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Sleep was going to be unattainable tonight, he thought wearily as he laid awake staring at the ceiling. It wasn't just his own thoughts keeping him awake, it was also the restlessness he could feel coming from Orihime on his right. Lulling his head to the side he took in the scrunch of her brow and the soft bursts of reiatsu that escaped her occasionally as she shifted in an uneasy sleep. Even though she could put up a strong front while awake, it seemed sleeping was going to be a different matter. Glancing the other direction he could see that Uzume was facing the same predicament.

Deciding to go get up was his only option, carefully he got out of bed without disturbing the other two occupants. Looking back he quirked an eyebrow when Uzume scooted closer to Orihime pulling her into a gentle embrace. It brought a smile to his face to see how much they cared for each other, to his surprise the effects were immediate as his second sekirei sighed deeply and snuggled into the hold. Concentrating on the sleeping duo he could feel a faint trace of energy flowing from Uzume into her sister, it was warm, gentle and lulling the other woman into a deep sleep.

'Must've been me causing the problem.' He thought as he stared down at them from the foot of the bed. Squatting on the balls of his feet he concentrated on his feelings for them, gentle grabbing their ankles he let his love flood into them. Letting another smile cross his face as they both clung to each other tighter intertwining their legs and falling deeper into their dreams.

Softly padding through the Inn he made his way towards the back door, at times like this he wished there were a few hollows nearby to vent his frustrations on. What him and Orihime had done earlier was amazing, but it was also only a temporary reprieve from what was going on inside him. Closing the door behind him he took a seat at the end of the deck, letting his legs dangle over the edge. Looking up at the moon he went through everything that happened in the last few days, he second guessed himself countless times wondering if he had made the right choices. No matter the scenario, it always came back the same ten slaughtered shinigami in the rukangai and Kakizaki dying painfully.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" He asked no one in particular.

"Nothing's wrong with you Ichigo."

-Across Town-

Staring at the wreckage that used to be his office, he slowly poured himself another glass of scotch. Swirling the liquid a couple times he downed it in one gulp before lazily throwing the glass in a random direction, joining countless others as it shattered on the floor. Walking over to the large windows he rested his forehead on the cool glass as the weight of the day was taking its toll on him. Going over the conversation he had in the morgue only a few hours prior he knew he had a hell of a decision on his hands.


"Can you please identify the body?" The examiner asked as he pulled back the sheet.

"His name is Kakizaki Kenji, he was my personal assistant." Higa confirmed. On the outside he was calm, but inside he was in turmoil. Reaching his hand out he went to pull the sheet off his friend, only to be stopped by the examiner.

"He sustained extensive injuries, injuries you might not want to see." He stated pulling the sheet back up to cover the corpse.

"Can you tell me what happened to him?" He asked closing his eyes.

The examiner made a small sound of acknowledgement before walking to end of the examination table. Retrieving a folder from a small bin attached to the table, he flipped through it before clearing his throat.

"I'm sorry Higa-san, but the case is still under investigation. I can't release information until it's been settled." Seeing a wad of money placed on the table, he looked around before pocketing it and continuing.

"It appears Kakizaki-san was found in an abandoned warehouse tied to a chair. He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. He was brought here for me to perform an autopsy…" He cut himself off not wanting to get into the grizzly details with the man.

"Go on. What did you find when you examined him." He prodded, he was going to catalog every injury inflicted and pay it back tenfold.

"The deceased was brought in with what appeared to be torture inflicted injures. Lacerations and bruising on the wrists and ankles indicate that he was bound. Multiple facial fractures from blunt force trauma, cracked ribs most likely caused by a fist, indicated from bruising patterns. Internal damage to the esophagus, stomach and lungs. The damage was determined to be caused by forcing water down his throat." The examiner stopped to compose his breathing before continuing, he's seen horrible injuries caused by accidents in his line of work, but this ranked as the most vicious murder he's seen. "The victim had twelve inch crochet needles inserted through both kneecaps that ran along his femurs. Also present were third degree burns to his lower legs, an accelerant was found in the damaged tissue, indicating being doused with a flammable agent before being ignited. The final injury he received was the fatal one, his neck was slashed from ear to ear all the way to his spinal cord, severing the carotid artery, jugular vein and the trachea. It's of little consolation but he would have lost consciousness in moments and bled out quickly."

