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Chapter One

"Ad!" Lassiel happily squealed as she tethered on her pudgy legs as she made her way across the garden towards Legolas, who had just found where Aria and the twins were hiding from him. He had spent the better part of the afternoon locked away with Aragorn and Faramir discussing the rebuilding of the colony of Ithilien just to the south of Minas Tirith.

Shortly after Faramir and Éowyn were married a few months ago, construction was begun on a new homestead in the Emyn Arnen region for the newly appointed Prince of Ithilien to live. But it would still be a while before construction would be completed. The area that Legolas would create an elvish colony would be just a little bit to the north of there – more around the Cair Andros area.

Yet all of this was still a long way off. A lot of building was needed to be done before anyone would be moving – especially Aria and the twins.

Legolas scooped up his 6-month-old daughter and hugged her tightly as she kissed his cheek. Mimicking his sister's movements, Alyan was not far behind her.

"Up Ad!" Alyan said with a grin on his face – a face that mirrored Legolas' perfectly. Legolas knelt down and using his free arm, he wrapped it around his son, who snuggled tightly against his father's shoulder. He gently brushed a kiss against his son's forehead.

"Now where am I supposed to fit?" Aria asked standing up and walking toward her husband, who was laden down with the twins.

'If these two give us a moment of alone time later, I'll make sure to show you,' he said through their bond.

She smiled at his comment as she leaned forward and kissed his lips as she took Lassiel from his arms. "It's nap time for two little ones," she said as Lassiel yawned and leaned her head against her shoulder.

"No Na," Lassiel said.

Legolas reached out and tussled his daughter's soft light brown locks – which reminded him of Aria's wavy hair. She was most definitely her mother's daughter. He could already tell and she was only 6 months old. "You've got to do what your nana says, pen neth," he told her.

Lassiel yawned again and closed her eyes as Aria rocked her a bit before the family made their back into the King's House.

Once the twins were settled down for their nap, Legolas and Aria retired to their bedchambers for a few moments for alone time with each other. Finding time fore each other was hard with newborns. They took every opportunity that was afforded to them.

And being true to his word, Legolas did show Aria exactly where she fit together with him. in the months since the twins were born, his desire for her had only grown. Watching her and feeling what she was going through during labor, had only increased his love and devotion for her. And while he knew that death was the only thing that could truly keep them apart, he knew that even that could be conquered. It had been done before and they could probably do it again if need be. But hopefully it never came to that.

"Do you think its odd that the twins do not really look like each other?" Aria asked as she lay in Legolas' arms. "I mean Aragorn and I look more alike than our twins do."

"A little, yet consider the fact that Alyan's fëa was reborn. That could be the reason why they do not look a like."

"True. Should we tell Alyan the truth someday?"

"if the time comes and we need to, then we can. Yet I do not see any reason why he should know. It would only confuse him."

"I agree."

Legolas gently kissed the top of Aria's head and closed his eyes as he relaxed. For once in the longest time, everything was going right in his life.

The twins were healthy and growing up happy. They already knew a few words – well at least part of a few words and could walk a short distance without falling. While this was not uncommon for elf babies to do during their first year, they had wondered about the twins since they were peredhils. Yet it was turning out that they should not of worried at all. They were growing and developing right on schedule.

The new colony in Ithilien was coming along. His father had granted any elves from Mirkwood who wanted to leave and help Legolas in Ithilien were free to do so. These elves would be arriving in a few weeks with his father and Laurian for a visit. Thranduil had yet to meet his grandchildren and this would be a perfect time to do so.

And his extended family was growing all the time. Haldir and Tauriel had recently returned to Minas Tirith from Lórien. The only reason they had done so was because Tauriel had insisted on Aria delivering her elfling, which was due in a few more weeks. Since the twins were so young, Aria could not stand to be parted from them for very long and a journey to Lórien was out of the question. Instead Haldir and Tauriel returned to the White City. He had also just found out from his childhood friend, that when the Lord and Lady of the Wood sailed for Valinor, that the head marchwarden of Lórien would not be joining them. That had confused Legolas for a second until Tauriel continued.

"Haldir and I decided that we are going to stay in Middle Earth with you and Aria until the two of you sail. The twins and our little one will be about the same age and give that his brothers do not have little ones, I wanted our elfling to have someone to grow up with. I had you as a best friend and I want that for our elflings."

Legolas could not have been any happier when he had heard that. Aria was just as happy when she found out.

Now if only Aragorn and Arwen would have a child or if Gimli would find him a dwarf woman. Until then, their family would stay the size that it was. Which was just right for him.

"The King will be out on a goodwill tour in a few week's time," he reported. "They will stay behind with only a few guards."

"Will the elf go with him?"

"I believe so."

"Good. That is when we attack. Those elflings should rightfully be mine. My master even said so."

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Anyways, the development of elves is different than humans. According to Tolkien - They grow slower than mortals though their minds are faster, learning speech before the first year. Their wills master their bodies quickly so they learn to walk, dance, etc by their first year. Elf Children at play would resemble fair happy children of men with little need for governing. Their words, and mastery of their bodies would make them seem older than they appeared in body. Might appear to be seven when actually in their 20's, having adult size 50 and full maturity at 100.

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