Ok, this is my first two-shot fic, and yes it involves Harry having a sex-change, a magical one to get out of an unwanted engagement. I warn you though, ok here are the warnings:

Female HarryxSS



Mild violence

No slash, since Harry's turning into a girl here.

Slight bashing and heavy bashing

Good Dumbledore in this one, meaning he has nothing to do with the plot on Harry.

Disregards OOTP & HBP, the war is over and Harry is seventeen, then eighteen in this fic. Also Snape is not with his canon character because he's going to act nice to Harry once the change happens.

Those are the warnings, and here is the full summary and I apologize if it's different from the one under the link:

Harry is sick of people dictating his life, he's tired of being the BWL, he's tired of the ministry on his back, and he's tired of his loved ones choosing his life for him. He decides to change himself, and with Snape, Dobby, Ron and Hermione's help he succeeds in doing so. A year passes, and a young girl comes into town but what's this? She's married to Snape and expecting his baby? What sort of adventure does this lead to?

Again this is a two-shot, not a one-shot.

I don't own Harry Potter.


"HOW COULD YOU?!" a surge of angry magic made the room shake violently around the group gathered in the den of Grimmauld Place.

"Harry calm down, you should be happy." Molly Weasley tried to get closer but one look of pure hatred and anger made her back away.

"HAPPY? HOW CAN I BE HAPPY?" Harry stopped to catch his breath; his throat was beginning to hurt. "You expect me to be happy for an arranged marital contract to Ginny, which no one bothered to tell me about until now?" they had just moments ago told Harry about a pre-made marriage contract to marry him and Ginny Weasley in the summer, a month from now.

"You and Ginny are good together Harry, and she loves you so you'll have a good wife." Sirius stepped forward to touch his arm.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" his magic pushed Sirius into the wall. "You know how I feel about an arranged 'anything' that has to do with my life! I told you I didn't want to get married for a while, and I told you all that I don't want to be with Ginny." He growled as he spoke, everyone looked afraid.

"This is for you Harry, you and Ginny will be perfect together just like your parents were." Arthur tried to give a smile but it disappeared immediately.

"My parents, is that what this is about?" He turned to Sirius. "You're making me marry Ginny who looks like my mum? Just because I look like my dad you can make-believe I'm him?"

"Harry just listen…"

"SHUT UP LUPIN NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOU!" Remus stepped back in shock. "I'm not marrying Ginny, contract or no I will not force myself to tolerate this."

"You have no choice Harry, I'm sorry but the contract has been made and you and Ginny will be married in a month." Remus told him while helping Sirius up.

"Why not? What you're going to threaten me to marry her?" he glared at the Weasley couple, who shrank back at his powerful snarl.

"Well…we had to throw in a reason. If you don't marry Ginny you will be stripped of your magic or go to Azkaban for life, or both." Harry's eyes widened. "Harry we just want what's best for you." Harry angrily threw a heavy object at Arthur's face, but missed and it left a huge dent in the wall.

"Best for me? No you want what's best for your family; you want me to marry Ginny so she can have access to my family's money." Molly's eyes widened.

"How can you think that of her? She would never…"

"She's a money-grubbing trollop, who only wanted me for the fame, was this her idea? Did she tell you she wanted to marry me for love? Or did you concoct this scheme yourself?"

"Harry James Potter you will stop this now…" Sirius went flying back into the wall, this time with a bloody lip. Remus ran to his aid and Molly and Arthur backed away in pure fear.

"You are no longer my godfather, I'm seventeen I can decide what I want. You will not choose my life for me anymore." Harry yanked out his wand and cursed the two Weasleys, then painfully hexed Remus, and then cursed Sirius who fell unconscious against the wall. "All of you can go to Hell, I'm through." They were all knocked out, and while Harry went to his room he called for Dobby and the elf appeared at his door.

"Master Harry Potter called for Dobby?"

"Yes, can you quickly pack my things? I'm leaving here, and I want you to come with me." Dobby looked curious, but nodded and with a few snaps of his fingers Harry's entire room was packed into his trunk. "Now, can you take me to Hermione's house? Not her parents' but her new one?" Dobby nodded. "Let's go then." He grabbed his trunk, shrank it, and then grabbed Dobby's hand where they ended up in the front yard of Hermione's little apartment. Dobby hid under his cloak from the muggles walking by, and then Harry knocked on the door.