Seeing the man across from him take the horrible news without so much as changing his facial expression made him nervous. Most people brought in to identify a loved one would break down, some would take it stoically, but all asked more questions especially when their loved one was murdered. Questions such as 'who' or 'why', the lack of these clearly indicated that the man already knew the answers. So swallowing the nervous lump in his throat he made his exit.

"Higa-san, I'm going to give you some time alone with your friend. An officer will be by shortly to take your statement. I'm sorry for your loss." Receiving no reply he made a quick exit.

Pulling the sheet off his friend he cringed at the damage done. He knew it was his fault that Kakizaki was lying on the table. He stared straight ahead not seeing the medical equipment or the x-ray displaying the needles in his legs. He seen the times when Kakizaki was always there, never denying his wishes no matter how ludicrous. The times when he was there for him when his parents died and left him in charge of a multi-billion dollar company. Always there, always smiling and always supportive. He slammed his hand down on the table, he was a shit friend in return, and his only friend paid the ultimate price for it. He was going to make Kurosaki bleed for this, he didn't care if he had to lose every one of his sekirei to do it. Hearing the door open behind him he composed himself to deliver the lie he prepared for the police.

"Minaka!" He hissed as he clapped eyes on his rival. He was pissed to even have to visit M.B.I.'s morgue, a conversation with this man would only worsen his mood.

"Good evening Higa-san, but I guess that greeting is not fitting considering the circumstances." He chuckled insincerely.

"Indeed, it's inappropriate. If you don't mind I have to give my report to the police." He stated brushing past the man, jarring him with his shoulder.

"There's no police to give a report to, there's not even an investigation happening." Turning to Higa's stilled form he waited.

"So you're covering this up. What makes you think that I will let you do that?" His tone was low and threatening.

"All things involving the Sekirei Plan are covered up, no police involvement, not court date, no prison sentence… though I doubt such a punishment has crossed your mind. Let me save your life for a second time today, don't go after Kurosaki." He threatened.

"Second time? I don't remember there being a first!" He scoffed at the very notion of this man doing such a thing.

He pinned the man with a flat stare, analyzing him he could see it, the arrogance and pride. Two things that Kurosaki fed on when taking on his opponents.

"Kurosaki was coming for your head when I stopped him. If it wasn't for me you would be occupying a table next to your friend there." He stated callously, he had no remorse for Kakizaki. They played a dangerous game and lost. In his own mind he wasn't a hypocrite, he had inadvertently brought the killing machine to the capital when he abducted number 90, they went directly at him.

"It would take a lot more than an eighteen year old psychopath to bring me down. Do you honestly think he could get through my security to get to me? Outside I have a heavily armed escort waiting for me, which consists of several sekirei and armed guards. All I need to do is press a button and they would swarm. You probably noticed the three sekirei lingering just outside this very room." He rebutted.

"A mere inconvenience to him. You could hole up in your precious high rise and you wouldn't be safe." He stated matter-o-factly.

"You give that psycho too much credit." Higa snarled.

"And you're not giving him enough. Labeling him as a simple psychopath would be convenient, he could easily be discarded as nothing more than a monster. His age and appearance belies his true nature." Minaka warned while taking a seat at a desk and turning on a computer.

"And what would that nature be?" He asked genuinely curious. He had his guard up, but it seemed that Minaka was sincerely trying to help him and wasn't not displaying any of his over the top behavior he was known for. If Minaka was being serious than this situation was a lot more complicated than he thought. Moving closer he looked over his shoulder to see what he was bringing up on the computer.

"He's smart, organized and highly trained. I made the mistake of abducting one of his friends." Minaka said pulling up a video of the ashikabi who was attacked in an alley.

"This was taken fifteen minutes after she arrived at M.B.I. headquarters. As you can see he tracked her from Karakura to Shinto Teito in an incredibly short amount of time. Before you fool yourself, he doesn't work alone, the man helping him is brilliant. If I had to bet on it he's even smarter than myself."

