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Chapter 2: Just take a deep breathe

Caroline walked down the Bourbon Street looking for the hotel Klaus was staying at. Two nights ago she would have never gone through with this but she still had the determination she had when she listened to Klaus's voicemail. Her only thoughts at the moment were of Klaus's reaction when he saw her. Would he be happy? Surprised? Most likely stunned she never once gave into his charms not once.

A few moments later she arrived at her destination walking up to the desk she noticed a girl a little too young to be working at a hotel desk. She was fiddling with some papers when she finally noticed Caroline's presents. "Hello Ms. how may I help you?" Caroline didn't really know how to word it so she just tried the honest approach. She smiled sweetly at the young girl "This may sound strange but I'm actually looking for someone who's staying here" The young girl smiled back at her "I'm so sorry Ms. But because of customer privacy I can't let out that information" damn what now! Okay Caroline you got this try something else!

"Oh don't worry I understand ummm I wasn't honest with you I'm actually looking for my husband we got into a little spat and since this is his favorite hotel I figured he would be here is there any way you can help?" The young girl looked at Caroline with sad eyes

Yes! Forbes you got her now!

"Oh dear I'm so sorry to hear that of course if you would just give me your last name I can see if your husband is staying here" Caroline jumped for joy on the inside I guess honesty wasn't the best policy

"Of course its Mikelson his first name is Klaus or Nik for short" Caroline giggled a little trying to play newlywed

"Alright Mrs. Mikelson your husband is staying here he's in room 213 on the second floor would you like me to call him and tell him your coming up?"

"Thank you but no I want to surprise him Thank you so much for your help" Caroline gave the women a wink and made her way to the elevators.

Caroline was standing outside Klaus's door unable to move this was not the time to second guess herself but she couldn't help it she had to pick herself up. You are Ms. Mystic Falls! You planed three proms at once you can do anything! After giving herself a nice pep talk she knocked on the door no knocked again a little harder this time still no answer. Caroline huffed in frustration what the hell could he be doing? Was he not in? She knocked a little bit too hard this time and finally heard his voice

"Who ever that is you better stop knocking or ill come out there and rip your throat out!"

That made Caroline's blood boil who does he think he is she knocked loud and rapidly if he didn't open this door she was going to break it down. In a flash the door swung open "are you asking for a death wis…..Caroline?"

"Hi Klaus" she said shortly the look on his face was priceless shock was all she saw other then the fact he was in nothing but jeans. His muscles contracted he seemed tense shaggy and he looked like he hasn't slept in hundred years. The smell of whiskey was overwhelming Caroline grabbed her noise.

"How long have you been in this room? Did you bath yourself in whiskey?" Caroline jabbed at him

Klaus came back to reality going in to his normal personality the one she knew all too well " well love this is a pleasant surprise but if you don't mind would you tell me why you're here at my door?" she tilled her head to the side and gave him a sweet smile. "What do you mean? You said you wanted to show me the world" waves her hands in the air "So here I am"

Klaus thought for a silent moment "sorry love I'm not buying it what are you really doing here?"

"Did your little friends back home send you distract me again?" his words were angry and hurtful

Now she started to get angry "Listen I came all the way here because you wanted me to and now you sound like you don't well since you changed your mind ill just get out of your way sorry to bother you" Caroline turned on her heels and started back towards the elevators what an ass! This was all a mistake! I shouldn't have even considered this!

As fast as the thoughts were piling in her head they were gone when she felt arms wrap around her waist and a warm breathe in her ear "Caroline please don't go I'm happy you're here I've been dreaming of this moment for a long time" his words gave her that tingling feeling in her belly. This was the moment she had to take it she put her arms around his and pressed herself closer to him. She had never been this close with him before and it felt amazing and a little dangerous. She felt bold at this moment and turned herself around in his arms to face him. Caroline looked into his eyes and put her hands on either side of his face feeling the stubble under her fingers.

"Klaus… if I do this with you, you have to promise me something okay?"

"Anything love"

"Never leave me even though you think you're protecting me"

Klaus looked at her intently he knew this statement had to do with Tyler leaving her. Tyler was a fool he cared more for his own life than that of the women who stayed true to him after him being away for so long. Klaus was filled with anger how he could do that to this girl if it had been him he would have taken her with him no matter what. At least they would be together

"Caroline I will never leave you for the rest of our eternity"

His words were so real it filled Caroline with a warm feeling that even Tyler had never giving her. This man this beast has done horrible things but yet gave her this amazing feeling she knew it was wrong but she didn't care anymore cause deep down inside she was fighting these feeling all along blowing him off. This wasn't even about helping Elijah keep him out of trouble. This was about giving in and letting these walls down and for once in her life doing something crazy.

Then she did the unexpected slowly she brought her lips to his he didn't kiss her back right away but after a moment he grabbed the side of her face making the kiss deeper and more wanting. Caroline found herself moaning she could feel the passion flowing into her. They were so close together and Klaus's hands began to roam through her hair down her back stopping just above her backside

The moment was cut short when a bunch of drunken teenagers ran by them whistling and hooting obi sly on vacation. Klaus and Caroline looked at each other and couldn't help but laugh. "I guess we should take this inside….unless you want to go to your own room?"

Caroline giggled "sorry didn't get a chance to book a room "

"Speaking of which" he stated "How did you find what room I was in? The girl at the desk is a vampire so I know you didn't compel her" Well that would explain why she looked to young

Caroline looked at her feet with a small smirk on her face "Well….. I kind of sort of told her I was your wife"

Klaus raised his eyebrows at her confession and gave her a smile that made her melt "Well then if that's the case love shall we start the honeymoon?" Klaus held out his hand which Caroline grabbed instantly like it was second nature.

Klaus walked them both back to his room and closed the door.


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