"Harry?" it was Ron who answered.

"Hey Ron, is Hermione home?" the redhead nodded and let him through. "I need to talk to both of you." Hermione was in the living room with Crookshanks, and the cat had gotten very fat from the food he'd snuck from the kitchen.

"What's up Harry? Is everything alright?" Harry shook his head, and sat down with Dobby after he came from under the cloak. "Oh hello Dobby."

"Greetings Ms. Hermione Granger, Mr. Ronald Weasley." The elf nodded at them.

"I need to know, have you talked to your parents lately Ron?"

"No, not since last week why?" Harry quickly explained everything to them, and when he finished their eyes widened in shock and horror. "So that's the whole story."

"You actually hexed them unconscious? Damn Harry I figured you would have cursed them." Ron laughed.

"Ron this is serious, Harry I'm sorry that happened to you. Sirius and Remus had no right to do that to you, no matter the intent."

"Thanks Mione, but there's another issue."

"Harry you're not going to lose your magic or go to Azkaban, every contract has a loophole. What we need to do is go to Gringotts and see the contract ourselves, and figure out what we can do to prevent the marriage."

"Will they let Harry see the contract?"

"Of course Ron, Harry is one of their favorites and they take care of those they favor." Hermione smiled. "I believe old Griphook might help us."

"Yes he was there when I first visited." The goblin seemed fine, maybe he knew about the contract. "Let's go then, I have a feeling this needs to be done and quick."

"You'll need a sponsor Harry, someone to help in case there's any issue."

"But who can he trust?" Harry thought for a quick minute, and only one name came to mind.

"Snape." They stared at him. "He's the only one who can vouch for any of this, besides after that whole confrontation with Voldemort he owes me a few favors." During the whole battle at the Ministry Snape had shown up and defended Harry and his friends with the Death Eaters, and for that Voldemort ended up trying to kill him and then Malfoy showed up with his group to defend them too. Snape had been secretly getting groups to stay out of the light and dark sides of war, making them a neutral group so they only came around when needed. Bellatrix had tried to kill Draco for betraying his father but to everyone's shock Lucius came up and fired her own killing curse back at her. That set Voldemort off, and as he shot a killing curse at Snape, Lucius, and Dumbledore but Harry managed to shield them and destroy the dark wizard on his own.

At the huge impact, Minister Fudge pardoned everyone except the death eaters who survived. Snape and Lucius were pardoned from Azkaban much to the horror of Sirius, until Harry made him shut up. Malfoy and his group apologized to the Golden Trio and their allies for all the trouble they caused, they weren't friends but they were civil now. Dumbledore was glad the war was over so quickly, and he was reinstated as headmaster. He let Harry move out of the Dursley home, and so Harry went to live with his godfather which he thought was good up until now.

Harry, Hermione, Ron, and everyone else who participated finished out their years and graduated, but sadly to Harry the problems didn't stop.

"Well if you're sure, then I'll contact him. Hold on…" Hermione went over to the fireplace. "Professor Snape, are you there?" a head appeared in the fireplace.

"What do I owe the pleasure of you calling me at my home Ms. Granger?" he sounded tired.

"Forgive me sir, but we need you to come with us to Gringotts." She quickly explained why, and Snape suddenly looked intrigued than tired.

"Very well, I'll meet you there in five minutes." He vanished from the fireplace.

"Alright let's go, Dobby you come with us ok?" Dobby nodded and they flooed straight into Gringotts' lobby. Harry looked around and saw the head goblin at the very end near a door that led to the vaults. Snape came over to them from another floo.

"Good morning professor." They all said.

"Morning children." He looked at Harry, who smiled and they followed him over to the tall desk.

"Excuse me; we'd like to speak to the goblin known as Griphook." Harry said and the goblin looked up.

"Mr. Potter, one moment please." He left the desk, and soon enough returned with Griphook.

"Mr. Potter how nice to see you again."

"You too Griphook, I need to speak with you about a marriage contract that was just put up." The goblin smiled. "I brought a few witnesses."

"Of course, follow me please." He led them behind the desk, straight to a large room with a huge ornate table in the middle. Griphook went in the back for a few minutes, and then returned with a huge scroll. "This is it, the marriage contract for Mr. Harry James Potter and Ms. Ginevra Molly Weasley."