Higa watched intently as Kurosaki beat his victim to a pulp. It was easy to see he was no stranger to combat, and ruthless to boot. He was shocked at Minaka's bold declaration, he may not like the man, but he would never deny his genius.

"Why did he attack that ashikabi?"

"He's highly protective of others it seems, not just loved ones. That ashikabi forcefully winged that sekirei, the fact that Kurosaki knew what that meant means he had prior knowledge before coming here."

"How? I didn't even know about it until you released the first sekirei."

"The man helping him. He tore through my firewall like it was rice paper, and he did so long before the sekirei plan started." Pulling up the video of his first encounter with Ichigo he continued. "This was taken the next day in my office."

"He broke into Shinto Tower!" Higa exclaimed, he winced a couple times as he took in the savage beating Minaka was dealt. His view on the orange haired menace was rapidly changing, he paled slightly when he imagined his own home being invaded by him.

"You see what I mean when I said hiding from him is worthless. He is going to come for you, he made that pretty clear. I have footage from earlier today if you would like to see it." Seeing him shake his head no, he complied and shut down the computer. The look of fear flitting across Higa's face made him inwardly smile, fear could be a great motivator after all.

"Why don't you have him locked up?" Higa asked in a calm voice

"A prison wouldn't hold him, and I'm already on his hit list. Like you, my chances of surviving this game are slim to none."

"So what are you implying? That we team up until he's taken care of." Higa questioned regarding the man as a potential ally.

"Yes, before you decide I'll sweeten the deal, don't want your friends sacrifice to be in vane after all." Minaka returned standing up from his chair.

"What did you have in mind?" He asked, curiosity piqued.

"Technology, M.B.I's technology to be more specific. I plan on retiring after this has ended and I would very much like to see that happen."

He stared at the man across from him with a critical eye, this whole deal stunk to high heaven. Why would a man just voluntarily give up everything he's worked for, Kurosaki was a threat sure, but that was a pretty high price tag.

"Let me think about it."

"Of course, I'll give you a couple days to mull it over." He stated as he made his way towards the door. Looking over his shoulder he left him with one last thing to think about.

"If you do decline, you'll leave yourself with only two options. Fight Kurosaki alone or run away from everything you've worked for and your family's worked for."

-Izumo Inn-

Making one last stroke with her sharpening stone Miya looked down at her blade as it reflected the moon light. She was mad at being woken up in the middle of the night, but she was downright pissed at how she was awakened. Orihime's tama was flaring wildly, which lead her to two conclusions either she was fighting or doing something else that had her very excited. Both scenarios highly against the rules at the Inn. Turning on her every trusty duck-san confirmed what she already knew, the low moans and mumbled curses made her blood boil. Oh she was going to make them pay and pay dearly for their trespass.

She knew that Ichigo cared little for rules, but Orihime always struck her as the type not to cause problems. If anything she thought that Uzume would be the one to instigate the illicit relations. How wrong she was, spotting Ichigo slip out the back door she turned on her heel and headed back to her room to retrieve her sword. She wasn't going to wait for the morning, she stopped in her tracks when she heard muffled voices on the other side of the door. Gently opening a window she listened.

"Nothing's wrong with you Ichigo."

"Yoruichi? What are you doing here?" He asked, stunned to see his mentor.

"I was bored so I just came to see what you were doing." She answered back, taking a seat next to him on the porch.

"At 1 in the morning, why are you really here?" He asked quietly readjusting his position to talk to her properly.

"Ya got me, I wanted to make sure you were doing all right." She stated giving him a small smile. "And from the looks of it I'm guessing not to well."

Not giving her an answer he just turned and kept looking out into the night. In all honestly he didn't know how he was doing. He was conflicted, he knew that he was killing more and more, but everyone he'd killed had deserved death.

"You're feeling empty inside aren't you?" She asked. She's seen the look he was sporting in the eyes of many others she's work with over her long life. It was a look of someone struggling against what they are. She wore that look herself many centuries ago when she first took over as the head of her clan.

"Yeah, it feels like I'm going out of control, but at the same time I'm not. I don't know it's just confusing as hell." He confessed as he rested his head in his hands.

