Percy entered his cabin to an astonishing site. When he looked up he saw Aphrodite staring at him. She wore a tiny dress and Percy was already aroused.

"Oh sorry Percy." She said, "I was looking for my letter. Oh there it is."

Aphrodite bent down and her dress flew up. Percy got a view of her round butt with a white lacy thong strapped on. When Aphrodite turned around she saw Percy look away.

"You like? Well obviously." She said, "do you want to see more?" Without an answer she slowly untied her dress and let it drop to the floor.

Percy was left staring at her double d sized breasts in awe. " too bad they were covered with a bra" he said. Oops he said that out loud!.

Percy woke up strapped to Aphrodite's big bed. He looked around and saw thongs and bras strewn across the floor. Then he noticed he was tied down by thongs panties and bras. He tried to speak and noticed that a soaking wet thong was stuffed in his mouth. He also realized he was stark naked and had a bulging erection.

"Ohh percy dear no need to struggle those thongs don't break. Haha." Aphrodite said while trying on bras and panties.

Percy could just see her bare but in a reflection of a mirror when she came out.

As she strutted towards him she wore long skinny jeans and an aviator jacket.

"Lets get down to business." She said. She threw off the jacket revealing a sports bra. Her erect nipples were bulging out. Then she started to take her jeans off. After 5 minutes of agonizing seduction she tossed away her jeans with a flick of her toe. She had booty shorts that said. "Lets do this" with Hermes on the front.

She then slowly slid out of them tossing them on to Percy's erection. He wiggled them off still transfixed with her body. Now she had panties that covered her butt perfectly. She took out a knife and cut the sports bra off. Her boobs were yet again covered but by a lacy blue push up bra. At last her panties were off exposing her blue see threw thong.

She hopped on Percy grinding his leg and making his cock pulse. "Lets get down to business." she repeated ripping her thong and bra off and fell on to Percy. With great accuracy she landed on his cock grinding hard. Percy tried to scream but the thong in his mouth held back his voice.

Without breaking a sweat Aphrodite continued to ride him. As Percy moaned in pain and pleasure Aphrodite laughed," you mortals are soo weak! You cant even handle my pussycat!Meow!"