Epilogue: For a Brighter Future

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Bowser and his son, along with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy, had all moved to the dinning hall. They were being served tea, except for Junior, by the few remaining kitchen attendants. The room was completely silent and the air was so thick that you could grab it. Everyone knew that this was the point where some serious crap would go down, but none of them could say a word. Bowser was too ashamed at himself for letting his own personal life effect the lives of others. After staring death in the face by his own hands, Junior didn't have the strength to do anything at this point. As for the others, after watching a suicide attempt and a heart-wrenching reunion, they were at a loss for words, and didn't know how to even approach the two koopas in their sensitive states. The silence wasn't broken until Junior raised his head, only to see the face of Princess Peach and her normal smile. At that moment, Junior remembered the discussion they had earlier, and regained enough strength to speak.

"P..Papa? I..I'm sorry..." Junior said softly. "I'm sorry...I..I shouldn't have done that. Its just..."

"That's enough Junior." Bowser said, cutting off his son's sentence. "If anyone should be sorry, its me. I let me kingdom become what it is now, but worst of all, I hurt you and everyone else who's actually cared about me. Don't worry Junior. We'll get Dark Land back and better than ever was. Mario, Peach, uhh...Daisy, and ummmmm...Green Stache..., I don't know what exactly you did, but apparently you helped Junior, so thanks."

Why doesn't anyone ever remember Weegee? Luigi thought as he let his head hit the table.

"Your welcome Bowser." Mario said. " You know it amazes me how your words are still full of confidence and power, but I wouldn't expect anything less for you." Bowser didn't respond but simply grunted in acknowledgment.

"Bowser? May I ask you a few questions?" Peach asked. The room was quiet for a minute and all eyes were either on Peach or Bowser. Bowser eventually nodded, but he looked like he knew what was coming. "When Dark Land becomes stable again, will you be going back to your old 'customs'?"

It took Bowser a second to understand Peach's question, but he pieced it together by her words and the other's facial expressions. "No." he said with a sigh. "That part of my life is over. I think I'll have more important things to take care of." Bowser said as he put his arm around his son.

Peach sighed in relief. "That brings me to my next question. How would you feel about Dark Land and the Mushroom Kingdom becoming allies?" Peach's question literally stunned everyone in the room.

"Peachy, are you serious? We're going to trust them just like that?" Mario asked.

"Are you sure you thought this through Peach?" Daisy questioned.

"Yes. I'm sure I've thought it through." Peach answered. "I can see it in their eyes. Bowser and Junior have changed. They're not the same as they were years ago. Mario, you and I have to agree on this. Please tell me you see it."

Mario just looked at Peach, and then turned his gaze to Bowser and Junior. Although his staring made them feel uncomfortable, Mario could tell that his nemesis, or former nemesis, wasn't the same. "You know Peach, I think I believe you."

"Oh thank you Mario. So Bowser, what do you think?" Peach asked.

Bowser was stunned. He didn't know what to think. Becoming friends with the people he tried to conquer several times. In his mind, it just seemed...weird. He looked down at his son who just responded by shrugging his shoulders. "Peach, I'm not so sure about that. I don't know how well our people will take this alliance." Bowser said as he crossed his arms.

Junior facepalmed at his father's short term memory. "Uhhh...Papa? What people? If you didn't already forget...the kingdom." He sweatdropped as he reminded he father.

"...Oh...right...Guess I forgot about that" Bowser said as he scratched the back of his head. At this, Junior just let his head hit the table, and pounded it with his fist while the others burst into fits of laughter. Luigi laughed so hard that he fell back out of his chair, which made even Bowser start laughing.

After the laughter died down Peach tried to keep the good spirits up. "Well Bowser, I don't think you'll have to worry about the Toads not accepting you." She said with her cheerful smile.

"Oh reeeally?" Bowser responded in a sarcastic tone. "How can you be so sure?"

"Well many koopas live in the Mushroom Kingdom now. Mario approved them himself when they wanted to become citizens." Peach answered.

Luigi was just finishing his drink when he remembered something important. "Hey, Bowser, that reminds me. Your boy, Iggy, lives in the Mushroom Kingdom too. He stays with Gadd at...THAT house." Luigi said. He trembled at the thought of the ghost infested mansion.