"You shouldn't feel bad about the shinigami in the Rukongai or the man you killed earlier." She stated simply seeing him snap his head in her direction she held up a hand to stop his incoming questions.

"Not everyone knows what you did out there and it's going to stay that way. The only ones aware are me, Shinji, Kensei, Soifon and the Soutaicho."

"How?" He asked wearily.

"Soifon has you tailed every time you leave the Seireitei, before you get defensive she does it for two reasons one of them being that last incident."

"And the other?" He asked pinching the bridge of his nose how the hell didn't he notice he was being tailed.

"Information, like any good stealth force commander should she acquires information about everyone." She eyed the man next to her for a second and smiled slightly when he made a small noise of agreement.

"She is thorough I'll give her that. So what happens now? I'm guessing charges are going to be brought up on me." He sighed at the prospect of another potential disaster.

"No charges."

"Huh? How's that work?" He asked giving her his full attention.

Seeing him staring intently at her, she started playing with her nails and drawing out his agony a little bit. He was definitely her favorite student ever and she liked to torment him a little. He was about to snap when she started.

"Normally you would have been arrested and tried, the central 46 would have no problem issuing an order for that. Since you were on an official mission you're in the free and clear."

"What are you talking about official mission? I was never on a mission." He stated now confused more than ever.

"According to the paperwork Soifon filed you were." She shrugged. Seeing him still a little confused she spelled it out for him. "Soifons' men reported the whole situation to her, how you saved a doctor and the girls, and the actions you took against the perpetrators. Frankly what you did to them was letting them off easy considering she wanted to personally interrogate them."

He felt an involuntary shiver go down his spine, he sat in on quite a few of Soifon's interrogations. Compared to what she did he really let them off light. Feeling himself being pulled backwards he didn't fight, he already knew what Yoruichi was doing. When his head hit her lap he felt her running her hand comfortingly through his hair, it was one of the things she did for him after the war to calm him down.

"I know how you're feeling, you feel like a monster, like you committed an unforgiveable act." She cooed in a hushed voice.

"The things that you've done recently go against everything that you believe, life is precious of course, but the people you killed forfeited that gift when they attacked the innocent." She felt him tense under her hand but kept going. "If it was your father left alone with that man what do you think he would've done?"

"He wouldn't have gone as far as I did, he definitely wouldn't have enjoyed it." He replied with his eyes closed.

"That bag of tools Isshin packed was for him to use, not you." She stated bluntly as she gingerly scratched his scalp with her nails.

"T-Then why, why leave it to me, why let me do that?" He asked trying to sit up, only to be held in place.

"You are a Shinigami, and a damn fine one. Above all else you're a human that has to make choices no one your age should have to make. Taking life is just as big of a responsibility as guiding souls to the next life."

"I didn't interrogate him Yoruichi, I tortured him a-and I liked it, but now I don't know what to think of myself." He said softly relaxing into her embrace.

"I know, and you're confused. Did you really cross a line? You didn't seek that man out, he sought you out and brought the situation on himself. The fact that it's breaking you up like this proves you're not a monster Ichigo, a monster wouldn't think twice about it. You're biggest fear is your family being used against you and it happened." She said softly in his ear. She smiled sadly down at the man, he was so young and being put through more than people ten times his age could handle.

"Just because he did something to my family gives me the right to maim a man?" He asked with a certain amount of disbelief in his voice.

"No, being a shinigami gives you the right to punish the wicked, be it hollow, human or any other race. You feel you went too far, and by your standards maybe you did. Each person is unique, every shinigami has done something that they regret Ichigo, and you're no exception. The taicho of the men you killed didn't bat an eye when they found out what happened, you know why?" feeling him shake his head in her lap she continued.

"Shinji and Kensei didn't care because they would have done the exact same thing, Soifon wanted to do worse. Personally I've done worse when my family was attacked and I've felt the exact same way as you do now."

"What happened?" He asked, this was a first for him usually the were-cat was tight lipped about her past.

"It was a night that changed my life forever." She started.

-180 years ago-

Golden eyes snapped open to the world as someone shook her frantically, groggily she realized it was her childhood friend Kisuke. Instantly she knew something was wrong, him waking her up in the middle of the night wasn't anything new, but he never was urgent about it.

