-5 years into the future-

The Mushroom Kingdom, along with its neighboring kingdom, Sarasaland, were at peace. The residents of the two kingdoms had recently returned to normal after their long period of thrill and excitement over the marriage of the princesses to the Mario Bro.s. However, when the news of Princess Peach marrying Mario reached the ears of the Koopa King; He was furious. Bowser surprisingly didn't try to interfere with the wedding. He knew it was bound to happen and he knew that Peach was never going to love him.

Bowser fell into a long depression throughout the years. He would barely eat and he would usually stay in the confinements of his room than be anywhere else in his castle. Bowser didn't try to attack or conquer any of the other kingdoms and this made everyone suspicious that Dark Land was planning something. Bowser noticed this and tryed to mask his sadness by taking walks to neighboring kingdoms. He didnt have to do much but walk near a kingdom's gates before people ran away. He thought that was enough to cover his tracks, but no matter what he did there were a few beings he couldn't fool, his children.

The Kooplings and Bowser Junior knew of their father's condition and weren't fooled by any of his tricks. They tried several methods to try and cheer up their father like being "evil" or preparing surprises for Bowser, but nothing they did worked. In fact, almost everything they did, Bowser either didn't care about or he would give an excuss to leave to go to his room or to be alone. Eventually, the Kooplings grew and they are now young adults, leaving only Larry and Bowser Jr. still living in Bowser's Castle. With only two of his kids still living with him, Bowser had sunk lower into his depression. Now with his children basically grown and the one he "loved" out of reach, Bowser thought that after he gave the kingdom to his son, Junior, he would have nothing left to do in life but to just exist.

Author's Note: I don't own anything but the idea of this story and this is just an idea and I'm going to continue this soon. This is the first thing I've ever written when it comes to stories so please no flames.