of his dream had vanished.

Magnus smirked. "Guilty." He saw, with no small amount of shock, that Alec was shaking a little.

He knew Alec wasn't ready to come out to his family, and Magnus was making light of the situation. Magnus's expression softened to the ghost of a smile, soft and comforting.

Alec saw the change in his boyfriend, and was spurred on. Even though this was only his nine-year-old brother, he was nervous.

"Magnus is my boyfriend." He explained.

"You have a boyfriend?" Max looked somewhat puzzled. "Like Izzy?"

"I wouldn't exactly call Izzy's guys boyfriends, but... Yeah." Alec grumbled.

The young boy shrugged. "Okay."

Alec let out the breath he had been holding. Magnus squeezed his hand and grinned.

"Just... don't tell Mom or Dad, okay?"

Max looked like he was about to question Alec's hesitation, but thought better of it at the look on the two boys' faces. He smiled and nodded, turning and closing the door on the way out.

The Shadowhunter and the warlock both settled back down to try and catch a few hours' sleep before dawn, and life, separated them again.

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