"Kisuke what the hell are you doing?" She grumbled as she sat up in her bed.

"We've gotta go, I'll tell you when we're out of here." He answered back in a whisper.

Usually she would've smacked him and went back to sleep, but there was something in his voice… fear. She knew damn well that he never feared anything something rattled her longtime friend, quickly she shunpoed after him off her personal balcony. They kept going until they were well away from the Shihoin manner, stopping in the nearby forest her nerves were shot when she finally grabbed her friend bringing him to a stop.

"Kisuke what the hell is going on?!" She yelled. Uneasiness making her stomach quake.

"It's a coup! The Mizunakis are trying to overthrow the Shihoin Clan!" He exclaimed latching onto her wrist when she tried to go back.

"Let me go Kisuke!" she screeched trying to fight out of his grasp, which she did only to run into a brick wall known as Tessai. She felt herself getting drowsy as the sleeping Kido took effect.

"I'm sorry Shihoin-dono, but we were tasked with keeping you alive." Tessai muttered as he caught her body when she slumped to the ground.

Sneaking through the grounds Kisuke kept himself low and hidden in the shadows. He was terrified his parents, who were long serving bodyguards of the Shihoin Clan, gave him an important task of guarding the princess. When they failed to show up at the meeting place he became worried, after 8 hrs. he went looking for answers. Being a retainer of the best assassination clan in the Seireitei, as well as inheriting an impressive amount of reiatsu from his parents Kisuke was trained from an early age in stealth and recon. He sat silently in tree, tamping down on his reiatsu as he watched the bodies of his beloved parents being dragged out of the main house. To add to his broken heart he seen the Shihoins join them a minute later as their killers laughed and celebrated on the front lawn.

He wanted to lash out, it took everything, he had to sit still, he knew the odds weren't in his favor. He watched in morbid fascination as a gigai that bore the resemblance of Yoruichi was dragged onto the lawn. It was his fail safe to make sure no one came looking for them if they thought she was already dead. His hands trembled in silent rage as they lit the bodies on fire, he wouldn't let this stand and he would need help.

Feeling a hand on his shoulder he tensed, but relaxed when he looked into the tear soaked face of a young girl with black hair. He knew who she was, she was the next in line to become a body guard from the Fon Clan. He squeezed his eyes shut he had also seen the remains of her families head being dragged out alongside of her masters. Seeing his opening he nodded at the younger girl to follow him, even by Soul Society's standards she was barely a teenager. Shunpoing back to their hiding spot with a heavy heart, he was surprised to see members of the Shiba waiting for them.

"Kaien, Kukaku." He greeted in a low broken voice.

"What's going on Kisuke?" Kaien asked his heart was thumping in his chest, taking in the broken look on Kisuke's face he imagined the worse.

"They died, all of them." He replied his voice barely above a whisper. "My parents, Yoruichis parents and the head of the Fon Clan."

"The Elders?" Kaien asked. He might not have been close to the Shihoin princess or Kisuke, but his sister was and that was all the reason he needed to help. He hung his head it seems that they arrived too late to save their families.

"I think they got away, Soifons' brothers were guarding them. I didn't see any of their bodies." He answered.

"But you saw the others?" A man asked stepping out of the shadows.

Kisuke knew this man, he was Kukaku's and Kaien's uncle Isshin. From what he knew of the man he was a typical good natured Shiba that often hid behind a mask of goofy cheeriness to hide the warrior within. He wasn't much older than himself or in line to be the Clan's head, but he was hands down the strongest in the family.

"W-What are you doing here Isshin-san?" Kisuke asked

"Helping family." Was all he answered.

He knew this man wasn't related to the Shihoin, but he was close friends with the family. He let his gaze fall sadly on his purple haired friend as she slept on the ground.

"What are we going to do?" Kukaku asked deferring to her Uncle.

"We wait, and see what Yoruichi, Soifon and Kisuke wants." Was his reply.