"Could you please explain what it says, and then hand it to Professor Snape he knows more about contracts than I."

"Yes, now…" Griphook quickly read over the contents, and then handed it to Snape. "The contract basically states that you and Ms. Weasley are to be married within a month and if you refuse then you will either have your magic stripped or be sent to Azkaban for life if not both. However, you don't have to be married until you are 19 therefore you have time to work out a solution."

"What sort of solutions, if I remember correctly once a marriage contract is set it can't be broken unless by a loophole in the contract?"

"Right you are Mr. Potter." Snape spoke up. "That's the trick to getting out of any contract, and from what I am seeing here…the only way for you to get out of this marriage to Ms. Weasley would be to…" he looked at Hermione.

"Let me guess, I have to marry someone else?" Snape passed the contract to Hermione who read it over.

"Close Harry, the way we see it…you'd have to undergo a magical sex-change." Harry about fell out of his seat, and Ron looked ready to faint. "That's the only explanation Harry; this contract is almost full-proof."

"A magical sex-change, you mean magically turn me into a girl?"

"Altering your genetic-makeup, with the use of potions; it's actually a very simple process and it only takes three days." Everyone's heads snapped to Snape, did he just agree with Hermione?

"It basically means this, you 'Harry Potter' has to marry Ginny Weasley by your nineteenth birthday. Now you can get out of the marriage to Ginny if you have a sex-change, but the magic in this contract is still strong so you would still have to get married but to someone you could choose. Either way you'd be out of the chosen marriage."

"And if I change myself…then no one would know it's me?" No one would tell him how to run his life, he'd no longer be the Boy-Who-Lived, no one could stop him from doing what he wanted including finding a marriage partner.

"You'd be free to do as you please, provided you get married by next year." Griphook smiled. "We can take care of the legal business, including your name change and vaults." Harry thought for a minute, if he did this then he'd be no longer hounded by the ministry or anyone else, and if he was then they couldn't do anything to bother him.


"Harry?" this was a huge change, but it'd be the first step to his new life.

"I'll do it." Ron recovered from his shock. "Don't worry Ron you're still my best mate, I'll just be someone else." Ron sighed, as if he knew Harry would choose this.

"It'll take a while to get used to it, but I accept your choice mate. I hate that your life's been played out for you, so you have my support." That was a huge relief on Harry.

"I will supply the potions, but Potter…if you're going to do this then you have to stay at my home until the process is complete."

"Then I'll have to shop and find a new home, away from where the others could think to find me."

"That can wait, now…" Snape looked to Griphook who pulled out some papers and some ink and quills.

"You just need to sign these forms, stating that you've agreed to all we've spoken of. Everything in here is between the five of us, and these files will be kept safely within your vault."

"Speaking of which, I want all access to my vaults with the exception of my own to be cut off from anyone who tries to get in." Harry looked at Ron. "I don't know if Bill or the twins are in on this, but I can't take any chances."

"It's fine mate." Ron smiled.

"What name are you going to pick though?" Harry thought for a quick moment, he couldn't use any names that could give him away, and then two names came to mind.

"I'll tell you after it's done." Harry quickly signed the papers, Ron and Hermione signed the witness lines as did Snape. "So should I leave with you professor?"

"I would say so, you can bring the elf if you desire." Dobby had kept quiet the whole time, but at the mention of going with Harry the little creature perked his ears up. "He is your main caretaker, so he can look after you during the process."

"Thank you." Hermione and Ron stood from their seats. "Thank you for your time Griphook." The goblin smiled.

"Always a pleasure Mr. Potter." Griphook took the files and led them out, Harry spotted Sirius and the others coming and quickly snuck into another floo with his friends. They flooed straight to Snape's home in Spinner's End, and Hermione and Ron hugged him then bid him goodbye.

"Don't worry about the rest, we'll come up with something while you're here." They left and disapparated off the property.

"There's a spare room upstairs on the left, take the elf with you. I'll be in my lab in the basement, stay out of my room but you're welcome anywhere else. The loo is right at the end."

"Which room is yours?"

"The one on the right upstairs, go on." Harry did so, when it came to making potions Snape would rush to get things done. Dobby followed him upstairs and when Harry found the room it wasn't too bad. It was simple with a closet, a bed, and nightstand and dresser. Nothing more than he needed; and the loo was just at the end of the hall so it wouldn't be too much trouble.

