Jack had been sleeping for almost 15 hours. Riddick was about to wake her up, when he heard the bedsprings creaking softly, alerting him to her movement.

It's about time.

He chuckled to himself as she appeared around the corner, hair a mess, shirt wrinkled, eyes still a little puffy from sleep.

"What are you laughing at," she asked grumpily, moving toward the coffee pot in the kitchen.

"Absolutely nothin'," Riddick answered untruthfully, a large grin on his face.

"Damn right," he heard her mumble as she poured a cup of the bitter brew. Sipping it she winced and then opened her eyes wider in an attempt to clear her vision.

"Now that's coffee," Jack said, walking toward the living room.

Life as they had known it, before Jack had been taken, had returned to normal. It had taken the two of them three years of planet-hopping to actually find a place to settle – even then, neither of them was sure it would last. Riddick was a wanted man, and Jack was too suspicious of all humanity to believe that she would ever be safe. After what had happened to her on Dio's ship Riddick couldn't blame her.

Her recovery had been long and hard. The cuts and bruises on her body had healed into scars before she could even begin to face her mental issues. She still sometimes had nightmares that left her screaming, drenched in sweat, fists clenched. They were becoming fewer and fewer as the days rolled on, but every so often Riddick would be jolted from his sleep by her shrieks.

He would always enter her room and comfort her the best he could until she finally was able to sleep again. Sometimes they would sit for almost an hour, shooting the shit. Usually it only took about ten minutes to calm her down – he seemed to have that effect on her. But every time he was in her room with her, sitting on her bed and talking, he couldn't help but feel something for her. The strength that this little girl held within her, to go through all that she had and still come out on the other end, able to joke and laugh like any other normal person. Riddick had been through tough shit, but nothing like what she had gone through. He was sure that if it had been anyone else in Jack's place they would have collapsed by now, physically and mentally.

Damn it, he had it bad for her. She was strong, mentally and physically. It had taken him months to get over the fact that she had grown up - he hadn't quite gotten it through his head before she had been taken by the real Dio. But he understood now. She carried herself like an adult, spoke like a grown woman, and damn if she didn't look like one of the hottest things Riddick had ever laid eyes on. He was having a hard time keeping his hands to himself.

She was saying something that he had missed. "What?" he called as he rounded the corner, following her down the hallway.

Jack had turned around and Riddick slammed right into her, not realizing that she hadn't gone as far as he had thought. Her coffee sloshed out of the cup and all over her hand, and she would have fallen square on her rump if Riddick hadn't grabbed her to keep her standing.

Speaking of keepin' my hands to myself...

She hissed at the hot coffee hitting her hand and set the cup down, almost reflexively, on the end table that was next to her. Shaking her hand to rid it of the residual coffee, she realized how close they were to each other. Her face colored and she drew in a breath as if to speak, but nothing came out.

Riddick's arms were wrapped around her waist, holding her close, and his face was mere inches away from hers.
"Riddick – "she began.

"Jack –" he said at the same time.

Neither moved away from their awkward embrace. Jack had put her hands on Riddick's shoulders, more to steady herself than anything else. Her head was spinning with the closeness of him, and it felt hard to breathe with him that close to her. She realized, at the last minute, that his face was moving closer to hers, close enough to kiss –

Their lips met, releasing the passion they held for each other. Jack felt close to passing out, but his strong arms held her up, pressing her body into his in a way that made her groan in the back of her throat.

Their kiss was passionate, tongues dancing, bodies pressed together. Riddick broke their contact after a minute and looked down at her. Jack returned his gaze, catching her breath and questioning him with her eyes.

"If I keep going I'm not gonna want to stop," he explained to her, his voice low. He could still taste her on his lips and he wanted more but this was her decision. He didn't want to scare her.

Jack breathed in then exhaled slowly, steadying herself. The heat their bodies had made when pressed together was slowly fading, leaving goose bumps in its wake. She had felt his arousal pressed against her. Glancing at the bulge in his pants her mind assaulted her with wonderful visions. Jack realized the truth at that moment. She couldn't deny her feelings for him. She wouldn't.

The thought both scared and excited her. Jack saw him searching her face for some clue about what to do next. It was all the encouragement she needed. Closing the distance between them she tilted her face up and kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Grabbing her hips, Riddick lifted Jack just enough so she could wrap her legs around him, their mouths still connected. He carried her to her bedroom, navigating his way by memory. His eyes remained closed, as did hers, both of them reveling in the feel of each other. He lay her down gently on the bed, continuing his slow seduction of her mouth and neck. Then suddenly he was gone, undressing beside the bed. Jack did the same, throwing her clothes haphazardly to the floor. She wanted to feel his skin against hers, she needed it. Riddick crawled over her prone form and Jack saw the hungry gleam in his eyes. He lowered his head over her abdomen, lips barely touching her. His warm breath on her skin lit her nerves on fire, setting off sparks all over her body Slowly he made his way up her stomach, licking and kissing, then between her breasts, and finally stopping at her collarbone to trace it with his tongue.