The small group waited for a couple hours until the princess started to stir. They were close to having to put her under again before Kukaku and Kisuke were able to calm her down. Hours of deliberating the plan was set they were going to take back what belonged to the Shihoins. The Mizunakis were dead in the water, men, women, children not one of them survived the massacre that happened that night. Tessai being the most talented in the group killed the children in their sleep using silent and painless kido, the women were killed in the same way. Even though it went against their own hearts no member of that clan was allowed to live. The leaders endured a horrific death when the rag tag group entered their chambers. Skinned, broken and unrecognizable the bodies hung for all to see around the estate, a warning and promise of what would come out of future treachery.

His eyes snapped open when he felt a drip on his cheek. Looking up he seen a thin trail running down his mentors face, he was floored. That was something he never imagined happened in his mentors past an act so heinous that affected a lot of people.

"Are we monsters Ichigo?" She asked slowly wiping her tear off his face. It was a painful time in her life and the punishment she inflicted that night still clung to her at times, but she healed. Kisuke was her rock and kept his own regrets silent. The Shiba's offered unwavering support through the whole ordeal, even when she was forced to become the Clan Head at such a young age. She no longer hated the Clan that took her family, but she no longer held any guilt for her actions either. He could heal and he had a long list of people that would help him.

"I'm sorry Yoruichi." He said in a somber voice, he could never imagine going through something that tragic.

"We're we wrong in what we did?" She asked stroking his hair.

"No." he whispered

"Then are you wrong for what you did?" She cooed.

He his first response was yes, but the stories drew a parallel. True his sister didn't die, but should she have to, to justify his actions? He acted to protect his family, just as they did to secure the future of their own. It was another family secret that he never knew and he felt honored that the queen of secrets herself opened up to him.

"How did you move on afterwards?" he asked grabbing one of her hands in that was gently massaging his scalp.

"Time and with people that genuinely loved me Ichigo." She answered squeezing his hand back. "You have a long list of people that will support you, let them, especially those two sleeping inside."

Moving his head off her lap she stood up and pulled him to his feet.

"Just remember you're never alone, and we all love you." She said placing a soft kiss on his cheek. "Now go to bed and remember tomorrow is a new day."

Watching him nod and walk back into the house she smiled, waiting until he was out of sight he called out to their eavesdropper.

"You can come out now."

Watching the other purple haired woman walk through the doorway she sized her up, she was strong if she was gauging her correctly she was probably at the strength of a low seated captain. She quirked an eyebrow when she seen the sword in her hand.

"It's not nice to eavesdrop on private conversations." She stated staring in the other woman's eyes.

"My apologies, but if you didn't want me to hear you you could've said something earlier, no?" Miya asked walking out on the porch.

"True, Ichigo also noticed your presence, if he was good with you hearing then so was I." She said getting ready to take a seat again.

"Would you like to come inside for some tea?" Miya asked politely, if she wasn't mistaken this was one of Ichigo's mentors and she was deeply touched by the story. She wanted to know more about this mysterious woman and Ichigo himself.

"No thanks on the tea, but if ya have a bottle of sake I wouldn't be opposed." She replied with a casual smirk.

"Oh I always have one or two stashed for certain occasions." Miya smiled back.

"Excellent!" Yoruichi chirped looping her arm through the other woman's an entering the house.

The two made their way into the dining room where Miya proceeded to pull a bottle out off a hidden floor board. Seeing the questioning gaze on the other woman's face she just smiled.

"One of my guests tends to help herself to my sake when I'm not around." She answered the unasked question, referring to the few times Kazehana had dropped by.

After a few saucers and some idle banter Miya asked a question that had been bugging her for a while.

"How strong is Ichigo?" It was a mere curiosity that had been nagging at her. He was stronger than herself that much she deduced on her own, but she knew they hadn't shown each other a glimmer of their true strengths.

"Hmm" the neko pondered bringing her saucer to her lips. "That's a tough question, how do you gauge a power you can't comprehend?"

"So he really is on a higher level than all other beings." She stated more than asked.

"All known beings, probably not. If I had to guess he is only second to the Soul King in terms of raw power." She answered casually, but the implications of her statement held a lot of truth.