"Dobby is happy that Harry Potter wishes him to be here."

"I'm very glad Dobby, and just so you know even if I change in appearance I'm still the same person. You understand?"

"Dobby understands perfectly, Dobby only wishes Harry Potter be happy." Harry smiled at the elf, and took out his trunk before letting the thing expand to its normal size. He could only imagine what his life was going to be like again in three days, but how many potions did he have to take? Was it a painful process? Oh well he could ask Snape when he came up.

"Potter." Harry turned to see Snape come in with a box. "Here." He set it down on the bed, and Harry saw they were vials.

"That was fast." Snape chuckled.

"It turns out I have an entire stock, I forgot to mention that St. Mungo's has their own little cabinet from me. I only send in the potions they order and if I need an extension to make more they give me a week depending on the orders."

"So you have an entire closet full of these just lying around?"

"Pretty much, now these you will need to take." Snape pulled out six vials. "These three are hormone potions, but you take them after you take the gender-changing potion. Take two each day in the morning, and on the third afternoon your change will be complete."

"When exactly?"

"It depends on what the potions are dealing with, now I warn you the genital change will be uncomfortable but not painful. You can have the elf send for food if you wish, or I can bring it to you."

"I think Dobby will do, he might need something to do while this happens. Professor…I know I didn't say anything earlier but, I want to thank you for what you're doing and what you have done."

"You already have Potter, when you studied better in my class and remained on civil terms with the Slytherins. I took that as a sign of respect, and knowing how much you've wanted to be free your entire life…well I can say that in a way I owe you for being such a horrid teacher." Harry almost didn't believe those words, but once they went into his head they actually made sense.

"I…ok who are you and what have you done with the snarky dungeon bat that was my professor?" the man actually smiled.

"Let's just say an old friend reminded me that life is short, so we have to try and live it out the best we can. I can't spend my whole life teasing you and your friends, so at least I can return some respect to you."

"Again thank you." Snape picked the box back up.

"Dinner will be ready at six, you can join me if you wish so or if you take the potions after I leave."

"I think I'll take the second option." Harry just sat down on the bed. "And…wait when this is done how am I going to dress…?"

"Granger will get you some clothes, I'll write her. Good night then Potter."

"Uh…good night sir." As soon as the man closed the door Harry picked up the first two vials and drank them down slowly. Tonight was his last night as Harry James Potter, and in the next three days he would assume his new identity.

An entirely new life awaited him, and he was only eager to start it soon.

Three days later:

The three days were up; Severus Snape had been counting down the hours and days since he last saw Potter. The elf had been looking after him, and had said that Potter was fine during the change. He had contacted Granger asking her to pick up some clothes for Potter so that 'she' would have the appropriate materials.

'Time to see the new Potter.' He slowly made his way up the stairs, just before knocking on the door Dobby appeared at his side. "Is it done?"

"Harry Potter sir, is no longer Harry Potter." The elf answered.


"Come in." a voice as soft as the wind itself answered back. Snape slowly opened the door, and as soon as he looked at the figure on the bed his heart almost stopped beating from the shock. Potter's entire appearance had changed so dramatically, it was almost as if the boy didn't exist.

"Oh my…" the beauty of the young woman in front of him was astounding. Her face was nearly the same as Lily's, her eyes were no longer green but a light brown, maybe hazel, her hair was charcoal brown, straight and waist-long, her scar was gone, and her skin had a healthy tone to it than before. Her figure was slim, but her shape was curvier now including her naked c-cup breasts which she didn't bother to cover as he stared at her.

"How do I look?" she stared shyly at him. He used his wand to conjure up a mirror, and then a blanket to cover her with.

"I won't lie, your appearance is absolutely stunning Mr…I mean Ms. Potter."

"Evans." She said. "I changed my name remember? My new surname is Evans." He should've seen that coming, he'd almost forgotten about that.

"Well then Ms. Evans, you are by far quite the beauty, you look nothing like your former self." He handed her the mirror, and as she stared into it he saw tears form in her eyes. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, I'm just happy…I feel so alive now…" she wiped her eyes.

"Well, Dobby if you would please go to Ms. Granger's house and bring her here?"

"Of course Master Snape." Dobby vanished with a pop, leaving the two alone.

"So…what is your new name?" she put the mirror down and covered her naked body. "I would assume you'd like me to know since I helped." She chuckled.