"Oh yeah." Junior said as the memory of his brother came to him. "He calls and emails me sometimes. How could I forget about him. He's one of my nicer siblings." Junior then looked up to his father. "Dad your rubbing off on me! I'm starting to forget things!" Junior said jokingly. Bowser just laughed and patted his son on the back.

Bowser looked over at Peach an gave his traditional, confident, fangly grin."Well Peach, it looks like you had this planned out. I guess I don't see any problem tagging up with you guys again."

Peach smiled at Bowser and nodded, but jumped when the yellow princess next to her slammed her hands on the table and stood up to get everyone's attention.

"Now that that's settled. I say this calls for a celebration." Daisy said excitedly. "What do you say Peach?"

"I think that's an excellent idea. We can have a whole ceremony for this too!" Peach exclaimed.

"Uhhh...Peach?" Mario interrupted. "When do you plan on doing this?"

"Why not tonight?" Peach responded. "There's plenty of time to prepare. Besides, if its a party, it could be an excuse to make a bunch of food. Especially the ones I know a certain red mustached man loves." At the mention of food, Mario went into his own little world of ravioli and spaghetti.

"T..Tonight?!" Bowser stuttered. Everything was happening so fast. He just saved his son from death, agreed to bury the hatchet between his former enemies, was planning on rebuilding his disestablished kingdom, and now they were planning to have a celebration. With his short attention span, Bowser could barely keep up with it all. He was suddenly jerked out of his thought process when he looked down to see his son tugging on his left arm.

"C'mon Papa! It could be fun." Junior said with a shine in his eye. "Plus, it would announce the rebuilding of Dark Land. Besides, you need to get out of this stupid castle anyway." Junior then crossed his and gave his dad a sly grin. "Unless your scared of a few mushroom people..."

While Bowser was listening to Junior, all the memories of Junior asking him for things when Bowser was in his sad state came flooding back to his mind. However, all of that changed when heard the word 'scared'. He went wide-eyed and grunted at the very mention of the word and his ego took over. "Scared? The Great Bowser isn't afraid of anything." he said as he pounded his chest with his fist. "What time should we be there Peach?"

Peach's face lit up like a Christmas tree. "We'll begin at 7 tonight. That should give us enough time to set up things and call some friends." Peach said as she stood from her seat. "Let's go. We have a lot of things to do." Luigi and Daisy got out of their seats as well, but Mario didn't realized they were leaving until Peach snapped him out of his food daydream. Junior then got up and escorted them back to the foyer.

"Thank you guys. I really appreciate your help." Junior said with a happy grin. He was so happy that he was barely able to contain himself.

"Your welcome Junior. We'll see you tonight. Peach said as Junior held the giant door for them as they exited the castle.

Junior then shut the door behind them leaned against the door. He was just so excited and happy. All the emotions he felt as a kid were coming back to him. He always loved to just laugh and goof off, but that was a long time ago. Junior was just about to start walking away when he felt the door push open and he fell to the floor. He looked over his shoulder to see a dirt covered Larry walking into the castle.

"What are you doing on the floor?" Larry asked as he shut the door. Junior just looked up at him like he was the biggest idiot in the world.

"Oh you know, I'm just lying here, in front of the door, just waiting to get hit and stepped on." Junior said in a sarcastic tone before standing up.

"Really? Why would you be doing that?" Larry asked, not catching his brother's sarcasm. "That sounds like a really bad idea." Instead of replying with another remark that would just fly over Larry's head, Junior responded with a facepalm and a head shake. "So why were Mario and the others here?"

Junior just stood there with his mouth open. He couldn't believe how oblivious his brother really was. He assumed that news of the days events had spread throughout the entire castle, but Larry seemed to not have a clue in the world. Junior regained his composure though and tried to answer Larry with a straight face. "There were here talking with Papa and I. We came to an agreement and we are now preparing to rebuild the kingdom. Also, Papa is moving again and we're going to a party tonight in the Mushroom Kingdom."

"Wow bro! You finally did it!" Larry exclaimed. "You finally got sad sack out of his bed. So...how'd you pull it off?"

