Chapter I

"IZAYA," Shizuo roared.

Slowly, the crimson eyed brunette turned from the stairs he was going down from and faced the threat.

It was finally Friday and Izaya just wanted to go home. He hadn't been messing with Shizuo this whole week because he was so beat. The damn teachers always got on his nerves, too.

"What? I'm going home. I'm in no mood to play with you," he hissed at the blonde. "I haven't even pissed you off this whole week. Leave me alone."

"No way you damned louse! I hate you nonetheless and want to be the one to skewer you."

"Fine, Shizu-chan. Let's just get this over with." He flicked his switchblade open.

Halfheartedly, he charged, driving the blade through the brute's side, causing him to slap Izaya. He recoiled and recovered, running to the blonde at an extreme speed and snatching the blade for the place it was lodged in. Shizuo didn't even flinch.

"There. We fought. Can I leave now?" he asked, putting the stained knife back in his pocket.

He looked up at the blonde wearily and sighed. "I want to go home. Bye."

As he turned to leave, Shizuo called to the raven and Izaya spiraled towards the brute one last time before leaving. He was just about to say something when a forceful shove made contact with his chest, sending him backwards.

As if everything were in slow motion, the raven's crimson eyes widened and hands slowly reached forward in a useless attempt to grasp something to keep him from plummeting downwards. His hair flew forward and his uniform floated slowly around him. Feet shot out from under him and he tipped over the edge of the stairs. There was a moment that seemed like eternity for which he was in the air. He caught a glimpse of Shizuo, arm still outstretched after pushing him. He made contact with what the floor. He curled in pain and bounced once before laying there. Searing pain shot through his head when contact was made and crimson eyes slowly shut. A dark shadow covered his eyes and Izaya blacked out.