Summer after sophomore year of college, Dean planned on spending a month at home. He had been busy working at college and hadn't visited home too much, and his mother had been complaining that she hadn't seen him enough. Which is how Dean Winchester ended up back in his home town, preparing a beach trip with his younger brother Sam.

Sam had done most of the planning, but Dean was going to drive them both down to their favorite beach that they used to always go to when they were kids. It was a small beach, nothing special. It was nothing like the ocean, that was for sure. But the small fresh water lake was never too busy and had a great view.

So, on Saturday, the boys piled into the impala and headed out to their beach.

They packed two towels, a couple of sandwiches and snacks, water, and a Frisbee. It was a perfect day and they didn't want to waste any of it.

Half way through the day, the brothers were sitting on the farthest of the floating docks that encompassed the swimming area, with their feet in the water.

"Hey I bet you I could touch the bottom." Dean said, nudging Sam.

"Yeah, sure, Dean." Sam sarcastically agreed.

"You don't believe me?"

Sam gave Dean bitch face #5,018.

"Fine then." Dean said, standing up on the dock. "Watch this." And then he dived into the water.

Sam rolled his eyes. 'He is such a show off sometimes.' He thought to himself, rolling his eyes.

It was almost a minute when he saw Dean shooting back up to the surface. But Dean wasn't coming up straight. Sam didn't realize it until Dean was too close, but Dean ended up under the dock. Sam laid down on the dock and tried to reach for Dean under the dock.

Dean wasn't reaching back though. Dean's eyes were closed and he wasn't moving.

Sam panicked. He jumped off and dragged Dean from under the dock. He got Dean to the surface of the water, but he couldn't get Dean up onto the dock.

"Come on you jerk." Sam grumbled with panic in his voice. He knew he needed help though and shouted out. "Help! Some one help!"

There weren't many people around, but Sam heard splashing water. Someone must be swimming towards them.

He turned around, with Dean still in his arms, unconscious, and saw a guy swimming towards them.

The guy plucked Dean from Sam's arms and pulled Dean up. The man didn't seem very strong, but he got Dean up onto the dock with relative ease. Perhaps he was a lifeguard.

He pulled himself up next to Dean and started to perform mouth-to-mouth.

Sam was thankful for this man's help. He must be a lifeguard with all the knowledge he has for saving Dean.

All of a sudden, Sam heard Dean choking.

Dean turned on his side to let out the water that had gotten into his lungs. He tried to sit up a bit but was stopped by a strangers hand on his chest. But what really stopped him was the deep blue, familiar gaze of his savior.

"You need to go to the hospital." Said the blue-eyed man, who was looking at the top of Dean's head.

Sam looked to where the man was. Blood. Dean's head was bleeding. A lot.

"Shit." Sam said. "Some one call 9-1-1!"

Dean felt his head, and saw his head come back covered in blood. He knew that head wounds bled much more than any other wound, but the blood loss caught up with him, and he fell back into unconsciousness.

Dean blinked his eyes open slowly, only to be met with pure white brightness. The light made Dean wince. He let his eyes adjust to the light as he looked around. He was in a hospital bed.

He was hooked up to 2 machines. One giving him blood and one keeping up with his heart rate.

"What happened?" Dean mumbled, realizing his throat was dry. He coughed a bit.

"Dean! You're awake. Finally." Sam said, rushing over to Dean's side. "Mom and Dad are one their way. You're gonna be fine."

"Dude, shut up. What happened?"

"Dean you almost drowned."

Then everything came back to him. Well almost everything. Dean remembered the bet and not watching where he was swimming, and then seeing the blue eyes of the guy who helped him. For such bright, unique eyes, they almost seemed familiar to Dean.

"Right. And I hit my head." Dean said, feeling at the bandages around his head. 'Maybe they only seemed familiar because I hit my head and they reminded me of the water…' Dean thought.


"What happened to that guy?"

"What guy?"

"The guy who saved me? Mister Blue Eyes?"

"Mister Blue Eyes?" Sam chuckled.

"What? That's all I remember of him. That and he saved me." Dean said, a bit defensively.

"Oh yeah. I dunno. After the firemen got there, they kinda ushered everyone away, and when the paramedics got to you, it was hard for even me to stay with you. He probably got lost in the crowd. The paramedics were saying that guy was your guardian angel though. No one knew who he was, but they say that without him helping you, you may have died."

"Oh." 'Guardian angel huh?' Dean thought to himself. Then he said, "Wait, firemen? I was drowning. That's kinda the opposite of a fire."

"Yeah, so? Firemen are usually the first on any emergency scene." Sam said matter-of-factly. "Anyway, in the ambulance, they patched you up pretty well and then I called mom and dad. They should be here any minute. You've only been unconscious for…about…" Sam looked at the clock, "about 20 minutes, including when you were passed out on the beach."

"Sammy, wouldja stop rambling. You're giving me a headache." Dean said, pointing to his bandaged head, hoping for some sympathy.

"Oh, right, sorry." Sam said. They sat for a minute in semi-awkward silence before their parents walked in.

After they walked in, it was the usual parental concern and scolding for being to reckless.

Dean had to spend the night to make sure that he got enough blood back in his system and to have doctors check up on him and make sure he was fine. The next day, he was discharged and went home, only to be confined to his bed.

He wanted to go out. He was sick of being stuck in bed and just wanted to outside. He wanted to find Mister Blue Eyes and thank him for saving his life.

When Dean told Sam about how he thought the man seemed familiar, Sam just said that the guy was probably a lifeguard at the beach and Dean has seen him there before. Which would explain why he knew exactly what to do. Dean thought otherwise, though. Their beach rarely has a real lifeguard since it isn't that popular.

But, it was a start. And on the first day that his parents would let him, he walked down to the beach. It was a long walk, but it was a peaceful day and he couldn't drive on the pain meds he was on.

Just as he suspected, there was no lifeguard there, but that didn't mean he couldn't ask around. He was about to ask someone about his 'guardian angel', when he realized he didn't know much about the guy. He had blue eyes, dark hair (could have been dark brown or black, Dean wasn't sure) and was about Dean's age. That could be anyone. But that voice. The guy had a strangely deep voice. Dean knew that if he heard it again, he would know.

He walked about the beach aimlessly, hoping he could over hear a conversation and recognize his voice. But there was no luck.

Dean decided to pop into some of the shops around the beach. Perhaps the guy was a tourist and would be window-shopping or something.

Dean spent the whole day wondering about from shop to shop and was exhausted before the sun even set. He checked his watch and realized he had to be home for dinner soon anyway.

Maybe they would run into each other some how before summer ended. Dean hoped they would but realized that it was unlikely.

Dean tried to stop thinking about his mystery savior, but he couldn't stop thinking about his hypnotic eyes or commanding voice.

Summer was almost over, and Dean still hadn't found his Mister Blue-Eyes, but Sam had found an infinite amount of ways to tease Dean about his crush. Dean tried to deny it, but Sam wouldn't let him. Either way though, it didn't matter, because Dean never found him again.