Miya couldn't help it when her eyes widened at that statement she knew the Sekirei's history and the Soul King was definitely in the accent lore. A being so powerful that he not only ruled dimensions, but created them as well. Was the young man that she had become somewhat close with really at such a level?

"But in terms of skills he's still only one of the top 5 strongest beings." She answered back taking another sip of her drink. The Soutaicho was a man that truly embodied all parts of the shinigami's arsenal, while Ichigo was improving he couldn't hope to match the old man or his disciples… yet.

"So are you one of those people?" Miya asked, she could feel the woman's power, she was impressed, what she kept contained easily outstripped her.

"Only in hand to hand fighting, in speed or with a sword in his hands he would win." She sighed in defeat.

"I just assumed as his sensei you'd be stronger. Is one of his senseis stronger than him?" Miya responded taking a small sip, not usually a drinker she found herself enjoying the company.

"Maybe not stronger, but Kisuke may be able to beat him." She stated earnestly, her closet friend was terrifying in combat.

"He must be something if he can overcome Ichigo's raw power." She stated simply.

Setting her cup down she smiled at the woman across from her, she was enjoying talking to her. She could tell that her and Ichigo became kind of close, for one he let her eavesdrop on his conversation without worry and two even knowing his power she was fully prepared to attack him in a sword fight, why else would she be carrying a sword in the middle of the night.

"Kisuke was once named the 60 second man when we were growing up." She stated

"That's not really a flattering nickname." Miya giggled behind her hand.

"That's exactly what he said!" she snorted in amusement. "But he got it for a completely different reason, it was said by even some of the oldest Taicho that you had 60 seconds to kill Kisuke after that you were a dead man and didn't know it."

"Really, why's that." Miya inquired resting her chin on her palm.

"Because in 60 seconds he's figured your fighting style out and usually you're dead in the next 5 seconds. To put it bluntly he's a genius in… well everything, and he's grooming Ichigo to be the same way." She shivered slightly imagining Ichigo with Kisuke's intellect.

"That's disturbing." Miya deadpanned

"It truly is." Yoruichi agreed holding out her saucer for a refill. "So while we're doing a Q and A, do you have an ashikabi?"

Seeing the longing look on the other woman's face she tried to retract the question.

"You don't have to answer that."

"It's alright, I had someone that I loved, but he wasn't an ashikabi, honestly I don't think I can be winged because I have no heart to give." She replied taking another sip.

"Sorry to hear that." She said deciding to change the subject she asked another question that was bugging her. "That sword you were carrying earlier wasn't meant for Ichigo was it?"

"Yes." She answered without hesitation.


"Because he's stubborn and doesn't know the meaning of rules." She sighed, honestly how hard was it to follow two simple rules. Don't fight and don't have sex in the house. Hearing the other woman laugh she looked up at her as she was wiping a tear away from her eye.

"Rules were never his strong suit. What'd he do break something, leave dishes out?"

"He had sex with Orihime-chan in the bathroom." She retorted bluntly, before giggling when the other woman choked on her drink.

"Ohohohoh this is too good." She smirked after regaining her composure. Seeing the other woman glare at her slightly she raised an eyebrow in question.

"It's not good, it's indecent and and…"

"You're jealous." Yoruichi nodded to herself.

"Not at all! It's just that…" Being interrupted again she huffed.

"Their adults and from what I've seen, sex is going to happen between Sekirei and Ashikabi." She interrupted.

"Well yes, but that doesn't mean I want to hear it!"

"That loud huh? What a brute." She snickered.

Deciding to keep quiet about her other eavesdropping activities, she stated.

"Still rules are rules and they will be punished!"

"By all means punish Ichigo, but please be gentle with Orihime." She asked, but there was hint of threat at the end of the sentence.

"She should get just as much punishment, it takes two to do the deed after all." Miya replied trying to draw out the other woman's reasoning.

"It does." She confirmed. "But Ichigo will get pissed if you harm her, so maybe a non-physical punishment would be more suited."

"That actually makes sense."

"Yep, beat on Ichigo he's kind of a masochist, he won't mind." She laughed while standing up.

"Leaving already?"

"Oh yeah, I've gotta let his dad know that operation grand baby has started." Yoruichi cheered.

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