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Chapter 1: decisions

It was nearly two in the morning Caroline sat at the bar at the grill drinking her fifth glass of Bourbon. Every burning sip was a reminder of the pain she felt everyday of her life it had changed so dramatically since she became a vampire. The fact was Tyler was never coming back and there was nothing she could do about it. The only light at the end of this endless tunnel was the fact Elena had her humanity back. Caroline was snapped back to reality with the sound of her cell ringing. She was nervous to look down every time her phoned ringed these days it was one thing after another. She sighed closing her eyes and slowing looked at her phone for her mystery caller. Damon's name lit up the screen, why would Damon be calling her so late?

"Hi Damon what's up?"

"No time for chit chat Barbie I need you to meet me and Stephen at our house"

"Why what's going on did something happen?"

"Just get here we need to talk!"

With that Damon hung up Caroline stared at the screen dumb founded by his rude tone "jerk" she murmured under her breathe. She contemplated just ignoring him and drinking some more but she knew it must be important if Damon was calling her. She slowly got up from her stool and grabbed the last of her drink and quickly emptying the contents before heading for the door.


Caroline walked into the living room to find Damon, Stephen and Elijah. She could tell by the look on all their faces something big had happened it sobered her up to quickly for her liking.

"Elijah what are you doing back I thought you in New Orleans?" Caroline questioned

"I was but unfortunly current events have caused me to return and seek you out Caroline"

"Me? What did you need me for?" Caroline looked between Stephan and Damon for any answer

Elijah stepped towards Caroline "I know this seems strange Caroline but I will explain I need to ask you a favor please sit" Elijah held his hand out towards the couch in front of her. Caroline hesitated for a moment she has no reason to be afraid but she was beginning to get a very sick feeling in her stomach she was hoping it was just from the bourbon. "Before I sit can someone tell me what this is about?" Caroline asked frustrated

"This is about Klaus" Stephen said drily

"Apparently the big bad hybrid got himself in a bit of a pickle"

Caroline looked at all three mean in confusion "Klaus? What does Klaus have to do with me?"

"I will explain all Caroline and ill answer any question you have so please sit" Elijah extended his had towards the couch once more. This time Caroline listened and sat down waiting patiently for him to what the hell this was all about

Caroline sat dumbfounded by what Elijah just told her. Witches were plotting to kill Klaus, He and Halley of all people hooked up and now she pregnant and to put the cherry on top Klaus was planning of becoming the new king of New Orleans! She couldn't even speak a word mostly because she still didn't know what Klaus's business had to do with her? After a few moments had passed she found her voice and asked her question again." So what has this to do with me?"

"For starters I don't trust these witches they have become so scared of the vampires they have gathered together against us."

Caroline nodded her head for him to continue

"Thought I could be possible Haley is carrying Nicklaus child I think this is some trick to make him complacent"

"Why would these witches go after Klaus? I mean has he done anything to them to cause this?" Caroline questioned

"Not to my knowledge but the leader of the Covent Marcus is one of Klaus's turns therefore I believe the witches have figured out that if they kill Klaus they kill the whole blood line"

"And that's where the problem lies" Damon interjects "If they have found a way to kill Klaus without the white oak stake then we all die including you Barbie"

A shiver ran up Caroline spin "But what could I do?"

"Caroline I know this is a lot to ask of you but it's no secret that my brother has affections for you. And because of this fact I believe he will listen to you with some persuasion of course"

Caroline looked at Elijah as if he had two heads

"Are you serious? You honestly think he's going to listen to me? You're all out of your minds!" Caroline jolted up wanting to do nothing more than to get out of this house.

She almost made it out the door when Stephen came running after her

"Caroline please listen" He grabbed her arm so she was facing him "I know this is crazy but all our lives are a stake (no pun intended) we really need you Caroline you have Klaus wrapped around your finger you can do this if not for us then for yourself"

Caroline didn't want to hear it why should she always have to deal with Klaus she always was the bait why her? Why was this happening to her? Suddenly she felt another presents coming to her and hand on her shoulder.

"Caroline we don't want you to do anything that you feel you can't handle "Elijah looked at the phone in her hand "have you checked your voicemails lately?" she looked at him confused "No why?" she asked "I would consider checking them and thinking hard about this decision Damon, Stephen and myself will work on plan B if you will decline our offer"

With that Elijah walked back to the living room Stephen brought her attention back to him with both hands holding her shoulders "Caroline I won't pester you about it but Elijah's right we won't force you will give you some time to consider and let us know when you have made a decision"

He gave her that panty dropping smile before following Elijah back to the living room. As soon as he was out of sight Caroline quickly left walking to her car she looked at her cell phone and scrolled down to her voicemail option. Her eyes went wide there was only one and it was from….Klaus. Elijah must have known he called her what would Klaus have to say? She pressed play and slowly rose her phone to her ear Klaus's voice came quickly it had been awhile since she heard his voice.

"Caroline, I'm standing in one of my favorite places in the world surrounded by food, music, art, culture, and all I could think about is how much I want to show it to you. Maybe one day you'll let me."

Tears sprang to her eyes she couldn't stand this guy for all he's done to her and her friends he basically destroyed their lives. But this voice mail was the one thing she needed….someone to care. She was dead set on not going along with this plan that the boys cooked up. But Caroline has always been too strict, organized and predictable and she was sick of being goodie to shoes Caroline. Well she could handle Klaus and will! she dialed Stephens number and he answer on the second ring


"Stephen…..I'll do it send me the information"

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