Chapter 1


Leo flinched and missed Donatello by a good foot. Donnie jumped back and straightened up, looking back towards the living room. Both brothers cringed as another yell rang out.

"MIKEY! Get out here so I can bash your head back into your shell!"

Leonardo sighed and met Donnie's eyes. Donatello shrugged and nodded towards the archway. Leo nodded and walked out into the living room hesitantly, followed by Donnie. Both turtles shared the same confused but exasperated look.

The two jumped in surprise as Michelangelo shot out from the kitchen walkway. Mikey squeaked and crouched behind Leo. He held a fearful and innocent look on his face, but knowing Mikey, he wasn't. Mikey cringed as Raphael appeared from searching around the arcade machine. His green eyes narrowed dangerously as he spotted his youngest brother. He was positively livid, teeth bared in a growl and clutching a single sai in his hand.

Mikey yelped and flipped over to hide behind the TV. Raph snarled and rushed for him, but not before Donatello snatched his arm just in time to hold him back. Leo grabbed the other arm to restrain his furious brother from pulverizing the other. Donnie and Leo had to dig in their heels big time to hold Raph back.

Raphael tried to throw them off and accidentally stomped on Donnie's foot. Donnie yelped and held back an angry snap. Leo grunted and fought to keep Raph back.

"Raph! Calm the heck down, what is wrong with you?!"

Raphael flung his head around and glared at him. He managed to free his hand and shoved it accusingly towards Michelangelo.

"What's wrong with me?! What's wrong with him!? He snapped the handle off of my sai, that's what's wrong!"

Mikey popped out from his hiding place and winced at the look he got.

"I didn't know it was gonna break! Your weapons shouldn't be so fragile!"

Raph snarled and snapped his head back to him, doubling his efforts to crush him.

"FRAGILE?! I'll show you fragile! If I get a hold of you, you are so gonna regret being mutated, Mikey!"

Leo exchanged a frantic glance with Donnie, who mouthed 'Do something!'

Raph looked angrily back at Leo as his blue masked brother put a firm hand on his shoulder. Leo got that sort of squareness in his shoulders that showed how he knew he was leader. 'Leader' didn't mean anything to Raph; he could still beat him any day.

"Raph, calm down. You don't have to tear Mikey to shreds over it. Donnie can fix your sai in no time, right Donnie?"

Donnie smirked. "It's a simple reattachment. Of course I can. Don't worry about it, Raph. I'll fix it good as new."

Leo looked back at Raph. The green eyes flicked over them both, still holding his natural flare. He growled and relaxed as much as he ever did.


Donnie looked at Leo and they let go of Raph's arms. Raphael rolled his shoulders and passed the broken sai to Donnie. Like he had said, the handle was snapped clean off of the forks. Donnie peered at it closely, smiled then vanished into his lab.

Raph stomped off to the kitchen without a word or a look to Mikey. Mikey hesitated but emerged from hiding and walked up to Leo. Leo gave him a look, to which the younger turtle answered with an apologetic grin and then avoided his eyes. Leo gave him a swat over the back of the head.

"Mikey, how stupid are you?! You don't just mess with Raph's weapons, you shell-brain!"

Mikey sighed and nodded. He scuffed the floor with a toe. "I couldn't find the bottle opener, and it was just sitting thereā€¦"

Leo slapped his forehead. "You used it as a bottle opener?"

Mikey grinned and looked at him from the top of his eyes.

"You know you're gonna have to talk to him, right?"

The orange masked brother jumped. His eyes snapped wide and he looked up at Leo with a mixture of fear and shock.

"What?! I'm not going in there! He'll tear me apart!"

Leo shrugged and crossed his arms. "You got yourself into this. I can't help you get out."

Mikey gulped and looked back at the kitchen walkway. Leo took a deep breath and let it out, then walked over to the TV to watch his favorite show, Space Heroes. Mikey was on his own for this one.