Junior scratched his head nervously. He didn't want to tell his brother of his little meltdown, but there wasn't anything he could think of that would cover his tracks and explain the mess in the castle. "Uhhh...lets just say it took a lot of..."action." Junior said as he broke eye contact with Larry, but quickly changed the subject. "So are you coming to the party?"

"Heck yeah I'm coming!" Larry exclaimed. "I should probably go take a shower."

"Yeah. You probably should." Junior said before parting ways with Larry.

For the next couple hours, the three koopas were preparing themselves for the night's festivities. They had each taken showers and made themselves as presentable as a giant turtle could be. It wasn't long before they were on one of their airships flying towards the Mushroom Kingdom. Since he was older, Junior was operating the flying vessel, but it wasn't easy since his brother was running around all over the place. While Junior was flying the ship, Bowser was looking out unto the barren Dark Land. He wasn't shocked by the way it looked, but it did make him feel somewhat guilty. However, he refused to let those thoughts stay in his mind. They were going to rebuild Dark Land and make it better than it was five years ago.

It wasn't long before the scenery changed to that of the green Mushroom Kingdom. On the horizon, Junior could see Peach's Castle and Toad Town come into view. When they reached the outskirts of Toad Town, The three koopas were shocked at the sight of the town. The entire place was decorated with lights, streamers, and balloons. Also, the streets were filled the happy parties laughing and having fun. Among the crowds, the three were able to see several species interacting with each other, including koopas. At this, Bowser's worry of the mushroom people went away. When they approached the castle, Junior spotted an acceptable place to land the ship near the side of the castle. The trio then got off their ship and made their way toward the castle, were they were soon greeted by Mario and Peach.

"Welcome Bowser, Junior and Larry." Peach said. "I'm so glad you could come." Along with her classic sapphire earrings and broach, white gloves, crown, and pink heels, she was wearing a pink evening gown that bore a close resemblance to her normal dress, but it was more slender. Next to her, Mario was dressed in a black tux with yellow buttons, a white dress shirt underneath the tux that was accompanied with a red tie. He also had on black dress pants and shoes and his normal white gloves and red hat. "I assume you saw the town."

Bowser scoffed and crossed his arms. "We sure did. I guess you were right Peach."

"I never thought I'd see the day where Bowser would admit he's wrong." Mario said jokingly.

"Mario..." Peach said as she softly hit him on the arm. "We've set up a stage in town. Why'd don't we head there together. The others just nodded and they all began to walk into into Toad Town.

Once they reached the center of town, they saw a blue stage that had a podium and a table on it. Many toads, koopas, yoshis,and creatures alike were gathered together awaiting for the ceremony to begin. In the crowd, they spotted Iggy with E. Gadd and Larry went over to talk with his brother while Mario, Peach, Bowser and Junior walked onto the stage. Mario approached the podium and looked down at a sheet of paper that Peach had written for him, because he wasn't good with speeches.

"Thank you all for coming to this special occasion. As you all know, the Mushroom Kingdom and Dark Land do not have the best history, but today we want to put that aside and start a new relationship with that of Dark Land." Mario then took a pause in his speech to look up at the audience. "Today we bury the hatchet between our two kingdoms by signing this treaty of alliance. Not for the benefit of one kingdom, but for the prosperity of both lands to exist in peace for now, and for the years to come."

At the end of Mario's speech, him, Peach and Bowser moved to the table to sign the documents. After Bowser signed his name he realized that there was another line for a signature. He then looked back at Junior who was still standing were he was when Mario gave his speech.

"Junior. You need to sign this too." Bowser said as he stood up and stepped to the side for Junior to approach the table.

Junior walked to the table and looked down at the treaty. "Why do I need to sign it?" Junior asked.

"Well, your my heir, son." Bowser answered. "So when you take the throne after me, our kingdoms will still be allies. This will mark the beginning of a better future for both our kingdoms son."

Junior smiled at this and picked up a pen to sign the document. Once the treaty was signed, the crowd cheered and the party went into full swing. There was food, games, and laughter everywhere. Everyone was smiling and not a single person was sad, but out of everyone, Bowser Jr. seemed the happiest. Today was the best day of his life. Not because today was the day he revived he father from his sadness, but because today confirmed the thoughts of a brighter future for both him and his father.

End of Fighting Depression

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