His fingertips brushed the insides of her thighs, and she shivered in anticipation as he teased her. Suddenly his mouth was on her breast and she gasped. He moved his tongue in circles around her nipple before taking the sensitive flesh in to his mouth, sucking gently. Jack wiggled her hips trying to ease the ache that persisted between her thighs. Then his hand was there, cupping her. His touch jolted her and she sucked in a breath. She moved her hips, rocking against his hand. His thumb found her most sensitive part and Jack moaned as he massaged the tiny nub. He slid one finger into her tight wetness and she arched her back in ecstasy. His finger moved in and out as his mouth once again found her taut nipple. She tried desperately to match his rhythm but her body felt out of control. He slid another finger in and Jack moaned. His pace was slow and steady, building a tightness in Jack's abdomen. She panted in time with his rhythm/m.

Riddick had released her nipple and shifted himself down on the bed so he was between her legs. He kissed the insides of her thighs before replacing his fingers with his mouth. Jack spread her legs wide as his tongue darted into her repeatedly, spreading fire throughout her body. His mouth was so warm as his tongue danced within her, touching all the right spots, until ripples of pleasure exploded within her and radiated throughout her body, making her cry out loudly.

"You're so beautiful," she heard him murmur through her fog. Her thighs and lower abdomen were still twitching from the orgasm that had ripped through her body. Riddick was still poised above her, watching Jack bask in the afterglow. She met his gaze and smiled devilishly.

"Roll over," she whispered, licking her lips.

Riddick did as he was asked, grabbing her by the hips and rolling onto his back with her on top of him

"Thanks for the ride," she said laughing.

"Don't thank me yet. The ride hasn't even stared."

His gravelly voice sent chills down her spine. She leaned over him, breasts brushing his chest. She ran her tongue across his bottom lip, then nibbled at it before kissing him. Her hands ran over his chest and muscled stomach, followed by her lips as she kissed and nibbled until finally reaching the crisp curls of his pubic hair. Every kiss left his nerves twitching in the wake of her hot mouth.

Moving down she ran her tongue slowly along the sensitive skin on the head of his erect member. Riddick clenched the bed sheets. She ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft, feeling the blood pulse through it. As she wrapped her lips around the head, Riddick had to concentrate on not coming right then and there. He growled as she took him all the way into her warm, moist mouth, sucking gently. She ran her tongue around his cock, making him shudder. Wrapping her hand around his shaft she stroked him as she sucked, pressing her lips together around him to simulate tightness. Riddick's breathing sped up as Jack stroked him faster, moving her mouth in time with her hand until finally he released with a groan, his cock pulsing in her mouth as she sucked the last of the fluids from it.

His gaze weighed heavily on her as she stretched out next to him on her side, one hand resting on his chest. Riddick lay for a moment, regaining his breath. He gently took the hand that lay on his chest. Their fingers entwined for a moment before she pulled her hand away. Rolling onto her back, she reached her arms out above her head and stretched, giving Riddick a nice view of her naked body. He growled in spite of himself.

"And just what are you thinking?" Jack asked after she had stretched.

"I'm thinkin' about taking advantage of you." His voice was so low that Jack half imagined, half felt it move through her.

"You can't take advantage of the willing," she whispered, one eyebrow arched, as she rolled over on top of him.

To emphasize her point she leaned down and kissed him. Jack felt him growing hard and she thrust her hips forward, brushing against him with her wetness, positioning his member so she could slide up and down on his shaft without having him enter her.

Riddick's fingers dug into her hips at the sensation. Holding her close he once again rolled over so he was on top.

Jack could feel his erection pressed against her thigh as he kissed and nibbled at her neck, one hand stroking and squeezing her breast. She tilted her head back, inviting him to continue. Removing one hand from his back she reached down and grasped him. Riddick jerked at her soft touch and growled deep in his throat as she stroked him. He kissed his way down her chest to her nipple, pausing to graze the sensitive flesh with his teeth. He was rewarded with her moans of pleasure and he felt her hand tighten around him as she stroked. Abruptly he grabbed her wrist, ceasing the movement.

