Kim: Okay, first Evangelion fic. I just recently finished the Evangelion manga and I thought I'd try my hand at a Shinji suicide. Hope you enjoy!

His End

Staring at his reflection in the bathroom mirror 14 year-old Shinji Ikari thought back on the miserable, pain filled existence he called his life. He could never remember feeling loved, he couldn't even remember his mother. All he knew was that his life was empty. He became what people wanted him to be and that shaped him. He didn't want to please anyone anymore, he wanted his freedom, the love he was always denied but he knew he wouldn't get that love. After all, true freedom lies with death, something he was all too willing to accept at this point in his life. And love, the love he wanted, lay with his long dead mother.

Shifting his dark eyes to the bathroom counter he picked up the kitchen knife he'd brought with him, placing the sharpened edge against his pale wrist and deftly sliding it across the sickly looking skin. Moving the knife to the other hand he copied his actions on the other wrist, twin trails of scarlet blood flowing from the shallow cuts. Soon, all would be over. Soon, he would have the salvation he craved so badly. His only regret was the people he was leaving behind; Misato, Asuka, Kensuke. He would miss all of them but what he wanted now... was the end. His end.

Kim: So, was it any good? I've done Inuyasha fics but I wanted to try something different for a change. Might even do an Evangelion/Inuyasha cross over. Who knows? Well, please Read & Review and let me know what you think. Sayonara:-{)