A/N: This is what might have gone on if Yomiel ever encountered the Guardian of the Park. The Guardian of the Park has a name, which is Dabira, and I will be using it because 'The Guardian of the Park' is a pain in the butt to type. Enjoy!

The Guardian of the Park had found his next target. This time, the one on the receiving end of the customary leaflets was a man in a red suit and sunglasses with a black cat in his arms, and he had a somehow familiar wiry frame. He must have come to this park before, sometime in the last seven years since the miracle the Dabira had witnessed saved the life of a little girl. The man was reading the monument, expression gradually souring as his eyes traveled over the text of the faded bronze plaque. Dabira sprinted up to the man, yelling the now almost mechanical but still passionate chant of "Stop the park from being turned into a housing site! Protect the park, the rock of the gods!"

The man turned toward Dabira. "What in the world are you talking about?" He seemed impatient to go, to be anywhere else right now, but Dabira didn't notice. That was not his duty.

Dabira was happy to explain. In all the years he'd been doing this, a grand total of four people had bothered to listen to him. They didn't know how important this park was or about the miracle that had happened. "Let me tell you, for the day is still young, and so are we! A miracle happened in this park!"

The man possibly raised an eyebrow, though it was difficult to tell behind the sunglasses. "I never heard about a miracle. Please enlighten me." His impatience was beginning to manifest itself in nervous fidgets and glances toward the gate, though Dabira was completely oblivious to this, as was the cat. Or maybe the cat just didn't care.

Dabira began his melodramatic telling of the tale of the meteorite that fell in the park seven years ago. He occasionally pointed toward the crater with an exaggerated gesture. He was that intent on his story. When he had finished, he rummaged around in his bag and pulled out a leaflet, which he shoved in the direction of the man. "Here, have a leaflet as a reminder of the tales we have shared today!"

However, Dabira's words were wasted on thin air. The last evidence the Guardian of the Park ever saw of the man was the cat's long, elegant tail gracefully looping around the bend and out of sight.

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