"No more," His voice was thick and gravelly with lust. "I need to be inside of you. Are you ready?"

She felt his tip against the moist flesh between her legs.

"It's been a long time Riddick."

He kissed her tenderly and murmured. "It'll be ok."

Ever so slowly he guided himself into her, inch by inch. Jack hissed in pain and dug her nails into his massive shoulders.

"It's ok," Riddick whispered, kissing her neck. 'I'm only halfway in."

Jack cried out, eyes watering as he suddenly slammed into her, filling her tight space.

"You alright?" he asked.

She only nodded as two tears slipped from her eyes. Riddick kissed them away, tasting the salty liquid, and began to move, slowly sliding in and out of her. Jack's pain quickly became pleasure as the friction built up within her. Liquid fire spread through her belly, down her legs to her toes. Her breathing became quick and ragged as he moved in and out, within her tight wetness.

"Please," he heard her bed, "Harder."

Her moans matched his rhythm as he quickened his thrusts. His muscles burned as he slammed into her, obeying her request, and at the same time feeling guilty because he wanted it too. Her moans became shouts as she approached her peak until finally, with one last deep thrust, he felt her shudder beneath him, her walls convulsing tightly around him. He gave her a moment to regain her breath before pulling out of her quickly, making her gasp.

"Get on your hands and knees," he directed. She did as she was told, bracing her hands on the headboard of her bed. Riddick grasped her hips and entered her roughly. Jack threw her head back and moaned loudly. Wrapping his thick fingers through her hair, Riddick pulled, slamming into her. She hissed at the combination of pain and pleasure. Slipping his hand from her hair he grabbed her left breast. The nipple was hard and he pinched it, just enough to make her whimper.

"Oh Riddick," she pleaded, "Oh yes Riddick please don't stop Please!"

At that moment he felt her contract around him again as a rush of moisture accompanied her orgasm. Throwing her head back she cried out before falling, limp, on the bed.

Pulling out of her the turned her around again and looked her over. Jack's eyes were half open and she still panted from the orgasm he had given her. Their mouths met, rekindling her nerves, as he entered her, gently this time. His hand stroked her hair, her cheek, the side of her breast, as he moved slowly, deliberately, within her. He felt her lips on his neck sucking gently and her hands roamed over his back, moving from his shoulders to his spine to his ribs, as though she didn't know where to put them. A light coat of sweat covered her, making her shine in the scant lighting. Her eyes were closed as he moved in and out, completely filling her. Reaching his hand down to where they were connected Riddick gently stroked her nub and her eyes flew open at the sudden rush of pleasure. Bringing her legs up she locked them around his waist. They panted in time with each other as he rocked back and forth. Her pants soon became moans as she neared her third orgasm. Riddick tried slowing down to delay his own release but she brought her hands up to his shoulders and dug her nails in while at the same time thrusting her hips up to meet him more forcefully.

"It's your turn to come," she breathed.

"You want me to come inside you?" he cocked an eyebrow.

"Yes," she moaned softly, "Please yes."

Sitting up he grabbed her legs and placed them on his shoulders, giving himself enough freedom to give her what she asked for.

He pushed into her tightness quickly, making her yell in pleasure. Not being able to reach him she brought her hands up above her head and turned her face to the side, muffling her cries with her arm. His rhythm quickened and her cries kept in time with his thrusts. Yelling, almost screaming, Jack came again as Riddick, with a loud growl, released explosively within her.

They lay next to each other as their breathing slowed. Jack found Riddick's hand and held it as though she was a ship and it was her anchor. He listened to her breathing even out and felt her grip loosen. She was asleep again.

Damn kid sleeps more than anyone I've ever fuckin' known.

Gently releasing her hand Riddick rolled over on his side and looked her over. A lock of wavy brown hair covered her face and he moved it aside. Leaning over he kissed her, making her stir in her sleep. She rolled on her side and curled up next to him, knees pressed to her flat belly, arm draped over him.

Grabbing the blanket Riddick covered them both up and lay his arm over Jack, pulling her closer to him. She snuggled against his hard chest, sighing contentedly. Riddick was almost asleep when he realized the truth of the moment – this was the closest he had come to feeling anything for anyone. He wouldn't call it love. It seemed that he was incapable of true love. But this was the closest he could get. This little girl, whom he had saved numerous times, had already paid him back. She had been paying him back from the beginning. He had just been too blind to notice.

"I don't know what we are to each other," he whispered to Jack, kissing her forehead, "but I know one thing. We're even."

Riddick smiled as she stirred in her sleep. One word ran through his mind as he drifted off to sleep. Even.