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Somebody New

On a lonely Monday morning, in a cramped room above a pub that was named after a cauldron, a young girl stood staring out her window at the rain. She was a slim girl, with boyishly short brown hair, pouty lips and high defined cheekbones. You could almost say she was pretty, in a very dangerous kind of way.

There was something about her dark gray eyes and the way hard, wiry muscles would tense and twitch beneath tanned skin that said: 'Be careful, or you might just get hurt'. The small scar that ran diagonally through her left eyebrow, splitting it in two and almost touching the edge of her eye, didn't help belay the slightly unstable quality that hung around her like a cloak. Then again, Alice wanted people to think she was dangerous. Especially wizards. She loathed any, and everyone, from the wizarding world. So why the hell was she in a room, above a wizarding pub, a famous wizarding pub, getting ready to catch a magic train to a wizarding school.

Personally, Alice blamed her brother Edgar. If the idiot hadn't dragged her to that stupid quidditch game, she wouldn't be standing in the dingy room right now. But unfortunately, she had let him bully her into seeing the 'most brilliant quidditch world cup ever!'. And yeah, she'd even kinda, a little bit, got into the spirit of things. Bulgaria was pretty close to home and the atmosphere was pretty exciting. The match itself was kinda interesting too, and it wasn't that long either. About the same length as a muggle game of football. Which Alice was perfectly happy about. What Alice, and Edgar for that matter, hadn't been happy about was the huge riot at the end of the game.

A heap of stupid masked wizards wandering around and blowing tents to smithereens. Torturing muggles and wizards alike for the fun of it. It was one of the reasons she hated wizards. They could be incredibly sick bastards when they wanted too.

For a moment there, Alice had entertained the idea of letting the Masked Ones have at it. But then she saw the muggle family floating dead in the sky. After that, three of the Masked Ones fell to her blades before Edgar pulled her away and they'd transported themselves home. It was the next day, having explained the night before the events to her grandparents, that she found out she was being sent to wizarding school. She'd almost had a heart attack at the words, before regaining her calm, sought of, and screaming bloody murder that she wouldn't go. Every three year old in the world would have been proud at the tantrum she'd thrown. Alice had even beaten up half the guard in her rage. But she couldn't refuse her grandfather. Especially when he had simply gestured at the groaning guards on the ground before looking at her and saying quite simply, 'that, my dear, is exactly why you are going'. Still, it hadn't made her happy about it.

Sighing, Alice turned away from the sight of dreary London and rubbed a hand through her hair before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a slightly crumpled train ticket. In that moment, all she wanted to do was tear it up and burn the pieces to ash. But it would make Grandfather unhappy, and she had already bought all her stupid things. No use wasting money. Even if it was for wizarding thing. She only thing she liked about anything wizardly was her wand.

For a while though, she had hated the slim piece of wood. Loathed the thing. Then Ed had mentioned something along the lines of 'knowing one's enemy and learning how they worked to discover weaknesses' and grudgingly, Alice had learned about her enemy's greatest weapon. It was only a little while into her training that it had hit her, (no really, it had actually hit her. Ed had levitated a brick at her and knocked her out) that it wasn't the wands fault, but the wizards. It was the wizards intent that was dangerous, a wand was just a way to perform said intent. And perform it did.

Eventually Alice grew to love the twelve and a half inches of maple wood with it's dragon heartstring core and grew with leaps and bounds until she was the proficient spell caster in the entire country. Which was one of the many reasons that tomorrow, at 11 o'clock she would be departing Kings Cross Station with hundreds of other soon-to-be witches and wizards on a train that would take her straight to the largest wizarding school in all of Britain: Hogwarts. There she would stay for the rest of her year and, if her grandfather had anything to do with it, the next three after, learning the ins and outs of being a "proper witch" until she graduated from the school and could finally go home.

But until then...

"Hogwarts, here I come." Alice muttered dispiritedly, before flinging herself back on the bed and wishing this was all just a horrible dream. Somewhere in the country, in a small attic room, two boys were staring at the ugliest dress robes they had ever seen and wishing the exact same thing.

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