"Only if you promise not to laugh when I tell you."

"Why would I laugh?" she shrugged and then sighed.

"Bellerose, Bellerose Marie Evans." That name sounded familiar. "Well?"

"It's a lovely name, it suits you." He saw she wasn't wearing her glasses; she probably didn't need them anymore.

"Thanks, I remembered the name Bellerose from a French story, and Marie was my grandmum's name. I just combined the two."

"Well you picked a good name Ms. Evans."

"Thank you again for helping me Professor." She got up from the bed and hugged him, which made his entire body freeze up. She was naked, and she was hugging him?

"Um…you do remember that you're not wearing anything under that sheet right?" she laughed and looked up.

"Frankly I don't care right now, I'm still getting used to this." He carefully hugged her back, and then let go.

"Just put something on before Granger gets here." She giggled, too damn cute she was. "Oh and before I forget…" he didn't get to finish as a loud pop downstairs filled the house.


"Up here Ms. Granger." He called and the girl appeared with bags of clothes; when she spotted Ms. Evans she nearly dropped them.

"Oh Merlin Harry! You're gorgeous!"

"Thanks Hermione…but remember I'm not Harry anymore." She smiled. "Call me Bellerose."

"Bellerose, that's French for 'beautiful rose' isn't it?" Bellerose nodded. "Lovely name, here I have some cloth…PROFESSOR?" Hermione stood in front of Bellerose and the potions master just blushed slightly.

"I'm going I'm going." Severus left quickly; Granger just now realized Bellerose wasn't wearing anything? He had to admit though, she looked more like Lily now, but she was far more beautiful as a woman than a man.

Bellerose's room:

"Bellerose, you have got to be the prettiest girl I've ever known." Hermione practically slammed the door after Snape left, and Dobby left saying he would be preparing dinner soon.

"You're pretty too Hermione, you've actually blossomed since the war ended." Hermione blushed. "But thanks."

"Thank you too, here." She handed her a black bra and panties.

"Um…how do I put this on?" Bellerose held up the bra and Hermione laughed.

"Just slip it over your arms, the loops I mean. Then just snap it in the back, here you can adjust it to make sure it fits." Hermione helped her out; she adjusted the straps and fixed the back. "There, I'm actually glad I enhanced some of my own and they fit you perfectly."

"Great, now what can I wear?"

"Let's see." Hermione reached into the bags. "Here, start off with a blouse and some pants." Hermione tossed her a blue blouse and some black skinny-pants. They fit easily and nicely, and then Hermione tossed her some black flats.

"Hey these are comfy, but Hermione how exactly do girls walk?" Hermione laughed.

"Let me see you walk first." Bellerose made her way to the other side of the room, and to her surprise she walked fine. "You walk like a girl, you're a natural."

"Ok, now is there anything I need to know about being a girl?" Hermione handed her a book.

"The female body and other personal things women have. I figured you'd need it."

"Thanks Mione, has anything happened while I was gone?" Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Well for one thing the Weasleys have been trying to get me and Ron to get you to 'come to your senses' about the marriage. Molly actually wanted Ron to tell you how good Ginny would be for you, and he almost got sick from the conversation."

"And Black and Lupin?" Hermione smirked.

"Apparently they tried to get into your vault at Gringotts, and the goblins had to literally kick them out because when they were told you cut them off they threw a childish fit." Bellerose laughed. "And then they tried to tell me to get you into shape for the big day."

"And what did you tell them?"

"I told them that the day I force you to get married to a bimbo like Ginny is the day you bring your parents back from the dead." Bellerose smiled, she was so happy Hermione and Ron was with her on this. "Everything should be legal now; you're no longer Harry Potter."

"I'm now Bellerose Marie Evans, now I just have to find a new home and get this done before I decide who I can marry."

"You have a whole year, besides I can imagine who you might pick."

"Oh really?" the girls giggled.

"Is everything alright up there?" Snape called from downstairs. "Dinner's almost done."

"We'll be right down!" they shouted.

"Oh Hermione, what about the twins? Have they said anything?" Hermione smiled.

"Well…the truth is they probably aren't up for you marrying Ginny, they think she's really lost it."

"So they don't know about the contract?" Hermione shook her head. "Bill?"

