Chapter V

"What are you doing, Shizu-chan?"

Shizuo was jumpy. "N-nothing Iz-flea."

"Seems to me Shizu-chan was kissing me," he said.

'Damn, why is he so observant?' Shizuo thought frantically.

"Shizu-chan…" Shizuo looked down at the calling raven and was shocked to find a violently blushing teen.

"Kiss me again…?" Shizuo's face flushed as he hovered over the brunette. Warm lips met with soft ones. There was a moment of silence while they savored each other's flavor.

Breaking apart, Shizuo stared down at the flushed raven.

"Gomen, Izaya. I don't know what came over me…"

"Baka." He said softly. "Maa ii deshou."

He wrapped his arms around the brute's neck and pulled him down, nestling his face in Shizuo's collarbone.

"Nemui," Izaya said.

Shizuo smiled. "I'll stay here with you since it's still early. You're lucky there's no school."

Slipping into the covers with the raven, Shizuo shifted so Izaya's face was against the blonde's chest. Giving Izaya another kiss, they slept, drifting into a land they couldn't live without each other in.