It's a Monday afternoon. Carly and Sam exasperatedly burst through the apartment door. It has been a long day at school with all the exam reviews and the stress of finals. Sam throws her backpack on the floor next to Carly's couch and throws herself onto the couch. "Where's Spencer?" asks Sam. "He said he was gonna go buy some supplies for another one of his crazy art projects." Carly sits at the kitchen counter and grabs a fruit from a fruit bowl. "Do you have any ideas of what we should do for our next show?" asks Carly. Sam switches on the TV, and hesitates for a second. "Nope. Go ask Freddie. That dweeb probably has some ideas; they're probably dumb ideas."

A few minutes later, Carly finishes her snack. "I have to clean my room. I haven't had any time to clean since I've been studying for finals." Sam shrugs and says "Alright. I think I'll just stay here and watch some television. I don't care for exams." Carly goes to her room.

Sam blows air through her nostrils as she watches television, only finding whatever's on slightly amusing. Then she hears a high pitched voice. "I'm ready, I'm ready." She takes her focus off the television for a second. She figured it was just in her head and goes back to the television. The voice gets louder. Sam gets off the couch. "Where's that stupid sound coming from?" The voice replies "That's not a stupid sound; it's my voice!" Sam is startled. "Where are you? What are you!"

"BAHAHAHA!" Giggles are heard from the sink. Sam walks towards the kitchen sink and peeks inside it. A little yellow sponge lies in the bottom of the sink. Her face distorts in confusion. "Hi! I'm Spongebob! I just moved her from Bikini Bottom! Who are you?" Sam, still confused, replies "I'm Sam." Spongebob smiles and laughs his obnoxious laugh. "Gee you're pretty. I bet you'd like to try one of my Krabby Patties. Or the Krusty Krab's most recent product, the Krabby Hot Dog….if ya' know what I mean. Bahaha!" Sam giggles at the sponge's joke.

She gets a warm feeling inside; she feels very close to this Sponge. "You're crazy! You're tripping out! It's a KITCHEN SPONGE for God's sake!" she thinks to herself. How can something so…unreal make her feel these feelings she never had before? Spongebob's charisma had made her fall in love with him.

Sam hears Carly stomping down the stars. "Hey Sam…." Says Carly, muffled by the distance. Sam quickly whispers "Hey, I'll talk to you later, Spongebob." Spongebob quietly giggles as Carly steps off the last few stairs. "What were you doing at my sink? Why were you whispering?" Sam's eyes dashed around, as if looking for an answer, and blurts out "Oh, I-I was just washing some dishes and I was uh…singing to myself." "Hm. Weird." Says Carly.

Carly explains some ideas she got as she was cleaning her room. But all that was in Sam's mind was the little yellow sponge. The image of Spongebob radiated throughout her mind and his laugh drowned out Carly's voice. She has a dreamy look on her face when Carly asks "So what do you think?" Sam just says "Cool." and dreams about none other than Spongebob.