"Not sure, he hasn't been around a lot." The twins were on her side, but revealing who she used to be was going to be quite the hall and that wouldn't happen until she found her match. "So…what will you do now?"

"Not sure yet, better get downstairs though Snape's not a patient man." Both girls giggled and left the room; they went straight to the kitchen where Snape was sitting at the table with Dobby putting the food out. "Mm, something smells great."

"Dobby has prepared hazelnut soup and wheat bread, along with sweet-potato pie for dessert. Care to join us Ms. Granger?"

"Yes of course professor." Dobby brought the pie over and sat it in the middle.

"Oh yum I love sweet-potatoes." Bellerose took her seat next to Snape.

"You're acting like a girl already Ms. Evans." The older man chuckled.

"Guess it's the hormones getting to me." she giggled. Dobby served them dinner and poured drinks of tea. "Dobby do you want to sit with us?" the elf's eyes widened. "If that's ok with you sir?"

"It's fine, go on Dobby." Dobby gratefully sat beside Bellerose and they began to eat.

"This is delicious." Hermione took a sip of the soup. "So warm down your throat." Bellerose hummed in response. "Hey um…instead of me calling you Bellerose, do you mind if I call you Rose or Rosie?"

"Not at all Hermione."

"I'll be sure to let Ron know it went well, and Rose if you want there's actually a place available in my neighborhood."

"I'll look into it, but first I have to make sure no one else knows what's happened. I have a whole year to find a marriage partner, and then once I get married I can tell everyone to kiss my arse." That made Snape spit up his drink. "Oh I'm sorry professor!"

"It's ok, it's ok it just…surprised me." he spoke after getting his voice back.

"A whole year as a girl, oh I can just imagine breaking the news to everyone." Hermione laughed darkly, that surprised the other two. "Oh dear, well I have to be going and Rose if you want help finding a place let me know. Thanks for dinner." Hermione hugged Bellerose and shook hands with Snape before leaving through the floo.

"Ahh…" Rose relaxed against her seat, sipping the tea. "This I can get used to."


"Oh just sitting at the table, anywhere that can make me think about how no one can force me into anything anymore. This is probably the first time I've actually felt at peace."

"Oh really?" she stared at him.

"Thank you again professor, I appreciate what you've done so far." Snape just shrugged.

"Since we are no longer teacher and student, nor enemies I assume we can be civil and make peace." She smiled.

"Sir, if it's not too much trouble to ask…would you mind telling me about my mother?" just before Snape could answer, a huge pounding on the door was heard.

"Open up Snape!" Sirius Black's angry voice was heard.

"Oh shit!" Rose's eyes widened, what the hell was he doing here?

"Get in the closet!" he whispered and while Dobby quickly spelled the plates away and the food Rose hid in the hallway closet with Dobby after 'accioing' her Invisibility Cloak. She heard the door open, and then some scuffling sounds. "Black, might you tell me why you're pounding my door open in the middle of the day?"

"Cut the shit Snape! Where is he?"

"He Black?"

"Harry! Where is Harry Snape I know you know!" she heard Snape sigh.

"I haven't heard from Potter since graduation you mutt, why would you assume he's here?"

"You filthy Death Eater you'd better tell me where he is!"

"I don't know, why not ask his friends I'm sure they know. Or have you forgotten that he does in fact have people he can 'rely' on." She chuckled quietly, and then a loud slam was heard.

"Dammit Snape I know you know! You'd better tell me or I'll…!"

"If you don't get out of my home Black and off my property I will be forced to call Dumbledore and the Aurors and have you arrested for trespassing. If I recall you barged into my home the minute I opened the door, or do you want to end up in Azkaban again?" Sirius groaned loudly, and then slammed against something.

"So help me Snape if I find out you've taken him anywhere I'll put you in your place!"

"My place is here and at Hogwarts, yours is next to a fire hydrant now get out of my house!" the door slammed loudly and a loud crack was heard outside. "You can come out now." Rose pulled off the cloak and opened the door, Dobby just laughed and she ended up joining in. "What's so funny?"

"You called him a dog, or you implied it and that was funny." Rose wiped a tear from her eye. "Professor I'm really starting to like you more now."

"I could say the same to you Ms. Evans. Now, how long do you plan to stay?" she stared at him.

"You trying to get rid of me?" she smirked. "I just need a few more days if that's ok, and I won't be lazy while I'm here I can clean and cook if you want." That made his eyes widen in surprise. "I used to do the same for my relatives, since I was seven. Kind of sticks after a while."

"Ok then, you can stay until you find a place but pull your own weight around here you understand?" she nodded. "Good, then perhaps you can find out who's suitable enough to be your future husband." She noticed a tint of sadness in his voice, and then walked up to touch his arm.

"You know you're not bad looking sir, not for a man your age at least." He looked at her like she'd slapped him. "Hey I'm not a boy anymore; I actually think you're pretty attractive."

"I'm old enough to be your father how can you find me attractive?" she shrugged.

"Not sure, it's mainly your eyes. I can see some light in them, they look like two shiny black onyx stones; almost as dark as the nighttime sky." He was probably thinking what in the hell happened to Potter? Was this the change making her this way, or was this coming from kindness? "I know this is all a bit sudden, but it feels ok." She moved her hand to his face and stroked his cheek.

"Ms. Evans, do you know what you're saying?" Rose felt a strange feeling in her heart, as she looked directly into Snape's eyes she felt like she was looking into her equal, she could see herself in those eyes but it was strange.

"Dobby…" the little elf had been quiet until now. "Do you know anything about finding a soul mate?" Snape pulled back when she said that.

"Bellerose, what are you saying?"

"Hey it's just a question, Dobby?" Dobby came up to them.

"Dobby will cast spell, but Ms. Evans must touch Mr. Snape's hand to see if works." He moved again and stood between them before snapping his fingers. A white aura surrounded them both, and then right when Rose's hand touched Snape's a huge spark of lightning flashed and the white aura vanished.

"What did you just do?" Snape glared at Dobby.

"Dobby has cast mating spell, spell not really telling of soul mates, but spell is able to tell compatibility between Ms. Evans and Mr. Snape." Rose looked at Dobby.

"So that spark that appeared, does that mean we're compatible?" Dobby nodded.

"Big white flash proves strong compatibility Miss Rose." He smiled, and then when Rose turned to Snape he looked either stunned or questioning.

"Give us some privacy would you Dobby?" the former house elf disappeared into the kitchen as told. "Professor, maybe…"

"Don't say it Rose, I think I can see where this is going."

"Do you? So then you think that maybe…you could give this a chance?" he stared at her.

"Ms. Evans not hours ago did you used to be a boy, not to mention my ex-student I don't know if this would be a good idea. I mean there are plenty of other boys out there your age and far more handsome than me, why would you even think this would work?"

"Because you did more for me than anyone else, yes your reasons and judgment were clouded years ago, but out of everyone else I know other than Ron and Hermione you are the only person who's ever truly understood me. Anyone else could use me for what I used to be, who I used to be and that's exactly what Black, Lupin, and most of the Weasleys are doing now. There's no telling where this will go, but I'm willing to give it a try if you will."

"Do you have any idea what could happen if word got out about this, if people knew who you were then they could scandalize against us both." She glared and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Since when I have I cared about what the wizard world thinks of me? If I cared that much I might've actually let Fudge lock me away and call me crazy for saying Voldemort was back. If I cared then I would've married Ginny like they wanted me to, but I don't now do I?"

"Rose, you deserve better than an old man like me."

"You're not old, you're 39 and that's not old; old is when you hit sixty. You're attractive to me and even if I've only been a girl for a few hours I still think this could work. I want to give you a chance, and I want you to give me a chance. Besides no one knows me now, we can take it slow if you want."

"I just don't think…" she stopped him by stepping up and kissing his lips fully. Her arms went around his neck and the kiss deepened; his arms ended up around her waist, and right away the spark grew bigger as if their magic cores were binding together.

'Dear Godric, this is way better than the kiss with Cho.' She thought, and then they pulled apart for air.

"Oh…oh Merlin sir I'm so sorry I don't know what I was thinking I just…" he stopped her.

"Calm down calm down, it…it wasn't bad." She glared at him. "I mean it was good but you surprised me."

"So…does this mean you'll give this a try?" for the first time in a long while, Bellerose Marie Evans saw her old professor smile happily.

"I am, I'm willing to give this a shot." He leaned in to kiss her lips, and oh what an adventure was waiting for the two of them.

I know this isn't much, but I promise you the next and last chapter will be filled with drama. It will have a time skip, a year like I said before, and it will have them married and Bellerose is going to get pregnant.

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